Monday, January 21, 2013

What's Changing

Anyone who's read me for long knows I am no newbie to changing things up. I like to tweak little things to see if they make a difference or not. I try to do it slowly, just to see what helps or what doesn't. After mulling over my 2-pounds lost in January post yesterday, I decided there is very little I can do in the way of big changes that will speed up my loss. (I am not talking giant losses, here. Maybe 7 or 8 pounds a month. Or averaging close to 2 pounds a week, instead of a half pound a week average). I am already eating very low calorie. I don't want to change plans. My feet are worse, not better, so I can't start a couch to 5K or that kind of thing. So here is what I am doing this week.

Simple changes. Sticking with Medifast 5&1, staying on plan, but cutting out nuts and nut butters as an optional snack. Cutting half and half completely out of my life (black coffee only for now). Making sure I do not go over on my fats... because even with staying on plan, if I use half and half for my condiments and nuts as my snack, my fat percentage is too high most days. I am also going to choose 1-2 lower carb Medifast meals every day. All the meals *are* technically interchangeable, but some are lower in carbs than others; several meals have 15 g carbs each, including the Medifast puddings, chili, brownie, coffee soft serve and original pancakes. But the Medifast eggs have only 8 grams of carbs, and several others have 10 or 11 grams: chicken noodle soup, fruit punch, cream of broccoli and chicken soups, and cranberry mango drink. So I am choosing those more often. Exercise wise, I will be more diligent with my biking... at least 5 days per week, 10 minutes per session. I think these small changes will help me meet my goal of losing 2 pounds per week most weeks.

Tonight's dinner is going to be eggplant, although I am cutting back on nightshades to see if they affect my joint pain or not. I had one left in the fridge and wanted to use it up, so I peeled it, cubed it, salted it, let it stand for an hour, rinsed it, tossed it with olive oil, and am roasting it until tender. Then I'll layer it with tomatoes, lean ground beef, and a little light mozzarella.


Karen said...

Watch for the gluten in the soups. And the other products

Susan said...

sounds like a plan...i am going to try the green coffee bean extract to kick things up! I am doing real food and traditional cooking with fermented foods also..we shall see. I don't do no/low fat stuff and stick with raw butter and coconut oil and raw milk. My skin looks noticeably smoother..just need to get the exercise thing going. Hope you find what works for you in the long wishes

Jac said...

Have you read Stacy's post at the end of her 21DSD? She has some interesting stuff to stay about metabolic damage and carb consumption.

Amy said...

I've been using the MF cappuccino in my coffee. It doesn't need cream/splenda that way (plus you get a meal in). It's pretty good!