Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts & Prayers

I almost never comment on current events, news, etc on my blog. But I just wanted to ask everyone to send extra thoughts and prayers out for the families and children affected by the tragic shooting today. My heart just breaks for them all.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm wanting to eat tonite. But I know it's about feelings of helplessness. I want to take away the pain that so many are suffering tonite. But, eating will not make anything better, so I remember: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...

Anonymous said...

I'm praying, too.

My husband and I didn't hear until 9:30 this evening. We had been at our grandchildren's Christmas program (ages 5 & 8) first thing this morning and then went Christmas shopping, not getting home until 8pm.

There we were, totally unaware, picking out little skirts and toys and baby dolls...for children the same age as those that have been killed.

I've been crying since I heard the news. So, I'm definitely praying for those involved. It's just devastating.


16 blessings'mom said...

This is just too heartbreaking. How can we possibly comprehend someone doing such a thing to kindergartners? I am hugging my own little five year old extra tight today. I can't stop crying for those parents and families.

Anonymous said...

Puts everything in its place...what is important in this life of ours. 20 babies will not see Santa come this year....I get sick everytime I think of all the things all those people will not be doing with their loved ones.
God be with them.