Saturday, January 12, 2013


Yesterday was a good day. I had my Medifast meals. I made on-plan meatloaf for dinner with veggies. I stayed *pretty much* on plan, but not 100%, because I had half and half in my coffee. That can be a fat serving on Medifast, but only if your protein is quite lean. Ground beef does not call for any additional fat in the day. So, that was technically off. I also had a bite of mashed potatoes. This kind of eating CAN result in weight loss for me, just based on the calories alone; I had about 1200 calories yesterday. But it is not what I am aiming for. My goal is 100% on plan and my goal is to not mess around even with a BITE of off plan food. Why? Because it matters to me. It's not just the weight loss I am after. It's about self discipline... sticking to something because I *decided* to. I have been lacking in that aspect lately. I have been going by how I *feel* or by what other people put in front of me or by what is going on in my life. Because, you know, if I am stressed I should get a "pass" to eat a little extra or something. Well, I don't like that attitude in myself. If I am going to get to goal this year (and that is my aim), I have to be more disciplined and tell myself to suck it up more often.

My short term goal is 100% on plan today. No little divergences *even if* I could rationalize them.
My long term goal is 100 days, 100%.

Breakfast was black coffee and a cup of Medifast hot cocoa.
Midmorning I will likely have hot plain tea and a pancake.
My lunch is already 'soaking' in a Thermos: Medifast chili with 1/4 c diced tomatoes added.
Afternoon snack, probably more hot cocoa.
Dinner is spaghetti squash lasagna, which is thawing in the refrigerator and was slightly short on the Green portion, thus the ability to add tomatoes to my chili.
Evening snack will be Medifast pudding.

One perfect day.


Lori said...

That is a terrific goal. Just be sure not to beat yourself up if there is a slip up here or there. It will take a lot of mental toughness to attain it.

Karen said...

You go Lyn. The more days of OP eating the better You will feel and the more clarity you will have. So worth it

Desert Singer said...

I so get it. Why don't we think we're worth keeping our word to ourselves? We keep our word to our friends... more often than not... Why not to ourselves?

Great post, hit home today - and inspired me!

Taryl said...

I'm glad you had a perfect day, don't those feel amazing? Once I build up three of those in a row I find I feel so much better and it becomes 'easy' to stay on plan again. One choice at a time you can do this, Lyn :)

Karen said...

As always, you inspire me. I am going to be 100% on plan tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Give yourself credit, MF is crazy restrictive!

Gwen said...

Congrats on the perfect day! Very inspiring!! I'll be rooting for you all the way!

Kari said...

One perfect day leads to many! Good luck with it! It could be the starting boost that you need.

nlbchi said...

I've seen on the nutrition support board that you can use half and half as a condiment (1 TBS= 1 condiment) as well as the 3 TBS for a healthy fat.

Lyn said...


you're right. I just went and double checked because in the past, they have been a little ambiguous about this. But it does say 1 Tbsp can be a condiment. Thanks!

Theresa said...

Lyn: I always have half and half with my coffee. I have three cups of coffee daily. It's a condiment and we're allowed three. You are doing great. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I love your 100 day challenge! I will do the same thing, follow my food plan for 100 days.