Friday, January 18, 2013

Need Sleep, Off Plan

I AM going to find a way to balance all of this, somehow.

I have to get enough sleep and that is not happening, mainly due to stress, partly due to a daughter who still wakes in the night and dogs who turn into roosters at 6am regardless of what day it is. Last night I went to bed early (well, 10pm is early for me) but I laid there for an hour and a half thinking about all the *stuff* that is going on. But this has got to stop, I just have to get enough sleep. I already have one of my sons letting the dogs out and feeding them at 6, but when he leaves for school they think it is time for me to get up, so they start making noise. My daughter is almost always up at 6:30 anyway. So sleeping in the morning is not the answer. I told my daughter that from now on, if she wakes in the night she may quietly tiptoe into my room and IF she does not wake me up, she can get into my bed and go to sleep. That should help (she usually wakes me up and either asks for me to tuck her back in bed or asks for permission to get into mine). And I need to find a way to quiet my mind in the evening and get to sleep sooner instead of staying up late worrying. I dunno... I think about just getting in bed with a good book at 9 and drifting off by 10. But, like tonight. I have a kid out with a 10pm curfew. I want to be up when he gets home. So I dunno. I need sleep. Heck, I need a sleep aid and a nanny.

Without enough sleep, the scale is not moving much. It is wavering half a pound this way and that, but not a significant loss. I will still weigh "officially" on Sunday but this stress and lack of sleep is impacting the scale. I am limping in pain so my activity level is back to low. I have been tempted this week to stop eating 'real food' and just do shakes instead because I don't want to even deal with eating right now, but I know that would not be healthy. So I eat. I have 6 days on plan and then today I sort of blew it. I say "sort of" because having too much half and half in my coffee, too many packets of Splenda, a few ounces too much protein, and being short on vegetables is not exactly a ruined day. But it is off plan, and tonight I also ate a Clementine (you know, those little oranges) because my kids were eating them and they smelled soooo good. Is a 35-calorie piece of fruit something to stress about? Oh, I dunno. I go back and forth about how perfect I have to be on this plan. Really. A Clementine. Some half and half. Okay, I will count it as an off plan day, but I really don't feel horrible about it. I think tomorrow will be easier. No school and all.

Sorry for the rambling... I am sure you can tell how tired I am! My son should be home within the next 4 minutes (or else!) and then I can try to get to bed, and get some of that sleep I so desperately need.


Karen said...

Boundaries. Pick boundaries with your kids and stick to them. Daughter can sleep in her own room and be taught that is absolutely NOT okay to wake you unless she is puking or bleeding or having trouble breathing.

Pick boundaries with your eating. The street value of the medifast is 300+ per month. About $ 40 for 3 days to get back on ketosis. You've earned the money for the medifast via blogging. If you were having to pay $40 out of your pocket , would you be more likely to stay on plan? Money and time, effectiveness. Stay on plan to loose the weight. The boundary setting will be useful in loss and maintenance.

Get help from a counselor for boundary setting. It is an essential life skill that can be taught. I had to learn it as an adult as it was not taught to me very well in my younger years. As an adult , it was my responsibility to fill in the gaps so that I could build the life I wanted to live.

Setting limits is part of self care. It feels good to set those boundaries because it leads to emotional and physical health and healthier relationships with others.

All my 2 cents and opinions. If there are barriers to what you want in life , Heath , weight loss, it's essential that you address them to move forward. Otherwise it's more of the same or a worse condition due to chronic disease.

I hope you can work on removing your barriers while the window of health is still open. The risks increase each year.

Madijo said...

I go through bouts of insomnia pretty often. Sometimes I take melatonin. You an find it in the pharmacy section with the vitamins. Within 20 minutes I am asleep. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope you catch up on your sleep soon, Lyn. I know what it's like too well. I'm on a medication that causes insomnia and it SUCKS.

Don't feel bad about your "off plan" day, you did well. As they say, don't let perfect be the enemy of good.

Have you seen the rheumatologist yet? If so, how did it go?

Take care,

Lyn said...


the rheumatologist appt is coming up this week. I hope he has some insights on the pain!

Chanelle said...

Hey Lyn, Chanelle again :)

You know I don't comment unless I *really* feel compelled to add my 0.02, but your posts have been calling to me ever since you started talk of striving to be "perfectly on plan for 100 days".

Let me start by saying that I also have a dog and I live with my parents and my mom, in particular, is one to get up around 6am and start cleaning or walking around the house, etc. I am a pretty heavy sleeper but that is something that occasionally wake me up. Along with an adorable, but yappy little Papillon, I can somewhat imagine what you're going through (although I don't have kids).

But after dealing with Cushing's disease and LITERALLY getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night (because my Cortisol were raging) and doing that for almost 8 months straight, I am begging you to try and make even more changes (if you can), to get more sleep. You won't get any healing of your feet, your mind, or weight loss if you don't enforce some hard rules with your kids about noise and coming into your room. I don't know what you're facing with your daughter, but.. you are so right. Something has got to change! I think what you're doing now is a good start but I encourage you to do whatever you have to do to get your sleep.

Now, about the perfectionism.... it made me really sad to read that you were obsessing over 35 calorie piece of fruit. I have been there. And the day that I read about your plan to be "perfect", I felt in my heart that you were just setting yourself up. We can't be perfect Lyn, but we can try. I know it's imperative that you get as close to 100% as you can since your body only respondes to strict plans/calorie limits, but if anyone is trying THEIR ABSOLUTE HARDEST, it has got to be you!!

