Monday, December 3, 2012

Update and Dinner

Today has been a fairly good day, although my feet started hurting again. Yesterday my pain was greatly reduced, but I was on my feet a lot today and now they are sore. I have PT again in the morning so hopefully that will help. I did get a lot done and had good energy until about 2 o'clock.

Today's dinner is going to be a big dish of Greek yogurt and a bunch of kale. I found something new in the produce section: this organic baby kale:

baby kale

The leaves are tiny like baby spinach leaves. The awesome thing about this kale is that it is "triple washed" and ready to eat. I haven't been eating as much kale as I'd like because I *hate* the careful washing it takes to be sure all the bugs are off the underside of the leaves. I really have a thing about bugs on my kale. This kale is also nice and dry so it is ready to put in the oven and roast to make crispy kale chips. That's what I am making tonight: baby kale chips. Love them.

I feel like I am probably losing weight. I didn't get on the scale though. I just have that feeling. I know 2 pounds a week is kind of slow, but it will get me where I want to be if I stay consistent.

That's all for now... I'm off to bake my kale.


Anonymous said...

I thought you said you were cutting out yogurt since you were off the antibiotics and had only been including it for that reason? Personally I think Greek yogurt is a great food to have in your diet, but I was just wondering why the plan changed. Also, are you still doing the strict Medfast plan?

Lyn said...


the plan didn't change; the yogurt I was eating while on antibiotics was Carbmaster yogurt, which is not on plan for Medifast. Plain Greek yogurt, however, *is* on plan. Twelve ounces of 2% Fage or Chobani is on the Meatless Lean list. I did not want to eat that as my Lean everyday while I was on antibiotics, which is why I added a Carbmaster yogurt. Yes, I am doing the 5&1 Plan on Medifast.

h2oratt said...

Are the kale chips good? Do you just bake them?

Lyn said...


I love them. I just tossed the kale with 1 tsp olive oil and spread them on cookie sheets, baked at 350 10 min, gently flipped them and baked 5 more min, then salted them. The thicker, big kale leaves take longer.

Theresa said...

I think Medifast could hire you as nutrition support! You know their system inside and out ha ha.

Heather said...

Hi Lyn,

Did you know that you can buy the kale flakes from Sams or Costco in bulk. They are crispy and pretty good. If you have any time constraints with having to make something, this is a good option. I'm super busy and therefore I'm big on finding some other quick options.

Are you drinking enough water? After feeling down it seemed to help me to drink TONS of water. I used to get back pains and foot cramps a lot and drinking more solved that. I know I'm coming into your blog new so I may have missed something, but I like your very real style.

I'll be back. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Fair Enough said...

I dont tend to eat "traditional" meals for dinner...but kale and yogurt? That interesting much yogurt are we talking about here? Doesn't sound very filling tbh.

Lyn said...

Fair Enough~

12 ounces of Greek yogurt is a Lean, which measures out to 1.5 cups. It was very filling to me :)

h2oratt said...

I was always told no dairy on medifast
Glad this is an option now

Lyn said...


not sure when they changed it. In early 2010 when I started, the meatless lean list included some dairy like low fat cheese and cottage cheese, but the newest list this year also includes Greek yogurt! It's a welcome addition. I think regular yogurt is just not high enough in protein though so it is not included and neither is milk.