Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I'm back! We got home this evening from our medical trip. I consider it a very successful trip. We learned a lot, dispelled some wrong information about my child's condition, got guidance and direction from one of the world's experts on the condition, and had fun while we were at it. We are still waiting on the results of one more test, but now we have information to go forward. We have two more specialists to see (locally) and that should set us on the right path for my child's best health. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers! I am much encouraged.

We also made time for a few fun activities: an aquarium, a museum, a mall with my two kids' favorite stores. We also ate meals out every day and I will admit I went pretty much off the rails with my eating. The hotel breakfast was "continental" which, in this case, meant a huge display of muffins, bagels, breads, oatmeals, sugary cereals, and juice. There were also those pre-peeled hard boiled eggs (cold, with a sign warning not to heat them in the microwave), a few fruits and yogurts. My breakfast day 1 was 2 hard boiled cold eggs, half a yogurt (which had sugar in it) and black coffee. Day two I thought I'd be sick from the eggs but managed to eat one with an English muffin, two bites of a banana, and black coffee. I brought some snacks and mainly had nuts (too many) and Americanos with sugar free syrup and cream (1 a day) as well as way too many cups of free coffee here and there (with half and half). My other meals were very off plan. At one place I ordered a veggie scramble (eggs, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, cheese) which was SO greasy and served on a giant bed of hash browns (which I had 3 or 4 bites of). At another place I had gluten free butternut squash pancakes topped with fresh berries and unsweetened whipped cream... not low carb, but wow. Very good quality food. The other stuff I ate was too carby, too salty, and more volume than I am used to (but far less than your standard American serving in restaurants; I left a lot of food on my plate each time). I feel kind of icky from it, but also *very* ready to get right back on plan 100% in the morning. I am very motivated to feel better and stay on plan. I want to live my best life, and I am ready to put in the effort now to get there.

It is SO GOOD to be home!


Anonymous said...

What kind of "veggie scramble" comes with ham in it??

Glad you had a good trip, and that you are motivated to get back on track!

Take care Lyn,

Lyn said...

lol Rebecca, it was one of those old 70's diner type places. They had some weird stuff. My son's French Dip came with thick brown gravy, not au jus. I'd never seen that before, either.

Gwen said...

Welcome back! And I'm so glad things went so well with your son!

Kari said...

Glad to hear you're getting back on track! Traveling almost always sets people off plan.

Jac said...

Your tone sounds so positive! Love it! :)

Karen said...

Once you are back on track with your eating and are planning another trip, ask one of the long term maintainers how to navigate eating and travel. For weight loss and weight maintenance : eating on the road requires extra planning.
Getting the right diagnosis is key. Glad you got to see the right people.

Leslie B. Shoemaker said...

Just curious... what's wrong with your son?

Lyn said...


He was born with medical issues that will affect him for life. Out of respect for my childrens' privacy, I don't blog in detail about their medical issues, although sometimes I mention therapies, difficulties, or trips etc. that I am dealing with. Hope that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your trip went well!
My lifestyle requires that I eat out one, sometimes two meals a day. I always order eaggs and bacon or sausage (no toast no potato) for breakfast ans grilled chicken salad for lunch or dinner. If that isn't available I get chicken strips. Not on plan but as close as I can get. It's hard because it's never enough food. Our restaurants all seem to serve carbs with a side of meat!
I go to buffets when I can because I can get meat and vegetables there. I haven't been to a hotel buffet in awhile but in I would have struggled with the hotel breakfast where you were, too!

16 blessings'mom said...

I too love your positive tone! I also find it very difficult to stick to plan while traveling. I think you did quite well! Eating those hard boiled eggs earns you a million points in my book! I tried, when we went out to WA state to visit my son...the first morning I managed one...but after that I ate peanut butter on apples for breakfast. Glad you got some help for your son, too. Good luck with things, and know that I am praying for you!


Anonymous said...

That's too funny, Lyn. I bet a strict vegetarian would find that ham an unpleasant surprise when they dug into their "veggie" scramble!

Interesting interpretation on the french dip, too. I once ate at a restaurant and ordered eggs Benedict. One egg was atop the customary english muffin, and the other was atop a bagel half. No explanation provided. I guess the kitchen ran out of english muffins and was hoping I wouldn't notice?

It's like, why not put both eggs on bagel halves and pretend it's your interpretation of eggs Benedict? Like it's the chef's culinary flair to use bagels. But no, just throw what you've got out there and go half and half.

I thought it was so funny I didn't even mind. I just enjoyed the different take on eggs Benedict!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Did you weigh in this morning to assess the damage? I'd hate for you to go the whole week on plan and then step on the scale and think you hadn't lost anything.

