Monday, February 25, 2013

I Can

Today I'm feeling back to myself again... the energy is back and my mood is vastly better. It's a good thing, too; lots going on today! I pushed myself to get some work done around the house yesterday, even though I was sluggish, but it is so much easier when I am feeling well.

I am so thankful that I've been able to drag myself out of that pit I was in. It's been a slow drag, for sure, with many slips and stumbles. But when I think about how much better off I am than I was five years ago, it is remarkable. I do remember how it felt to be so heavy I could not walk up and down stairs normally and had to put both feet on each step, like a toddler. I do remember being unable to sleep unless I was propped up on pillows, and how I had to heave myself to roll over in bed. I do remember not being physically able to mop the floor and having no stamina at all from sitting 24/7. And I do remember being surrounded by candy bar wrappers, chip bags, and fast food wrappers because it felt like my only comfort. Thank God I am out of there. I lived there for many, many years... hundreds upon hundreds of days... thinking it could never change. But I changed it, and I am so grateful. I try to remember that, even on days when my feet hurt just to walk, at least I *can*. I am able. I *can* go up and down the stairs normally, even rapidly. I can run errands and walk and mop and clean, even if it hurts my feet. There are no more fast food wrappers, chip bags or candy bar wrappers because instead I surround myself with the things I love: my children, my pets, music, friends, books, flowers, a clean uncluttered home. Instead of having shopping and eating as my main hobbies, I have scrapbooking, photography, dog training, volunteering, writing, and beautifying my home. There are many things that bring me joy now. It's like I was living in a world where everything was shades of brown... chocolate brown and wheat-bread tan... and now I am living in the rainbow. Even though I am not yet to my goal weight, I am more than halfway there, and I know things only get better from here.


Lori said...

It is vital to remember how things really were when we were heavy. That way we won't allow ourselves to slip back in to those old habits, because we forgot. We should all take a lesson from you and make a list now of the things that we could NOT do back then.

MargieAnne said...

Not happy memories but the best because they make you happy with where you are right now. It's good to look back now and then and see how far you've come.

I can say similar. If I never lost another pound, (heaven forbid), at least I'm better off that before.


16 blessings'mom said...

Thank you! As I clicked on your blog this fine morning, I had this reassurance that I can do this thing! I have been stuck for too long, lost my original zeal for this new lifestyle. I can not afford to to that! I am also thankful for the things you listed, and thankful to be reminded from where I came!


Lyn said...

Thank you Lori, MargieAnne, and Della. It is absolutely doable! A positive mindset is essential, I think, to stay motivated long term. It is so worth getting the weight off :)

Barb said...

I don't comment here but I should. You have a gift for clearly expressing EXACTLY what I (and many others, I suspect) are thinking and going through. My journey has been very similar to yours, even with many of the same good & bad times.
I just wanted to thank you for keeping up with this blog - I know it's been hard to do sometimes. But it means a lot to so many of us out here!

Lyn said...

thank you Barb, I really appreciate that!