Friday, February 15, 2013

Encounter With Pizza

Yesterday, I had a moment. I almost fell of the cliff. You know the one... the one you're standing back from and walking away from when you are getting off junk, sugar, or wheat. I have been 100% compliant on Medifast for a little over a week now, but last night was the first time I actually had a struggle.

I had planned to make something from our leftover salmon fillets for dinner, but at the last minute we decided on "Valentine's pizza" (heart shaped, some special promo for the holiday). I figured that would be fine, since I'd already prepped the crust for my Lean and Green/low carb cauliflower pizza earlier. I love that stuff! So the pizza arrived, the kids got their slices. We ordered extra pizza for my son to take to work and for lunches this weekend. I made my low carb pizza and salad. Usually I can't even finish it all in one sitting, but last night I was extra hungry (hormones) and managed to eat it all... and then, when the kids had cleared, I was putting away the leftover pizza and.... I had that moment. Staring at the sausage pizza slices, still slightly warm and fragrant,  no one else around. In the past, when I was low carbing I'd take a slice sometimes and peel off the sausage-cheese layer and eat that, throwing the crust away. But that wouldn't work on Medifast. It would be too many calories... too much fat and salt. I shut the box. I opened the box. I shut it again and put it in the fridge and got myself a sugar free lime jello cup to get my mind off it. And then I was fine.

The pizza is still there today, but as long as I don't have to see and smell the warm sausage pizza, it doesn't bother me. I did decide to enjoy something sausagey... but *healthier*... for my dinner tonight! This: Italian Sausage and Peppers over Spaghetti Squash. By using low fat chicken sausage, adding veggies, and using squash instead of pasta, I can enjoy something totally delicious and healthy! I can make the same sauce for the kids and let them have it over Barilla Plus high protein pasta. Win for everyone!

I am so glad we have a long weekend. I need a break! I am still feeling really great, although my feet still hurt if I overdo it. Planning on continuing with my spring cleaning over the weekend. Have a good one!


Lori said...

Pizza is much more tempting to me when it is warm too. Good for you for staying strong. You'll be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

That's life, food is everywhere, all around us.

We just have to learn how to cope in these situations.

We either avoid pizza completely or take a small slice, depending on what food plan we are following.

Haley Perlus said...

The most important thing is to take responsibility for your actions - good or bad.

And, it's all about progress!!!

timothy said...

it's that darn wafting smell when stuff is warm! lol good work on avoiding the disaster!

Okiebelle said...

Congratulations on resisting!! Good job.

Karen said...

I stopped ordering pizza at my house. If my daughter who is not Paleo wants pizza, she and her friends may purchase a slice out somewhere. Same with cake. Individual slices. , split between her friends.

Be aware of what your exposure level is to trigger foods. Danger. Especially at home.

Fair Enough said...

Agree with the above-some foods are just dangerous, period, and probably shouldn't be entering your home at this point. Some people can handle it and never struggle with food/their weight, others can't.

loulou said...

Good morning! I read the whole thing with pizza and it reminded of myself last night. The only difference is that I had 2 slices!!
Keep up the good work! And well done, you are an inspiration!
have a nice day!

Vickie said...

I think it helps to take it out of the box and put it in a nondescript container so the inside of the refrigerator does not look like a pizza commercial every time you open it. And Karen is exactly right, have to be VERY AWARE. Sometimes one isn't in the pizza but is drifting off course somewhere else because of the pizza. We mostly do exactly what Karen does - they eat it somewhere else or get individual servings so there are never any leftovers. But I understand about lunches. But another thing to consider is does he need to be eating that much pizza either? even if he is thin, it is not healthy.

Karen said...

My daughter told me while I was on Medifast "Mom you are no fun, I liked going to the pizza place with you, it's something we did together".

My reply- "We can find other fun things to do together that are healthier. Food isn't fun, it's to fuel. It's not going to be fun if I'm sick and you're taking care of me. Not for me, not for you. Our money can go for my/our medical care or vacation. Pick your fun. I've picked mine and pizza's off the list for me. Don't ask again."

She later apologized for what she said, later, after I had gotten to goal for not being more supportive. Of course I accepted. She's a kid, and I needed to set healthy boundaries.

If you are a recovering alcoholic- most do not bring or buy liquor for their family members. If you are a coke addict, you don't hang around your friends that are using. Same thing with food. Especially at the start. Same pathways at work.

Take a strong, tough approach to break out of the old neural pathways and habits. It will take you far.

Get used to people blowing you smoke about it and standing up for yourself, for what you need. Strong boundaries.

Good luck. You can be firm without being rude. It feels powerful. Get hooked on that feeling. Awesomeness.

All my 2cents!!! All my opinions. Boundary work that I do were things I learned with my counselor. I did not learn this at home.

Karen P.

Lyn said...

Agreed Karen! My daughter tantrumed greatly (at age 3-4) when I cut fast food out of our routine, but she got over it. All of the kids know better than to ask me for McD's or Taco Bell now. They can learn! We have our fun going to plays, musicals, and other family events (and swimming in summer!) They also know there won't be any candy, cookies, donuts, ice cream etc on the grocery list and sitting around the house. I think they have all handled the changes quite well, given that the older ones were all raised with that stuff in the house. That said, I don't mind the occasional takeout pizza. It's something they enjoy and I can have my cauliflower pizza. I am getting better about not touching it and it's good for me to build my self-discipline.


the 'different container' idea is a good one! One the slices are packed in someone's lunch box or in a baggie marked with someone else's name, I have no thoughts of touching it.

Thanks for all the support and input guys :)

Karen said...

The exposure to a prior binge food has an effect. Just having pizza around could effect your choices or thought patterns for more than just the day you had it in the house.

Think about old habits and behaviors. Is this pattern healthy? Or is it part of the old stuff?

Unknown said...

Good for you!