Traveling Light said...

Very glad to hear the medical aspect of the trip was so valuable. It sounds like you have a better grip on what's going on and a clearer path to follow. Excellent!


Lyn said...


yes, 225. Up four pounds on the trip.

Cris said...

I just don't care what you ate- I am SO SO happy to see you in such a great mood!

If you set out to do something cheerfully, chances are you can succeed!

Wishing you well, Cris

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

Just a question - if your "plan" at the moment is Medifast and you had some supplies with you, why didn't you pack some Medifast meals to have while you were away?...a four pound gain over a couple of days is not good news for someone who is trying to lose rather than maintain.

I think it's worthwhile considering this option as you seem to have quite a few medical trips in your calendar.

Glad you got some answers for the medical condition.


Lyn said...


basically, because I didn't feel like it. I've done that before many times... packed Medifast meals and a cooler of veggies/meat for trips. But I have been messing around now for a couple of weeks, have been off plan, have not had my head in it. A medical trip did not seem like a great time to try to get strict with my eating. Now that my stress is way down, it's a lot easier to get and stay on plan.

Fair Enough said...

Uh, as a strict vegetarian you'd bet I be pissed if there was ham in a "Veggie omelette", haha. I've also learned that most restaurants, especially chains and American-style diners, tend to add extra fat and meat to most everything...thus I rarely eat at places like this. They also add carbs to things you wouldn't expect, like pancake batter to eggs, to make them fluffier. I've had bacon mysteriously show up on my salads in the past. It's just gross.

I have to say....if you really are hating your life with PF SO MUCH...if it is really making your life miserable in some aspects, and you truly miss being active with your kids and just on your own-why would you kind of set yourself up for failure and make this problem worse AND last longer? I'm just honestly shocked and surprised.

I understand we do things that don't always make sense, and do things that are bad for our health even though we KNOW all the consequences. Look at smoking, binge eating, whatever. It's human nature to an extent. However, you just seem so fed-up with PF. More fed up than a normal overweight person is with just being overweight with no health problems. You can barely walk much of the time, right? Weight loss is the only real way to cure it as far as I know...I'd be scared, that's for sure. I hope you can think a bit clearer and think seriously about your health issues the next time an event like this comes up, really. It's troubling as a long-time reader.

Lyn said...


probably because there is no immediate consequence or change in my pain level due to diet. Yes, if I eat sugar my arthritis flares up, but the PF does not. I can "eat clean" (meaning, sugar free/gluten free) for weeks and see no improvement in the PF pain. I am in pain no matter what I do. Yes, losing weight is *probably* going to let this heal, but no guarantees. I am thinking I will have to drop 40 or 50 pounds before I see any improvement... just because it is so long term and so unresponsive to treatment. So basically in order to *see* if the pain will go away with weight loss, I have to stay on plan for six or eight months straight. Daunting, to me. But I don't really have a choice, so, here goes.

Lyn said...

... oh, and I didn't really see this part of your comment before, but I want to be sure to clarify I am not hating *my life* with PF. I love my life, my kids, I have joy. It is the pain and the restriction that comes with it that I hate. And yes I do hate it.

Fair Enough said...

That's what I meant. You don't hate your life but your life with PF is frustrating and not ideal for you.

You clearly love aspects of your life and your family, but the way PF makes you feel, the way it limits your activity and makes it very hard to exercise....those things seem to make you depressed, which it would do to anyone.

I thought you said eating more sugars/grains/eating off plan causes increased pain for you (in previous entries)...so that's why I was wondering why you would choose to not stay on plan for the trip.

Time 4 Me said...

I'm really proud of your upbeat attitude. I think we all "mess up" at times, regarding our diets, but it's all about getting back on track. Perhaps you needed the little deviation to get you back to that place. You can get 4 lbs off in a few days if you adhere to the plan....small price to pay, really. Great news about the new guidance for your sons condition! Good luck to you in your new journey (and, just remember, it's not near as far to go as the first one was!) Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out that you don't KNOW that you will have to lose 40 or 50 pounds to improve your PF. It could be much improved if you lose 25 or 30 pounds. Why automatically assume the worst case scenario? Plus, there are many other benefits to losing weight you will enjoy along the way.

And as far as there being no guarantee? Nothing is guaranteed in this life. If it's your best hope to get out of pain, that will have to be enough motivation. If it's not . . . well, I don't even want to think that negatively. I hope you're not giving up, Lyn.

Lyn said...


right, I don't know. Heck, it could clear up tomorrow! But I know the pain started when I was about 20 pounds lighter than I am now. Regardless, I want to lose it. Not giving up at all! Never :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you're not giving up, Lyn! You had me worried for a minute there. :)

Take care,