Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Still Not Perfect

Good morning! I am feeling quite a bit better today... tired, but better. I am a little frustrated with the eating, though. My body is really not cooperating with what I am trying to do. I am trying to listen to my body, but sort out the "junk" messages... like my brain telling me I should eat lots of toast and no veggies... but also paying attention to the real messages from my recovering body, like "no raw veggies." I *need* my veggies well-cooked right now to be able to keep them down at all. Some things really hurt my stomach, still, or turn the nausea back on, and I am trying to prevent that without giving in to the "old ways." I cannot tell you how badly I wanted a Coke yesterday. A Coke! It has been like, a year or more since I gave up all sodas, even diet ones! I don't crave them anymore at all. But I have always used Coke to get rid of headaches and to settle a nauseous stomach. When I was a little kid, my mom bought "coke syrup" and gave it to me when I was sick, so even now, my brain goes there. But I knew it was a false message and instead of giving in, I told myself that the nourishing thing for a sick body is *not* corn syrup and artificial flavors, but perhaps a mug of ginger tea and some rest. So that's what I did. I skipped the Coke *and* the toast. I managed to eat some baked chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner last night, but not much... maybe 3-4 ounces of chicken and 1/3 cup of broccoli. I only got two Medifast meals in yesterday. But I am trying to get them all in today and see how I feel. I made some Medifast oatmeal muffins this morning and had one for breakfast and that felt really good.

The sun is shining and it is just gorgeous outside! I miss getting out and taking walks or doing yard work; I think today I will just go out and sit on the porch in the sunshine for awhile, since I am still rather exhausted and have no energy. But the sunshine will do me good, and hopefully very soon I can get back to walking and working outside and walking the pups. I'm also trying to get all my supplements in today. I wasn't able to take anything except Excedrin over the past few days (nausea), so today I am just trying to take something with each meal or snack. I take glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, D3, and turmeric for my joints. I take extra vitamin C, fish oil, B vitamins, and probiotics as well. I do feel better and have less pain when I take everything.

Tonight I think I will have a simple dinner; I've thawed some roasted eggplant from the freezer and will mix that with canned Italian tomatoes to have alongside some leftover baked chicken. I am making macaroni and cheese in the crock pot for the kids tonight, since I will be gone for a few hours around dinnertime. I need to start throwing some butternut squash in there too, but don't have much in the way of veggies in the house. I need to get to the store!

Enjoy your day!


Traveling Light said...

:) When I listen to my body, it tells me that we should have ice cream. :)

Glad you're on the mend.


Anonymous said...

Hope you start to feel better soon Lyn!

Lori said...

Ginger is good for nausea. You made the right choice.