Thursday, February 28, 2013


I am so, so moody today. Little things seem overwhelming and I'm getting emotional over silly stuff. My cycle is a few days late and the PMS wasn't too bad until this morning and now I am in that mood where I just want to snuggle on the couch with a blanket and a cup of coffee (and in the past, a whole lot of hot dogs and cookies) and ignore the world. The dreary, rainy weather isn't helping matters, and neither are the cramps and bloating. Yuck.

I managed to get up and do housework anyway, get kids to school and take my dog to her classes. There was a big table at class today and it was full of big bakery cookies, coffee, and all kinds of donuts and pastries. Argh, what a day to have a sugar buffet! I stayed away from the table; after all, I came to work my dog, not to eat. After class, I got myself a nice cup of hot black coffee and hung around to socialize a bit. It was a nice break and the coffee was good. Now I feel like going back to bed.

Tomorrow is March 1. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. The last time I got on the scale was on January 27, four and a half weeks ago. I *thought* this PMS bloat would be gone by March 1... the calendar says it should have been. It's not. I admit I have been thinking the last couple of days about what the scale might say and what my reaction will be. I have taken some time to mentally prepare myself to *continue on* eating well and NOT let any number I see drive me in the wrong direction. I also think I am going to switch back to a more frequent weigh-in... either every week or every other week. And depending on the numbers, I may start tracking calories and carbs again. It was very nice having a break from that, but if I am not seeing good results, I'll need to go back to logging everything so I can find what might need to change. I am optimistic, though, since the pants got looser and someone did ask last week if I was losing weight. Regardless, I am also going to take measurements to see if I've gone down in inches.

And now I'm heading to the kitchen. I have a lot of fresh veggies that need to be used up: red peppers, asparagus, cabbage, onions, celery, lettuce, summer squash, spinach, and mushrooms. I am going to prep enough for dinner today and tomorrow, and then cook the rest and freeze measured portions for future use.

Enjoy your last day of February! Spring is on the way.


Anonymous said...

Lyn, if you go back to more frequent weighing and diet-tweaking, please give any changes you make enough time for you to see the signal through the noise. This often takes weeks, not days. Although it's tempting to scrap new plans or go on tweaking after a few days of upticks, the temporary changes are rarely indicative of what to expect long term.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn! Just found your Blog, am also doing MF and am happy to say averaging a 2lb a week drop :)
I have sat here and read through most of your Blog and I must say you are a true insipration and so sharing with your ups and downs...
Just curious as to how old your kids are? My four range from 5 to much of my time is taken up with their activities...does it get any easier as they get older?
I'm thinking of starting a Blog myself, the weight loss community is so supportive...
Isabel x

Lyn said...

Anon 1~

Agreed! I don't have much room for tweaking on Medifast, but can do things like choose lower carb vegetables or leaner proteins, or omit the optional snack.

Anon 2~

They range from 7 into their 20's! It is easier in some ways (as they become more independent and can do more on their own) but teens are HARD, in my opinion, harder than toddlers were. Lots of emotional support needed and sometimes lots of time going to sports, school events, etc. But it's so worth it :) Let me know if you start a blog and I will check it out!

Fair Enough said...

I personally would do your weigh in as normal and then, once your cycle begins, do it again a few days later-to see just how much of an impact it's making, if much at all.

Also, make sure to be getting in LOTS of water at all times. It gets harder for some people in the cold winter months but you have to keep it up.

Mrs Swan said...

Holy CRAP! When I started reading your blog your daughter was THREE LOL Yikes!!

Lyn said...

Mrs Swan~

I know, where does the time go?? My baby is growing up!!