Friday, December 21, 2012


Today has been much, much better so far. I sent a few faxes, and now I don't have anything I really have to do until after Christmas. Well, I have to do laundry today for sure and maybe some dishes, but I mean I don't have anything else urgent or pressing that I have to worry about right now. Appointments are made, prescriptions are filled, and school is out. I can relax. I even got a call from the rheumatologist and set an appointment for late January, the soonest he can see me. So that's out of the way, too. So today I can just have fun and bake cookies with my daughter and wrap presents to put under the tree. I'm sipping a cup of black coffee and eating a Medifast muffin in front of that tree right now. So nice and calm! What a relief. My feet even stopped hurting today! I have no idea why, because they were killing me for two days. Maybe the physical therapy is working after all.

Last night after a super long and stressful day, I got home too late to cook as planned and had to wing it. My dinner was leftover broccoli and three hard boiled eggs. Tonight I will be cooking what I meant to cook yesterday: lean turkey meatballs simmered in low sugar spaghetti sauce (from a jar this time) over spaghetti squash. The kids hate squash so they will have theirs over whole grain pasta.

The scale still says 211, but maybe with rest and lowered stress I will at least get to see a pound gone by weigh-in on Sunday. If not, I'll just keep going.

Happy holidays!


Harry Palter said...

Darn kids.. how can they hate squash? We gave up pasta COMPLETELY (and all other things 'white') and have spaghetti squash exclusively for "pasta night." It's all about the sauce anyway, now isn't it?

Merry Xmas!!!


Anonymous said...

Just think of the dusting of savory parmesan you'll be able to put on it low carb. While reincorporating foods Id start with white cheese first , just an oz for three to four days . Some are sensitive to yellow but not white. I just think it would be trajic to give up all cheese when the allergy is actually dye,not the food itself. I'm hungry for cheese tonight can you tell?

Lori said...

I am so glad to read that all your hard work has paid off and that you can have a few precious moments to relax.

Happy Holidays to you too.

CatherineMarie said...

Lyn, Have you ever kept a food diary? I occasionally get severe pain in my wrist, and have found that it tends to be a little diet-related...

Lyn said...


I have! In fact that is how I realized that eating sugar aggravated my joint pain. My diet now is pretty stable/similar every day. I do wonder about the effects of dairy, but every time I have tried to cut it out completely I have gone back to it. I really enjoy on-plan cheese! But maybe a week without dairy would be a good thing to try. After the holidays though.