Saturday, February 2, 2013


I am sooo tired but wanted to come and post today (finally!) because it has been so long!

After I was sick for a day and then thought I was getting better, I got a *lot* worse. Still your basic head cold, but for a day there I thought it was turning into a sinus infection. One night I dreamed my car skidded off a bridge into a river and I was drowning, and I woke up choking because my nose was so stuffed up and I couldn't breathe. I got about 4 hours of sleep per night for 2 days in a row. In my misery, I did not have much appetite at all. I ate strawberries, some blueberries, Clementines, and whole scrambled eggs. I did not eat any Medifast meals. I drank a lot of water, some orange juice, and tea and coffee. I laid on the couch, took Sudafed and vitamins, and rested as much as I could.

Today I am feeling about 80% better. I went to a birthday party with my daughter, but didn't eat any of the cake or party food they had there. I have *really* slacked on the vegetables; I had some sauteed spinach here and there but not much. I had some walnuts, cashews, and almonds. Overall, my eating was just random. My plan is to try to start back on Medifast tomorrow morning and see how I feel. I have some cauliflower all prepped and I can make myself a batch of cauliflower "baked potato" soup for my dinner. I think I can tolerate that, even if my stomach isn't happy. I'll probably have some eggs for breakfast to make up the rest of my required Lean.

After my 1.5 mile walk last week, I felt fine... until evening. Then my feet were in agony! I was limping, even on medication. Lesson learned. That's too far. I did walk about a half mile yesterday, and that was fine with no bad effects, so I will stick with shorter distances for now. I want to re-start the biking again tomorrow, too... but I will take it slow, only 5-10 minutes every other day.

As for weighing, I'd posted last week that I am taking a break from both the scale and calorie/carb tracking. I am still sticking to that. My next planned weigh-in is March 1. I am just doing my thing and trusting the plan to work.

I have more to say, but that can wait until tomorrow. Goodnight!


CatherineMarie said...


I'm concerned. You seem to get sick a lot when you are on Medifast. Maybe it is too restrictive for you...

Hope you feel better! (ginger tea helps me when I have the crud)

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised you didn't weigh in on Feb. 1 since you said you were going to weigh on the first of every month.

I know it wouldn't have been reasonable to expect a loss since your last weigh in was only a week ago but you would have had a starting point going into the next month. How will you know what your loss for the next month is?

I would think you might want that information for your records and to adjust your course if necessary.

Lyn said...


Actually, I got sick more often before starting Medifast, as you can see if you go back and look through my blog from 2007-8. From Sept 07 to Nov 08 I was sick with head colds or the flu at least seven different times, sometimes for up to a week. When I was strictly on Medifast in 2010, I went 7 months and did not get sick one time. I don't know why I get a cold every couple of months, but it wouldn't be fair to blame it on Medifast.


It wouldn't make sense to declare that I am staying off the scale and taking my focus off numbers and then get back on the scale 6 days later. I know I weighed 216 last week, and any information from the scale now would not change what I am doing. I already know I am fat, so knowing whether I am a few pounds lighter or heavier wouldn't change my plan to continue Medifast and try to lose weight.

Tracie said...

Stick with the works for you! I started Oct 22 because of your blog and and am down 33 lbs. Bored already, but going to finish the last 20, transition and move on the healthy living.
Hang in are an inspiration.

LHA said...

I'm sorry you are sick! What you reported that you are eating sounds reasonable to me and is certainly restrictive enough while you are sick. I think walking half a mile at a time sounds like a good plan considering your issues with your feet too.

I just have to "weigh in" on the scale decision (couldn't resist the pun!). Good choice! I certainly have found that weighing infrequently has helped me lose weight because I am less stressed over the numbers. I lost 3 pounds in January. If I had been weighing daily or weekly I would have lost my mind watching that number fluctuate. This way, at least I had a loss and have some optimism and encouragement as I sail into February.

Fair Enough said...

Why don't you stick to plan when sick? I've noticed this trend with you frequently...

Not saying that there's anything wrong with blueberries or clementines, but why not just eat what you've been eating all along? It would be just as easy to make a shake or whatever...just my thoughts, since sticking to the plan 100% seems to be so important for seeing results.

Lyn said...


because I do not like vomiting. So I tend to eat things I will not vomit when sick.

Andria said...

Are you also trying to do upper body exercises until your feet are feeling better? I think that would help keep your metabolism up without taxing your more easily injured parts. I recently bought some resistance bands and you can get a rather good upper body and core workout while seated with those. Just a thought.

Lyn said...


I am not exercising while I am sick, although I did take two walks last week. When I am feeling well, I ride my recumbent exercise bike and do my PT exercises.

Fair Enough said...

Protein shakes are REALLY plain-that's why I asked. They're typically not strongly flavored and pretty mellow/creamy.