Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yesterday, my pants retired. They were the trusty old jeans I wore long ago when I first got into the 220-pound range... size 16 according to the label, but fairly big for a 16. Maybe more of an 18. I wore them often until they became far too baggy; then I stuck them in the Fat Clothes box to be donated. I'd already donated all of the 18's, 20's, 22's, 24's and 26's, along with the XXL and XXXL tops because they were all so huge on me. But I'd started a new Fat Clothes box and these were the first jeans to go in it... followed by all the rest of my 16's and 14's. When I got to my low weight in late 2010, I was wearing mostly size 12's and an occasional size 10, such as the 10's I wore in my 100-Pounds-Gone pictures. The box was full and ready for donation.

It was rather dismaying when I regained enough weight that the 10's wouldn't fit at all anymore. When the 12's became small, I wore them anyway... skin tight, button undone, long shirt to cover the fact. But eventually I had to dig back into that Fat Clothes box. And when I did, it was really depressing. Not only did  none of the 14's fit, but most of the 16's were too snug as well. That's what a 40-plus-pound regain will get you. I had to dig all the way to the bottom of the box, to the very biggest pants I owned: these big-for-a-16 jeans.

I've worn them a lot since then; I had to buy a pair of jeans to rotate them with and I have gotten sick to death of wearing them, washing them, wearing them. They started to get too loose on me but I wore them anyway. I recently was able to pull a smaller pair of 16's out of the Fat Clothes box to put into the rotation, but although they did fit they were a little snug. And then yesterday, those baggy, trusty, faded big-16's finally gave up. I looked down and the inner thighs each had a hole bigger than an inch! I knew they had gotten a little worn, but suddenly there was just no fabric there at all. So they retired... not to the Fat clothes box, but to the trash can.

I am kind of glad to see them go. They were the biggest pants I own. I am in the smaller 16's now, and they're not so tight. They're comfortable. I think it's about time to go back through the box and find some more things for me to wear. And hopefully, soon, I will be filling that box up one last time with retired 16's, 14, and eventually 12's... too big for me to wear.


Margaret said...

Hi Lynn,
I am excited for your march 1 weigh in. I am Sure you lost inches even if the pound lass is not what you want. Slow and steady wins the race. I now but I too am ready for the race to be over. Got 18 lbs. to goal and even tho I stick to Medifast it goes REALLY SLOW. We can hang in there! Good thought for march weigh in:). Margaret.

Lyn said...


18 pounds left, that is great! Hang tough, I am with you 100% and we will get there. Thanks for the well wishes and the reminder to go find my old measurements so I can compare them.

Jenny said...

OMG. I so relate to this. I wore one pair of jeans for 3 years, because I didn't want to invest in more because I was going to "get skinny" again. Then, one day, the holes in the inner thighs. Bought one new pair of jeans. Haven't gotten skinny yet.

LHA said...

Good for you! It is so encouraging to get into smaller clothes. I would say those old jeans gave their all, and they were there for you when you needed them. You more than got your money's worth out of them. I'm so glad they were too big by the time they wore out.

You are making such positive changes, Lyn. I applaud you for all you are doing to change your life and not just in the way you are eating. I think you are really on a roll and predict great things with weight loss!

Lori said...

I know the heartbreak of having to dig out the 'fat' clothes. I have two pairs of pants that I rotate too beause they are the only ones that fit right now.

Plus, I have a closet full of gorgeous too small clothes just sitting there. It is horrible.

Slowly, slowly the current pants are getting loose. Soon enough I'll be retiring them just like you did.

timothy said...

good for you, i got rid of all my 2x shirts and then had to rebuy when the xl becan\me sung (when stretching them over my knees wouldnt do the trick) i think this time i'm gonna have a BONFIRE!

beerab said...

Hey at least you have not given up. I think you have done well, I currently wear a 14/16 but when I started this journey I was an 18/20! You did it once, you can do it again!

I started buying clothes at thrift stores (honestly they are really good) and it's been much better for me to spend $5 on jeans vs. $30+ :)

Deniz said...

Great going Lyn.

Enjoy the new ones and look forward to the day (in the very near future) when you tell us the one's you are currently wearing have gone back in the box because they are too darned loose to stay up.

Marie Smith said...

Not giving up is the WIN in any situation! You are a true inspiration!