Saturday, December 29, 2012

Random Stuff

Oh my goodness, I am sooo tired. I think I get *more* tired when I drink too much coffee. I was only having 1-2 cups (black) a day but lately I am drinking it (with a bit of cream and Splenda) trying to avoid eating. I mean, I am *eating* but I want to be eating a lot more. Carbs just trigger wanting more carbs... so I have been using coffee (all "treated" up instead of black) to try and avoid the food. Five cups of coffee a day is just not working for me though... I am out of decaf.

This morning I had a Medifast hot cocoa for breakfast. I had curried chicken, salad (lettuce, cukes, dressing), and about 1/4 cup of lentils for lunch. And all that coffee the rest of the day. I am edging back towards normalcy and low carb again and my plan for tomorrow is a straight Medifast 5 & 1 plan with a max of 3 cups of coffee. After that I will back down to 1-2 cups again.

I finally got all the Christmas ornaments and lights off the tree and put away this afternoon. That is one of my least favorite tasks, because many of them are fragile and I wrap them individually. Nothing expensive, mainly stuff my kids made when they were little: clay stars, cinnamon dough people, painted ceramic snowmen, that kind of thing. That's what my tree is always covered with, along with some red, blue, and green glass balls, real candy canes, and a ton of paper ornaments the kids made in school with their pictures on them. I love that kind of tree. But I hate packing it all up and throwing the tree out the living room window.

I am really nervous about all the medical stuff going on with my family right now. Aside from my daughter with pinkeye, there's two sons with serious medical stuff going on and myself with the foot issues, MTHFR and looming appointment with the rheumatologist. I am also way late to get my mammogram and cervical cancer recheck. I should not be putting that stuff off, and it is getting scheduled as soon as school is back in session. I need to figure out a way to get my cracked crown replaced, too.

Back to the diet/weight stuff... my pants are extremely tight (when they were almost falling-down loose a week ago) and I am debating whether or not to weigh tomorrow. I probably should. I just know how rapidly I gain when I eat carbs, even in reasonable amounts, and know seeing a 5 to 10 pound gain in a week is likely. I hate it. But knowing is probably better than not.

I really need my energy and positivity back.


Anonymous said...

A reminder about glycogen storage. :)

Your liver turns glucose into glycogen and stores it as a kind of fast-release glucose source for when you don't consume as much glucose as your body is used to burning.

When you cut back on the carb intake--and before your body begins to burn fat efficiently--your body consumes the glycogen.

When that happens, your middle will flatten out a bit, because your liver will deflate as it empties out its glycogen. Additionally, as the glycogen leaves, it picks up some water and takes it with it.

When you eat carbohydrate, your liver fills itself back up--overnight.

Different people have different "weights" of glycogen. I carry about six pounds of the glycogen/water combo.

If I eat carbs today, tomorrow I'll wake up six pounds heavier. Every time. It takes me 3 to 5 days to empty out my tank when I reduce carb intake to less than 60 grams a day. Over 60, the glycogen stays.

Everyone's carb intake/glycogen storage ratio is different.

Soooo. You may well have swelled up with your addition of carbohydrate. The good news is that it's not fat and will go quickly if carbs are drastically reduced, regardless of cal count.

If I could string 2 low-carb days together, I'd have that nifty quick loss, too. sighhhhh. I had been hoping to drain my tank before New Year's. Hope springs eternal, but Mighty Casey has struck out, so far.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your real life. God only gives it to those who can handle it. You are an example to us of NOT giving up. Thank you and God bless you and your children.

401Sue said...

Thank you for being so honest in your journey. I appreciate you and wish better days ahead for you and your children.

Karen said...

Are you going to address the binging? Yes,in my opinion, sitting down and eating candy to numb out is a binge.

I used to call mine "mini-binges". Somehow it made it seem better?! Behaviors can be modified, but it may take help from outside. My counselor ( non-food issue) was very helpful, even with food issues.

Good luck and I hope that you can and will put the eating right up there with the MTHFR and other health checks. The eating to numb out may be the biggest risk.

Here's to health in 2013.

Lyn said...


binge eating and emotional eating are not the same thing, although certainly one can binge emotionally. Not that one is "better"... I don't want to use food as a reaction to distress. But 5 bites of candy is not a binge. If I'd been out of control and eaten a large amount, that's a binge. But if I go and eat a sandwich right now, that's no binge. That's just a bad choice.

Karen said...

Oh, Okay. Well, here's to the clarity, right time, right place and the right people to help you on your travels.

Good luck. Do you have a plan?

Lyn said...


yes, I am going to bring Medifast with me and might go to a 4&2 on long days. I know the hospital has salads and chicken breast so that should work for one meal/day. It might not be perfect/measured, but it will at least be close and low carb.

Karen said...

Any long term plan to address the cyclic sick, eat to sooth, repeat roots ? Tough stuff. I had to break out of those same cycles. More stress related items. Say , work stress , kid stress. I'm also a single parent.

As you see the docs , you can ask for references and help with the stress induced eating. Never easy, always worth it. Strong , boundary setting mom = strong family.

stephseef said...

Holy cow. That's fascinating, and makes my weight patterns make SO much sense!!!!!!

stephseef said...

That makes SO much sense!!! And also helps to explain a regular change in the scales that I could never explain!!