Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scale Free Sunday

It's been two weeks now since I stopped getting on my home scale and stopped logging/counting calories and carbs. In some ways, it is freeing. In other ways, it is distressing. I feel *better* in that I am not changing what I am doing based on a number on the scale, but it is scary not to get that feedback. I got a little feedback at the doctor's office but am ignoring that number since it was on a different scale, clothed, and fed. Now, to be sure, I am not an advocate of staying off the scale when one is eating junk or going off plan and not eating in ways that are conducive to weight loss. That's the old head-in-the-sand technique that never ends well. Going weeks or months without weighing and without being focused on weight loss usually ends when you *finally* have had enough with the junk, the bloat, and the tight clothes, step on the scale and see a big gain. That's not what I am doing here.

I have been continuing with the Medifast 5&1 Plan with no calorie counting, and working at getting back in the habit of telling my inner brat NO when she rages for a cupcake or some chips. It's hard. When you've gotten in the habit of "a little bit won't hurt", it takes time to get the self-discipline back. Even when I was working at staying low carb earlier this year, I often would have "just one slice of cheese" because hey, it is low carb, it won't hurt anything, and I love cheese! But now I have cracked down and I tell myself: if it's not on plan, it's not going in my mouth. Last night when I was using cheese in my kids' dinner, for a split second I considered having a few bites of that cheese while I was cooking.... but I told myself NO. And earlier in the day, when I wanted some nuts for my allowed snack, I also said NO because I was not truly hungry and didn't want to feed the "oh I just feel like snacking on something" habit. I believe it is going to take that level of focus and discipline to get this weight off once and for all, and to prepare myself for the discipline it will take to maintain ALL the loss this time.

Here's last night's dinner for myself and the family, in progress:

low carb fajita salad, Medifast

You can see the lean beef already cooked in the background. I took some lean, thin steaks and sliced them into strips, seasoned with fajita seasoning and cooked in a nonstick pan. (I used Medifast fajita seasoning, but it's pretty much the same as any fajita seasoning you can buy. Or just use pepper, garlic powder, paprika, onion powder, and your favorite spices). Then I sliced up some bright red peppers, green bell peppers, a bit of sweet onion, and baby portabella mushrooms and put them in the nonstick pan with a bit of water and salt and cooked until the peppers were crisp-tender.

For the kids I made quesadillas, filling tortillas with meat and Provolone cheese and browning them in the pan. I had the usual additions on the table for them to add: salsa, sour cream, veggies, lettuce, hot sauce. I enjoyed my 5 ounces of meat and half cup of mushrooms and peppers over a cup of Romaine lettuce with a bit of fresh salsa. You can use dressing or sour cream or avocados on yours if you make this! If you are on Medifast, use 5 oz beef, a cup of lettuce and a cup of peppers/mushrooms for a complete Lean and Green meal and the seasoning counts as a condiment. I used less peppers on mine because I had some tomatoes in my Medifast chili earlier. This was such a delicious dinner! I froze some measured beef and veggies for a quick dinner another day.

The sun is shining again and I will be outside spending time working in the yard and brushing massive amounts of shedding hair off my dogs today! My dinner is already planned: 6 deviled egg halves (made using yellow mustard, salt & pepper, and light mayo as condiments) with a big pile of fresh steamed asparagus... one of my favorite spring meals! Hope you are enjoying YOUR spring, or lovely winter snow, as the case may be.

*FTC-required disclosure: I receive free product in order to share my experiences on the Medifast Program. Medifast products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any medical improvements noted while on the program are related to weight loss in general, and not to Medifast products or programs.*


Anonymous said...

My suggestion:
Take the words "Snack" and "Treat" out of your vocabulary : these connote food as Entertainment.
Rather consider the food as Fuel; gas in your body'd gas tank to run your metabolism.
Find other ways to self - soothe.

MargieAnne said...

Hi Lyn. This is a very positive post. You are certainly getting your head around a new discipline re scales.

Your dinner looks delicious. As for those 'little extras....' We all think we can get away with them but results usually prove otherwise.

Just to encourage you and this will not be new to you.

When you think of eating something that's not on the day's plan decide to put it off for a day or even until the next week and see when that time comes if you really want it. You eliminate the sense of deprivation and give yourself permission to have it as a treat on a future date, if you even remember when that date comes around.

knowing you from your Blog, I'm guessing that's what you do in any case.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are feeling better
Yum very appetizing meals

Lyn said...

Thanks so much guys! I really am feeling more positive :)

Misc Mom said...

Your meal looks delicious and I am not eating low carb but that is something I would love to make. YUMM!!!

And like the others said, your positive posts are very refreshing. Keep em coming and keep your chin up! :D

Anonymous said...

I did the no-scale thing years ago in grad school, when I couldn't afford a scale. Once a month I'd head over to the university's gym and use the big balance scale in the locker room (trying to time it to avoid as many young fit athletes as I could!) -- it was VERY satisfying to see a large drop once a month, instead of the normal ups and downs of daily weigh-ins. I don't have the discipline to do it at home, with the scale so easy at hand... perhaps I should try putting it in a closet? It does help reduce the obsessiveness.

Like you, been gaining and losing the same 10 lbs for the past year. Got to try something new, so considering going back to WW, at least long enough to get a jump-start. I guess my New Year's resolutions start at the Chinese New Year! ; )


Anonymous said...

hi, you can have cheese on the 5&1 plan, you just have to count it towards your lean portion for the day. hope that helps you?

Lyn said...


no scale was hard at first, at home, but then I embraced it and let my brain let go of the number obsession! I don't know if I will continue the once-a-month weigh ins long term, but it feels good for now!


you're right, we can have cheese on plan... just has to be low fat and counted. I had a bad habit of drive-by munching on full fat bits of cheese :)

Banded Strong said...

Yum! Those Fajitas look really good!! Love the positive tone of your post! Keep it up!

LHA said...

I'm glad you are enjoying monthly weigh-ins. That has worked for me for years, since I obsess over the numbers and can even be led into a binge by a disappointing day or week. Now if I am tempted to weigh I just tell myself "You have done everything you can today. Weighing will not help you lose weight." And then I let it go.

I'm so glad you are feeling better! I am wishing you a continued happy week!

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy! Yes, I've been off the scale this month too because mine ran out of batteries, haha. I guess that's one way to get rid of my scale obsession. :)

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

This looks yummy!! I put these in lettuce wraps or lettuce scoops instead of a tortilla just like you. We eat them about once a week!

Lalylun said...

I really crackedup at the name "inner brat". When very stubbornly hungry for no real reason, I will try to keep that image of a 2 years old trowing a tantrum, because sometimes i feel like i can't reason with that hungry part of me...
Your site is so helpful Thanks