Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Carb Flu, and Goal Weights

Yesterday it was mild... today is is bad. I have full-blown "carb flu": the headache, nausea, shakiness and fatigue that come when one goes from higher carb level to a low carb diet. I haven't always gotten it; in fact, when I began Medifast the very first time, I had pretty much no symptoms. And several times when I "went off" for a few days or a week and then cut the carbs again, I felt fine... just hungry for a few days. But wow, I feel pretty icky today. It is definitely the "carb flu" and not a real illness; when I take a few bites of something carby, it goes away! I know people say you're just supposed to power through it, or sleep through it, but I am trying to be functional today and Tylenol's not working, so I have had a bite of carbs here and there to make the nausea go away. Maybe I am just prolonging it... I hope not. My easing-into-ketosis plan is to have my Medifast shake in about an hour, steak and salad for dinner, and then nothing to eat in the evening except a very low carb yogurt as a snack. I won't eat again until about 8 tomorrow morning. I figure from past experience that eating almost no carbs for that 16 hours (mostly while I sleep) should free me of these symptoms by breakfast time tomorrow.

On a happy note, the pain in my feet is about 75% better over the last two days! I think it is a combination of the massager, rest, and the MSM cream, but I am waiting to see if the pain comes back before I get *too* excited. Well, okay, I am excited!

So to be clear, my plan (for eating) for 2013 is to stay on a Medifast 5&1 plan until I reach my goal weight, whatever that is. Part of me thinks 175 is good enough; I felt really amazing at that weight. But I do think I would be healthier and my knees/feet better off if I can get down into the 160's. The last time I was in the 160's was in 1995 or 96... I'm not sure. I look back on my weight records and the last recorded 160's was in May 1995; I weighed 167 pounds and was a few weeks pregnant with my last son. I thought I'd gotten down to 168 in 1996 after he was born, but I can't find any record of that. Regardless, I was about 26 years old and it's been at least 16 years since I was in the 160's. I think 168 is very reachable for me.

Then I sometimes think about getting into the 150's so I could have a normal BMI; that would happen at 154 pounds for me. The last time I saw the 150's... 151, actually... was in 1991 after I lost a baby. I never got below 160 again once I was pregnant with my second son. So I was only 21 years old last time I weighed in the 150's. Wow. It seems SO foreign to me, impossible really. Can this 43 year old body that spent a decade morbidly obese and delivered five children really get back to that weight again? Well, honestly, I doubt it. I guess if I am going to seriously try for that, I'll have to work on believing it first.

But then, I have to work on 199 first. Then 175. Then 168. And then maybe 154.

My activity plan is to HEAL MY FEET. All else hinges on that. At this point a mile walk or fifteen minutes on the bike results in foot pain, so I am limiting even that (about a half mile walk a few times a week and 5-10 minute biking sessions on alternate days). PT exercises are being done. IF I can get this pain under control, I will get back to the activity level I was enjoying before I was injured.

I truly hope 2013 is a *great* year for all of us! Let's make it happen!


Traveling Light said...

Re: the carb flu--being functional is good. :)

I just settled in on my "tentative" goal weight of 170 pounds. My number process is almost identical to yours. I think that's funny.

I have this mental fixation with 152 pounds because that was my lowest adult weight. Ever. I was 19 years old. Barely an adult. Lots of water under that bridge since...

Truth is, I think that's mostly vanity and a weird obsessive-compulsive thing related to the fact that my highest recorded weight was 252--so I'd lose an even 100 pounds. Yeah. That's the reason to set a goal.

This last go round, I felt really, really good at 175 (except for the sagging skin which completely freaked me out.) But I did get down to 169 before my upward journey began. At 169, I still had more weight to lose and was still overweight--but I felt great physically.

At any rate, for now, 170 it is. We'll see when I get there.

We are going to do this, this year. I mean it.


Taryl said...

Good luck, Lyn!

Anonymous said...

That is a solid plan. Salty chicken broth will help with the carb flu. Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Have you tried any pilates? I have a few dvds and they are not hard on your feet or knees. Just a suggestion :)


Jac said...

I think having a goal in mind is good. I think having a flexible "I'll see when I get there" goal is even better. You'll know when you get there. :)

Fair Enough said...

One goal at a time, but I ultimately believe people aim way too high often out of fear and also comfort in being "large". Excuses such as "I'm big boned" etc...when in reality they simply have never been a normal weight, or at least not in a very long time. I read it a lot in the blogworld and hear it in real life.

