Friday, January 4, 2013


Thank you for the well wishes; I had not seen this cousin in several years, but my heart really does break for his parents, siblings, and close friends. No one should have to hurt like that.

After my post late last night, I never did finish logging my food or post it. I was around 1200 calories and 120 g carbs... too high on the carbs, but improving. Today will be back under 100. I am planning to do a 4&2 today, which just means 4 Medifast meals and 2 Lean & Green meals rather than 5&1. I am hungry and think this is a better option today than grabbing too many snacks. I haven't had breakfast yet but am going to saute some zucchini and have that with a couple of free range eggs over easy with some coffee. Dinner is going to be eggplant coated in Egg Beaters, Parmesan and Italian seasonings cooked in a little olive oil topped with some lean, browned grass fed ground beef. My kids do not like eggplant, so I will be making beef stroganoff for them. I like stroganoff but need to eat this eggplant instead, and don't have room in my condiments and fat for the stroganoff sauce.

I have my feet on the massager again this morning. I am pretty sore so I may not bike or walk today, depending on how much they hurt later after I run errands. I am getting ready and packed for our medical trip. We'll be gone for 3 days and I am taking 2 kids with me. I am nervous but hopeful. My eating plan on the trip is to eat as close to Medifast as possible, bringing some Medifast meals with me but also when we stop to eat, having mainly lean protein and vegetables and staying off the grains and sugar.

I am planning to post a weight on Sunday as usual... both my "old scale weight" and my "new scale weight" so that I can have an accurate weight difference for the week (on the old scale) but then adjust (upwards) for the new scale. And then I will just use the new scale from here on out. The old one is very accurate in showing differences; it never varies in that and matches the new scale in that regard. But it also consistently weighs me several pounds lower than the new one. So I'll adjust.

Thanks for all the support!


Lori said...

Good luck on the trip. I hope you get a good outcome.

I'm sure you'll do fine with your eating. Planning ahead always helps.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you on your trip. Thank you for the encouragement on my blog over the years. It has meant the world to me.


Karen said...

I am so sorry about your loss. That is something that will devastate your family for years, probably decades, and I wish I knew a way to spare you all this pain.

But I am glad you are doing well on your eating...I am ready to join you now and I plan to see a great 2013 where we are BOTH big ol' losers. :)

And thank you for never judging me when you have been doing great and I have not. You were always my cheerleader and I knew I could come back here and get nothing but encouragement and support from you. That is the reason I NEVER give up. Thank YOU for never giving up on me...and for your humility during your success!!!! You truly have a kind heart and I cannot imagine anyone better to inspire other people. This is well proven by all your readers!!!

Mike Symons said...

Stumbled across your blog today. You have some great content and have made great progress! Keep it up!

Harry Palter said...

Sorry for your family's loss. Kind of puts all this calorie-counting stuff in perspective. Wow... such a young age to lose life. Have to appreciate what we have when we have it. Can't think of anything else to say.