Friday, December 28, 2012


Things are not horrible, but they are stressful.

I had to take my daughter to the doctor today. She has pinkeye.
I got a call that there was a death in the family, a little cousin I never got to know and now never will.
I have spent about 2 hours today trying to fax needed documents for our medical trip, but keep getting either a busy signal from the fax I am calling or a "line error" message on my fax.
Things are worse, not better, with Teen X. Yeah, I won't name names, but *someone* is putting his mother through the ringer and if I was a drinking woman, you probably wouldn't hear from me again for days.
But instead of booze I am hitting up the English Muffins, which give me just as bad a hangover as alcohol would. Okay, so it was only *one* English Muffin, but something about the wheat makes me sick and hurt. I guess the *why* is always what we ask ourselves... "why did I do that to myself?" Dunno, it sure felt soothing in the moment.
My feet are wrapped in tape from my PT appointment the other day, which was painful but I think effective. I am managing to sleep with one leg/foot brace on most nights... two is just too disruptive with all the banging together every time I move, but one is tolerable. I am not getting a heck of a lot of sleep anyway... getting to bed late due to things I need to get done, and being awakened around 6 every morning by dogs and my early bird daughter, who so sweetly tiptoes in to my room and ever so gently hugs me and whispers, "I'm up, Mom, but I am going to go do some art and let you sleep!" and then tiptoes out... but then I am awake so I get up and make coffee. She really is sweet though, she lets the dogs out for me and everything.
Oh, and the power went out again this morning just briefly, leaving us without Internet for a few hours afterwards.

The split pea soup is finally simmering on the stove, but honestly I don't think I have the energy to make myself a low carb version. I am not really hungry anyway... I had a lot of coffee today. I think tomorrow will be my 100% back-on-plan with Medifast day.


Bonita Gordita said...

I just finished writing my "stressful but could be worse" post for the day. Just wanted to send a hug, tell you I hear ya. I envy your non-hunger. Mine is ravenous. :/

Anonymous said...

Lyn, have you heard of/read a book called "Wheat Belly"? It lays out the case that modern wheat is genetically distant from what people ate even 50 years ago, and is incredibly damaging to our bodies and brains.

Lyn said...


Yes, very good book, I have it! I was wheat and gluten free for some time... thus going back to it brought back some physical symptoms. Almost all the Medifast meals I eat are gluten free.

Anonymous said...

Awww. Sorry to hear about it all. :( It was that "Caught" post that did it, you know. Every time I've written a post stating victory over a particular aspect, I might as well start a countdown clock to track my how long it takes me to have an un-victory.

Don't know why that happens.

We'll get this thing. I mean it. 2013 will be the year.

Teen trouble is hard. I know. Been there.

Like a kidney stone, it passes. :}


MargieAnne said...


All you can do is hang on and get through to the best of your ability.

Can you tolerate very dark chocolate?

I've been making mine even less sweet by melting equal parts coconut oil and butter and dark 75% chocolate together. Set in the freezer. I use a flat dish that allows me to make a thin slab less than 1/4 inch thick otherwise I don't think I'd be able to break it up. I'm going to buy some peppermint essence to try in it too.

Not sure how much fat you are allowing yourself. I'm finding that switching carbs for fat helps.


Lyn said...


Oh! That post was *so* not meant to be a victory post, although going back and reading it I see how it could come across that way. It was more meant to be a confession, an admitting my struggle having gone off plan and worry about reverting back to those old habits of putting it off and getting stuck in that cycle again. Which, I also admit, if I don't get it together soon, is a dangerous and very real possibility. LOL at the kidney stone comment :)


yes! I love dark chocolate in the 85-88% range. That's a good idea about adding coconut oil and freezing it; I will save that idea for my Paleo transition! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I've had some physical pain in my knee this week, the added weight, poorer eating and the hours on my feet during the holidays have aggravated it. I noticed I turned to the tried and true pantry for a browse. I stopped myself and said go do something else..... But I thought of you and the foot pain. Emotional eating AND physical pain distraction. Stay strong Lyn. Sometimes just naming the demons help crush them. Happy new year. :)