It was originally very difficult for me to get out of the 170s-160s range and I could of just stopped and said that was normal for me since I am 5'10", aferall, and have always had kind of a swimmer's build with broad shoulders and a fair amount of muscle. I didn't just stop though, and for that I now see I never really was meant to be that size. What you think is right or "normal" can change so fast and I was simply stuck in that range because I accepted it and ate too much. Now I see myself with a much more defined face and actual cheekbones, not just a round moonface, perfectly circular. My chin has definition, my eyes stand out more. It's been a long, long time since I've since myself at that high of a weight and I never want to go back. What I thought was "just me" really wasn't me at all.

My personal stories aside, I'd say 150's range would be your best bet taking height into consideration. Anything higher than the 170's is just playing around in my opinion-kind of taking it a little too soft on the whole getting to a healthy weight idea. That's a weight you generally you want to be at if you're a grown man or exceptionally tall woman-with some exceptions-but generally speaking. I know people will disagree with me on that but that's my take.

Anonymous said...

I forget -- do you have a blood sugar meter? it might be worth checking your level when you feel shaky and lightheaded. That sounds a lot like low blood sugar.

Twix said...

Sounds like a plan of attack. :) I know you can do it. Drown the c-flu in water!

Gwen said...

Sorry for the carb flu. I hope, by the time you read this, you are past it.

MargieAnne said...

All the best as you stooge on through to ketosis. Hopefully this will not last long.


CarrieHales said...

Hopefully the carb flu will ease up soon. Keep with it!

Fat2FitGuy said...

Hi Lynne, And all other. I have had the exact same symptoms, but it's because of to much carbs. I am on a low carb high protein diet, but overindulged on some (lots of) bad carbs over the festive period. Is it possible that my feeling bad might be because of too many bad carbs when my body was'nt used to it anymore? Hope everyone has a lean & mean 2013!

Anonymous said...

Lyn: I hope you feel better soon. I must be very fortunate. This is my third day on MF and so far I feel great- no headaches at all. This is my forth serious attempt. I WILL lose it and keep it off. I want my BMI to be around 21.

I hope you're willing to continue to lose until you reach your healthy BMI which, as you know, is below 25. Why stop losing at the overweight mark?

Yes, I'll have some loose skin, but so what? I did hit goal once and didn't let that bother me.

Anonymous said...

My experience with low vs high carb is inflammation. Both my roommate and I get much more back and dental pain when we eat carbs particularly grains for more than one day. Two days of low carbing and it's as if we stared a high powered anti-inflammatory medication.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on to your blog looking for a South Beach food list. I wanted to comment about the foot pain...6-8 grams of fish oil a day keep this pain at bay for me. Sounds like a lot, but it works for me.

MamaT (with a boy that probably has an MTHFR defect. I'm guessing my husband and I are heterozygous for this and he is homozygous. We'll be getting tested soon. I wonder if contributes to inflamation, thus the foot pain)

katie said...

I am six feet tall and weigh in at a healthy 150 lbs., size 8-10. How tall are you Lynn?
175 pounds is 'healthy' for a six foot 5 inch female athlete maybe.


Lyn said...


I am 5'6. Each of us has to find our own healthy weight. I'm glad you've found yours.

Fair Enough said...

"Each of us has our only healthy weight."

Yes and no. I do have issues with the general BMI calculator and don't think it is 100% accurate. For example, I find it to be pretty harsh on either shorter than average or taller than average people, but especially taller than average have it the hardest.

That aside, I do generally believe it is a good basic outline and there are general healthy weight guildelines to be found there.

Unless you are a mega athlete-someone who takes working out VERY seriously, with much more muscle and lower fat than the average person-or if you are extremely short or tall, I do believe the general ranges are not ttoo far off.

For women, weight in the upper range of the 100's, closer to 200, is generally reserved for quite tall women. You will find very little people that will argue with that, save for what I mentioned previously about very athletic people, who definitely do not make up the majority.

Frame size does take a role, but it's more minor than many take it out to be-resulting in +/- around 10-15 pounds...not 20-50 like I see a lot of people estimating.

I have probably a medium frame and thus lower than the 130's looks very, very thin on me. Bony. Height always comes to play. There's no perfect universal weight, obviously, but it helps to know what tends to be normal/most average for your height and seeing photos of people at your height.

JEM said...

Katie, that's amazing! I'm in the 170s now, 5'6, and wear a size ten. About ten pounds ago, mid-160s I wore an 8.

A friend is 6'2 and weighs in the 160s, and she's a size 6.

If I had to be at 150 to be a size ten I'd probably never make it. It's crazy how such different heights/weights/builds can produce such wildly different or shockingly similar sizes.

Lyn said...


true. I am about your build; in my 100 pound gone pics, at 178 pounds, I was wearing size ten jeans.