Friday, January 25, 2013


I am doing okay, but was doing a 4&2 Plan yesterday and today. Just hungry... maybe from cutting back 150 calories a day (from nuts and half & half). Most of my extra Lean is coming from Egg Beaters, turkey sausage, and rotisserie chicken. Extra green has been red and green peppers, salad, mushrooms, and leeks. I am using olive oil as my Healthy Fat servings.

One of my sons' favorite dishes is teriyaki chicken... the kind with noodles. He does like veggies. He and his buddies sometimes go out for Chinese and this is what he gets. He asked me to make him some teriyaki. Last time I made it I served it with rice and it was not that great. Does anyone have a really good recipe or a link to a great recipe for chicken teriyaki with noodles? It does not need to be low carb, since I will just cook my veggies and chicken in a smaller pan without any of the sauce or noodles. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Not exactly a recipe but i always made teriaki chicken with soy sauce, honey or sugar, and a dash of sesame oil. You can add ginger if you want. I mixed those sauce ingredients together, cooked down to a thick syrup and painted it on the chicken then grilled. If you do it in a pan you'll have to add some oil to keep it from sticking.

Any vegetables I usually just stir fry separately and add later. You can put it all on kabobs if he likes that.

This whole thing can be made Lean and Green friendly by substituting sweetener for the sugar and thickening with a small amount of thickener (check the guides for allowed) and cooking down a little then brushing it on the chicken. Only using white meat and no skin.

You mentioned rotissere chicken, you could chop that whole thing up, maybe separate the white meat and skin for yours, then just run it all under the broiler a few minutes.
Hope that helps, sorry so long for not being an actual recipe.

Anonymous said...

Is there a good bottled teriyaki sauce that is low carb?

Claire said...

David Lebovitz has a great teriyaki chicken recipe - very few ingredients - you use a grill pan. You can put it over noodles.

girlsmama said...

This is our favorite Teriyaki recipe. We serve it with rice.

it comes out just as great whether you use the crock pot or do it on the stove top.

Anonymous said...

Curious how many calories per day you're aiming for currently. I'm staying at about 1500 and some days I'm starving! Any tips?


Lyn said...


well, on 5&1 I was hitting around 1050 and then tried to cut back to around 900. Now I am around 1100 again. I get very hungry if my carbs go over 90-100. So the only tip I have is you could try getting more protein and less carbs, and see if that helps. It takes several days to notice a difference, though.

Lyn said...

Thanks all! Those are great ideas. It doesn't look hard. I am going to use chicken breast instead of thighs since that's what I have but will be careful not to overcook it.

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog! You are awesome. I too lost 65 lbs. on Medifast but as soon as I got to maintaince I gained 15 pounds and am STRUGGLING TO GET THEM OFF. I re- started medifast in earnest on Monday . We will see but knowing you are going through the same thing assures me that I am NOT. Crazy. I also want to go on a whole food heathy plan. I adore medifast. Except for phen-phen the only thing that works. The flaw may be that once you are on plan you can never get off. Thanks for the great blog.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Lyn,

I've thought about you recently as I know you've had your share of major criticisms and harsh judgement in your blog. It can be so hurtful when you share so much of yourself to have someone tear you to shreds. But you have always handled yourself so well. I've always admired your journey and how you keep it real. I have now also joined the ranks of being attacked and it sucks. But what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger!! :)

Take care

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lyn! I've lost about 135 pounds in the last year but I seem to have stalled even though I've added exercise now that I'm smaller. Still have another 50 to lose but I am determined and you inspire me! Thank you for writing about your journey!


Lyn said...


The majority of people who lose weight by any means will gain it back; that's just a sad statistic. I do think Medifast raises our chances of keeping it off with its maintenance program. Many, many people have used Medifast successfully, so I wouldn't make a judgement based on the struggles I am going through. I don't know anyone who "can't get off" the plan. I hope you can stick with it through Transition and Maintenance this time around!


thank you for the kind words. I am sorry to hear you're being hurt by commenters; try not to let it get to you. There will always be people who don't understand or who are innately hurtful for whatever reason; it's best, I think, to let them keep their negativity while we enjoy what is good, kind, and positive in life. Hugs!


congrats! That is awesome! Just keep working at it and be patient... you are so much healthier already and I am sure our exercise will pay off in many ways.

Anonymous said... You could make this with chicken instead of the pork.

Karen said...

I tend to have my Jr. Family member and her friends get their own food someplace of their choosing- out. So there are no left overs.

Like a pizza place or buying individual slices of cake for her birthday. They have a meal and it's done. Nothing left over at home for her or me. Neither of us needs junk food- for her less often, for me, Just no.

As far as any mean comments, by releasing comments in moderation, you allow that here. So, if there is a comment you don't feel is helpful, you could choose not to post it or respond.

Boundary setting was key to my weight loss and recovery. I learned to set boundaries, roll with things, and kick verbal abusers to the curb (figuratively) . Mean people are a dime a dozen.

Good luck and stay OP.

Lyn said...


Do you see a comment you think is mean? I do not publish anything I feel is "mean." So I am not sure what you mean by allowing it. I might not agree with all the comments, but I think respectful discourse is good.