As usual, my comment has turned into a long ramble, but I needed to tell you that I know first hand what no sleep will do. Over the course of m Cushing's, 3-4 hours of sleep per night put a layer of fat on my body that hasn't disappeared even after getting a cure and getting down to 119 lbs. with 0 effort. I still have that belly fat because of the hormones and lack of restorative, healing sleep. And I beg you to maybe adjust for 100 days of 95% success so that you don't beat yourself up over one of the best fruit choices you could have made (calorie wise).

You are winning this battle, Lyn. Just by coming back to this blog regularly and being accountable, you are winning.

Lyn said...


Thank you! What an encouraging comment. I appreciate you sharing your story and giving me those insights. And you're right about the "perfect"... when I wasn't perfect yesterday part of me wanted to just scrap the whole 100 days, eat some lasagna, and "start over" on Monday. But 95% is good, and I decided to just keep going and being as close to 100% as I can, while showing myself some grace. And I will brainstorm some more today about how I can improve my sleep.

Gwen said...

The thing about that it changes nothing. IF worry could work to fix a problem, or a host of problems, it would be worth it. But it does nothing but kill your time. It's a hard habit to break, but you have to focus on how unproductive worry actually is. You should have picked up that book, or turned on the TV, and focused on something else.

And I agree...daughter joining you in bed should be a rare thing, not nightly.

Good luck tweaking your life a bit to make it better!

Lori said...

Is herbal tea or green tea allowed on Medifast? If so, there are some good sleepy-time teas available. They really work.

I accidentally got a sleepytime tea bag and was so sleepy about 30 minutes latere that I was concerned as to why. I went back in the kitchen and realized I'd grabbed the wrong box of tea bags.

That might help the falling asleep part of your issue. It sounds like you've done some work on getting fewer interuptions during the night. That is good. Sleep is vital to your health and well being.

Lyn said...


yes, it's allowed. I will try that tonight.

Chanelle said...


I know it must feel...overwhelming to share so much with us then have so much "advice" (some good... some just plan unnecessary) coming at you. But you have to start somewhere, right!

And my story/experiences will always be the way I sympathize/empathize and has helped me understand so many other people's plights. Sleep is #1 and your body needs it so do whatever you can to get it and I will be reading every day, and praying for improvements all around :)

Traveling Light said...

Lyn, This post is heart wrenching. I can feel your struggle. I have only this:

May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace.


Okiebelle said...

Something I tried with 2 of my kids that WOULD NOT stay in their beds. I invented the "sleep fairy" that would leave a surprise under their pillow ONLY if they stayed in their own bed all night. I don't know if your daughter is too old for this or not, but it might be worth a try. Once she was trained to stay in her bed and put herself back to sleep, the fairy quite visiting her. Also, I am very strict about putting them back in their bed after the crawl in mine. If they are very distressed and scared, I just wait until they fall asleep and carry them back to bed. A few nights of less sleep for me always works out to more sleep in the end. (Now they never ask me to get in my bed. They go to daddy's side! LOL That, however, is a different story!)

Lyn said...


what a great idea! Thank you! I think that might just work, at least part of the time. With my daughter, it became a bad habit because from the time she came home from the hospital, she had to be tended through the night for medical needs. Man, you talk about a zombie... I was SO out of it for about a year. Anyway, once she turned 3 it was no longer medically necessary for me to be up in the night with her, but that was our 'normal'. She does still get 'growing pains' in her legs (like bad cramps) that wake her up screaming, so those I have to tend to with ointment from the doctor and Tylenol if the ointment isn't enough. But I'd say 8 out of 10 times, it is just habit and not pain or scary dreams which need my attention. I will give this a try... thanks for the idea!

Mark Calder said...

I can sympathize, but sleep is important. I would tell your daughter that mom needs sleep to keep healthy and so that she can play with you and be around forever.
I have told my daughter that. Get to sleep, and trust your son to keep curfew.
I was nearly 370 pounds. Have got down to 325, but sill have another 100 to go.
Sleep is critical
Mark Calder
Brockville, Ontario (not much of a blog) Just want to use it for personal reasons really.
Good luck.

Lyn said...

...(I think she might be too old for a sleep fairy BUT I am going to get a little 'treasure box' with little trinkets, stickers, etc and let her choose one in the morning if she stayed in her bed. Same sort of concept/reward system).

thanks all :)

Fair Enough said...

Maybe I missed something but why is the clementine off plan? Are you not allowed to have fruits at all? I can't really recall.

Any plan where you couldn't eat clementines would not be for me personally, I love them. I wouldn't think they would be the worst offender as far as carbs, either...

Lyn said...


no fruit on Medifast 5&1. Not because fruit is 'bad' but because you're supposed to stay in a window of about 80-100 g carbs a day. Fruit is reintroduced in Transition.

So it is basically, 5 Medifast meals plus 5-7 ounces of lean protein plus 3 servings of non-carby veggies plus up to 2 fat servings per day. There is also an optional snack, usually almonds for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn! For the life of me I can't figure out how to publish my comment any other way besides anon but I'm Robyn (digory01) from the mf boards-This might sound random but I have found such a great way to get to sleep (it was in a roundabout way LOL). I downloaded a hypnosis weight loss app by a British guy named Paul McKenna called "I can make you thin". I think it has helped me with eating but when I started listening to it at night in bed I realized I always fell asleep before the end (the hypnosis portion is 30 min). The relaxation part at the beginning usually knocks me out now within ten minutes or less, no exaggeration. It's because I'm focusing on that rather than letting my thoughts spin. Sleep is so vitally important I just wanted to share what is working for me! Best of luck to you and see you on the boards!