Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Some Stats


960 calories
103 g protein (40%)
84 g carbs (33%)
31 g fat (27%)


No exercise yesterday; stayed off my sore feet and thankfully did NOT need to take any pain medication!

Today's log, which I pre-planned and will stick to perfectly:

942 calories
108 g protein (44%)
80 g carbs (32%)
26 g fat (24%)

Dinner is going to be 5 ounces of extra lean grass fed local beef over 3 cups of mixed Romaine and baby spinach, with light salsa Ranch dressing.

Exercise, so far, was a 3/4 mile walk with one of the dogs. It was a slow, gentle walk, but there was no pain and no meds needed. I may also bike 5-10 minutes this evening.


LHA said...

Lyn, you rock! I hope you are feeling proud of yourself because these stats really show some determination. Keep it up, and thanks for a great blog.

Gwen said...

I just personally don't believe calories should dip below 1200. I've seen and read about the ill effects too much. That said, everyone does what they thinks best for themselves...so I wish you well. :)

Christa Weltz said...

Your doing great!! :) Keep up the hard work!

Fair Enough said...

You've said in the past you have a tendency to obsess over cookbooks/recipes (I think you even hinted at it in your last post?)

I have a tendency to do the same thing, I'll totally admit it. Thus I don't buy cookbooks. I also am not a very experienced cook, unlike you, so I'm sure that is part of it.

I say don't feed the obsession in this way-no cookbook. Browse along blogs and get inspiration from other blogs and sites, etc. That's what I personally do, at least. In eating in a more natural way, you'll be generally using way less ingredients and such so it's pretty hard to mess up. My "cooking" (if you really want to call it that, ha) is ridiculously simple. For me, it's mainly beans and lots of veggies. Very hard to completely ruin that in any sort of way. For you, it will be mostly meats and veggies. Again, really difficult to screw that up. Once you get comfortable, you will also find that you eat nearly the same thing all the time. Or at least the same thing with small adjustments. Many long-time maintainers, including myself, will note that repetition is actually a really helpful thing and helps you stay on track.

I'm sure others will argue this point but for me, as someone who has struggled with both sides of the spectrum in both under-eating and binge eating....I can't really deal with recipes save for a few times a year on holidays. I do my own thing the rest of the time and use my own creativity and go from there. I eat very simply and it is easy to stick to.

Just me. I'm sure others will say I'm wrong blah blah...but this is one method that has surely worked in my life.