Friday, February 8, 2013

Dr Appt

Today is the first day I feel totally, 100% back to good health and energy. That illness and migraine really sapped me for a week, but it's all gone now and I am very thankful the cold didn't turn into a sinus infection. The sun is shining and that helps my mood and energy, too!

This morning, I finally had my appointment with the specialist for my and my son's MTHFR diagnosis. He was very helpful and supportive, and told me that one of the issues with MTHFR is difficulty in healing. He prescribed special B vitamins and another supplement for me to take and said they should help with my energy and may even help my plantar fasciitis to finally heal. I am still taking the meloxicam that the rheumatologist prescribed, too.

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love seeing the new grass sprout up and feeling the days get longer. It's also easier for me to stay on plan in the warmer weather; drinking cold stuff like shakes and eating cool crunchy salads feels amazing in summertime, but not so much in the winter. I'm so glad the winter seems to be going away early this year! I have said this before... I want to be done with the Medifast 5&1 part of my plan *this year.* I want to reach maintenance *this year*... and I am doing everything I can to make that happen.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn :)

What are "special B vitamins" exactly? And what was the name of the other supplement?
Please could help others.


Lyn said...


the prescription one is methylfolate and he also recommended B-12 sublingual methylcobalamin, and the other supplement is called BH4.

CarrieHales said...

Glad you are feeling better! Migraines are horrible!

Anonymous said...

Migraines are awful! This is a little off topic, but in reading theough your previous posts i see you stopped cycling because of pf. I am NOT a medical professional but in decades lf competitive amateur cycling i have never seen cycling exacerbate that. If you have not already done so i would discuss with your pt whether it would harm you to continue. I actually quit running (which i still miss!) due to pf so i do know how awful it is, but i'm worries that you need some exercise. Oh boy sorry for the typos, this phone touchpad doesnt like me so much ;)

Lyn said...


actually, I haven't quit cycling; I bike up to 10 minutes per session right now and also take short walks, limited to about a half mile at a time. I am following the direction of my PT and podiatrist on the cycling and walking while I am on medication to try and allow the PF to heal. I did quit cycling at other times in the past, but for different reasons, most recently bursitis of the knee.

Anonymous said...

Ah good! I'm sorry i misread. Glad to hear you're still at it!

ohiofarmgirl said...

Seems like you should she a nutritionist because it doesn't seem like your calorie intake of healthy food is enough to get you our of starvation mode....maybe that would give you a jump start! Dianntha

Lyn said...


I have seen a nutritionist, and several other specialists. I have had blood work done several times and they show that my nutritional status is good, nothing is amiss and no nutrients are lacking. My doctor feels this is a healthy plan for me.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wishing you success! Dianntha