Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My eating was fine today, consisting mainly of Medifast meals, eggs over easy with sauteed spinach and lean sausage and tea. Oh, and coffee. And water. I didn't track my calories or carbs, but on Medifast you don't have to. If you stay on plan it'll turn out just right.

I was so exhausted all day. I think I am just emotionally drained from medical drama going on this week. Lack of sleep is another factor; I got about 5 hours last night. But I am taking my vitamins and staying on task. I am just so TIRED. All day I felt like I was walking through a pool of molasses. Really. Just dragging. But I did have fun watching my little girl in her dance classes and playing with my pups.

I am just wiped out. Going to bed now and hoping for better energy tomorrow.


MargieAnne said...

Hope you get some good rest. I guess you know that loosing weight when not getting enough sleep is an up-hill battle.

I think you are pretty amazing managing as well as you do. Cyber [[[[[hugs]]]]]

Jac said...

Staying 100% on plan is amazing, but please don't underestimate the power of chronic under-sleeping to sabotage your best eating efforts. I'm sure you take lots of vitamins, but maybe you should consider adding licorice root extract (drinking the tea is my favourite way to get it) to help support your adrenals. Licorice root tea is free of calories but has a very sweet taste. For some people it sets off cravings, but for me it actually satisfies my need for something sweet once in a while.

Madijo said...

Hope tomorrow is better!

Chase Campbell said...

I was reading your blog and saw that you tried Medifast. I recently tried Nutrisystem meals for the past 4 months. I have lost 30lbs. The food is tasty and the portion control really helped me understand how much I could eat on a daily basis. I would recommend trying Nutrisystem too.

Lyn said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, this chronic sleep deprivation is sucking the life out of me. Need to fix this.

I will try the licorice root tea Jac, thank you.


I looked at Nutrisystem some time ago (and tried some of the food before I was a blogger) but it is too high in carbs for me to feel good on it. Last time I looked there weren't a lot of gluten free options either. It sounds like it is working nicely for you though! Congratulations on the loss!

Anonymous said...

Are you eating enough veggies? At least 2 cups of raw and 2 cups of cooked veggies a day. Especially this time of year.

I don't know much about the Medifast plan but its just basic healthy eating.

Today is my day 4 out of 100-day challenge, I got inspired by yours.

I'm doing FAA food plan and already lost 4 pounds.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better & get more rest soon! I was hoping to ask you a quick question. Been reading you for years, always inspired by you! I know now you're on Medifast, but when you were counting carbs, how many per day would you say is best? Also, did it matter to you what "kind" of carbs? or just the number. I am trying to do low carb & counting calories, so I thank you for your answers! :-) Lisa

Lyn said...


on Medifast 5&1 I eat 3 servings of vegetables per day (1 c leafy greens is a serving, or 1/2 c raw or cooked other low carb veggies).

other Anonymous~

I find I do best when my carbs are not too low (above 40g/day) but not too high (about 100g/day max). I do think for me, the type of carbs matter. Some carbs are triggering (to my cravings) or inflammatory (to my arthritis) such as sugar and wheat.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Hey Lyn. I don't have anything inspirational or motivational or emotionally uplifting to add. I don't have any tips for helping you increase your energy or get more sleep. I don't have any advice for you or any suggestions to help you along the way. I just wanted to say that I'm rooting for your success and enjoy celebrating your achievements. Keep up the great work!

Deb said...

Hi lyn, medifast user here. Love your blog. Found your blog on Pinterest , looking for recipes.

Hope you feel better. Can't wait to read you next pst.

LHA said...

Lyn, I am seconding the ideas expressed about lack of sleep making it extremely difficult to lose weight. My nutritionist informed me about studies that prove this, and I am glad you are aware of the link between sleep deprivation and obesity.

I have some struggles with lack of sleep also. I had to make some rules to protect myself, as I have a chronically ill adult child living at home as well as a job with erratic hours and a lot of night work. When I have the opportunity to sleep, I take it. That means saying no to people who need me during my sleep time. It means turning my phone off. It means not doing the dishes or paying bills or doing other chores that really need doing. I had to elevate sleep to the status of "absolute necessity" in order to change things. It doesn't always work, and sometimes I still don't get enough sleep. However, it has made things better and it has helped me with weight loss. Good luck with this!