Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Doing It

Yesterday I came down sick with the cold my daughter had. Fortunately, it seems to be a very short-lived cold. She is back at school, and today I am feeling about 50% improved. I felt well enough that I went out and walked each of my dogs 3/4 mile, back to back. I can't remember the last time I was able to do that. My feet are only slightly sore... not bad at all. Hopefully I will be able to keep this up.

Yesterday I felt lousy with this head cold. I had my Medifast meals (orange drink and hot cocoa) and then thawed some cabbage soup and ground turkey from the freezer and mixed them for my lunch:

low carb cabbage soup

I also thawed some homemade chicken stock, which I am sipping today. By nighttime, I felt really awful and the smell of my usual Medifast meals was a turn off. I went off plan and ate what I felt my body needed: half a cup of blueberries and a Clementine. Later I also had a few walnuts and a banana.

This morning I had a scrambled egg, a turkey sausage, low fat cheese and sauteed spinach with black decaf coffee. I am having Medifast and chicken broth for the rest of the day.

Not getting on the scale and not even thinking ahead to the scale has made an unexpected change in my outlook. I always *thought* I was doing this for the right reasons: for my health, to eat better, to lose weight over time. But I have suddenly realized that I was leaning quite heavily on the results of "the next weigh in." Everything I was doing was so I could see a loss at "the next weigh in." And if I did not get a loss, I felt like exploding from frustration. Now that that pressure is gone, I am just doing what I am doing because it is *what I do.* Does that make sense? I am not changing anything based on last week's weigh-in or next week's potential weigh-in. I am just doing Medifast because it is what I am doing. Period. (Yes, the fruit was off plan. I think it was the right choice for my body though.) I believe that over time, as I become more active again and get more sleep, the weight *will* come off with Medifast. I believe that, and now I do not have daily or weekly scale numbers making me second guess myself. I am just doing it.


Traveling Light said...

Lyn, If I remember correctly, the meds your new MD gave you were for pain...and he told you to still go easy with the feet.

If I'm right about the above, and just the pain symptom is being treated...rather than anything being healed...perhaps you should go easy with the walking.

Just IMHO, of course.


MargieAnne said...

It's so easy to slide into becoming a scale watcher and letting the numbers dictate success.

It's something I do a lot of and I know how unhelpful it is.

Healthy bodies love being a healthy weight and I've read so many times that once we get the nutrition balanced our bodies shed excess. They make it sound so easy.

I guess we are all a work in progress.

Glad you enjoyed your walk. Trust the remainder of the day goes well and sets you up for an another great day tomorrow.

Isn't it wonderful when having a great day does not depend on the number on the scale? Oh Yes!


LHA said...

You are so right! If you follow your plan, exercise if possible and drink plenty of water the weight will come off eventually. We all lose weight at different rates and most of us vary even in our own rate of loss. I agree that it is freeing to weigh less frequently, and even if you do not see what you want when you do eventually weigh, you still have your plan and you just keep going. This is what has worked for me and it has made a big difference. Good luck, and feel better soon!

Lyn said...


yes, he said not to push it. The meds are for inflammation (to allow healing) as well as pain. I won't go more than 1.5 miles until I get a clear from the Dr.


thanks! It is nice :)

Lyn said...

LHA~ thanks to you too :)

Anne H said...

Love that soup! Cabbage soup is my fave. Good to catch up with you!

Fiona jesse Giffords said...

Meals which are good for health, easy to digest and low in calories and rich in nutrition are always good for body. And really helps during the illness.So not to worry.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It's so freeing to just work towards a healthier body and not a "lighter" one - I was a slave to that scale and relieving that pressure, like you said, feels so good! Hope you feel better soon!!

Lori said...

The whole not weighing thing makes sense to me. I'm not there yet. I still weigh every day although, I don't get upset with the minor fluctuations. I hope someday not to let the scales be such a barometor of my success or failure.

Anonymous said...

Are you weighing in today since it's the first of the month? Hope to see a post from you!


Lyn said...


no, I am staying off the scale, as Feb 1 hadn't even been a week since I last weighed (216). My goal is to limit weighing to once a month, at least for awhile, to get my head back to focusing on eating properly and exercising rather than numbers.

I got sicker but am now improving so will probably get a post up later today. Thanks for checking on me!

Anonymous said...

I admire your willpower to stay off the scale for a month! I started Medifast in November and there is no way I can resist the scale every day.


Tracie said...

I was just wondering where you have been when I saw the post that said you will post later today.
Just checking on you! Hope you are feeling better!