Thursday, February 14, 2013


Wow, has it really been 3 days since I blogged?? Where'd the time go? I'll tell ya where it went: LIFE! I have been busy, in a very good way, with the kids and pups. I've been:

spring cleaning my closets
taking classes with my dog
making Valentines with my daughter
helping my oldest see a doctor and get the medication he needs (and I think he is stable for now! Yay!)
getting my younger son what *he* needs medically (things look good as of right now!)
meeting a new neighbor and her family
working in the yard
getting a new radio put in my car (old one stopped working)
shopping, prepping, and baking a cake for a family birthday
trying to find a good plumber to fix some stuff
signing up a son for a new sport
buying local free range eggs and beef
taking kids for haircuts
and watching my daughter dance in her classes.

Busy, but good!

About that birthday... yes, I baked a cake. And some chocolate cupcakes. Yes, I frosted them and sat with everyone and served up cake and ice cream on that special day. No, I didn't lick the beaters. And yes, I made myself an on-plan cupcake out of a packet of Medifast brownie, frosted with light cream cheese mixed with stevia. It was great and I didn't miss the "real" cake at all.

 Monday's cabbage beef soup was delicious. Tuesday, I made wild salmon fillets in the crock pot with basil pesto, a side of stewed Italian tomatoes, and a salad. Last night we had my favorite meatloaf with stewed tomatoes, salad, broccoli, and mashed taters for the kids (I skipped the taters.) I am thinking tonight I might get ambitious and make some heart-shaped salmon cakes with the leftover salmon for the kids, and a cauliflower pizza for me (I am *so* in the mood for pizza!)

Happy Valentine's Day... share some love!


MargieAnne said...

Great news from you.


Steelers6 said...

Wow, you're making me a little tired reading about all that is going on in your life! Wonderful! It sounds like you may have had some nice weather too--spring cleaning, yard work, you go!!

Did one of the boys catch the salmon? Jealous!! Enjoy.
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

PS-great job on your eats!

Lyn said...

Thanks MargieAnne :)


not this time! Costco (wild) salmon! Fresh caught by my son IS better though :) Thanks!

Lori said...

Keeping busy in a good way has always been an aid in my weight loss. When I worked in an office, I always tried to serve cake so that I didn't eat cake. It worked for me.