Monday, December 10, 2012


I am sooooooooo hungry tonight! It is bothering me enough that I am going to bed early... but not before I blog!

I have been feeling quite good so far on Medifast and enjoying my low carb meals. I went out to eat with my little girl yesterday and enjoyed a big fresh spinach salad topped with grilled chicken, blue cheese, sliced hard boiled egg, avocado, and tomatoes. It was delicious and didn't need any dressing. Then today I made a veggie lasagna (without noodles): steamed fresh green beans and canned Italian tomatoes layered with low fat ricotta and a little bit of mozzarella. It was good and filling but an hour later I felt hungry again. I'd been a little hungry all day and I had one Medifast meal left to eat plus a fat serving, so I poured some Parmesan puffs in a bowl and got myself a dill pickle spear and a tablespoon of cream cheese. Decadent, but on plan. And then I realized that not only was I hungry but I'd been craving salt all day, so I looked at the calendar: yep, PMS time! Now it makes sense.

I still want to eat, but am going to bed instead. My feet hurt pretty bad today. By the way, does anyone have a good recipe for carne asada? One of my kids wants me to make it and I want it to turn out yummy. I can have mine over a salad.

Looking forward to a more relaxing day tomorrow, at least in the morning. I'll be wrapping presents, sipping tea, and making crock pot chili and cornbread for dinner at my daughter's request. Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's Carne Asada is terrific. We just made it on Sunday. I served mine over a big salad, while the family made tacos with all the fixings.

Now, I just happened to be surfing the web for a good slow cooker chili recipe. I made a great one last year, but didn't save the recipe and can't find it.

Harry Palter said...


This one looks pretty "autentico"... carne asada is all about the cumin so make sure ya get some.... Yum!!!

Cheers.... Hap

Leslie said...

When I'm feeling really hungry while staying on my plan, it seems that my body is releasing more fat. Going to bed is as good a strategy as I can think of to finish the day and avoid eating something I'll regret later. And I always love what Tami at Nutmeg Notebook says, "I've never regretted anything I didn't eat." !!! Right on! You're doing great.

Anonymous said...

I've found that protein is what makes the difference in my hunger. If I have something meatless for my lean and green I have a bit of animal protein on the side.

For example with your meal I would add a couple Turkey sausage links on the side, or some small pieces of chicken (can be bought precooked and frozen).

This means reducing the meatless portion of the lean and green but it really helps me. Maybe something to try.

For some reason the meatless meals don't stick with me as well.

Lyn said...


I wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby! Whenever we travel, I bring a cooler and stop to pick up some things.

I have a simple but yummy crock pot chili recipe (and another chili recipe) on my Recipes page (link is at the top of the blog). I make it, dish mine up, then add the beans and heat up for the kids.


thanks, I will check that out!


always good to hear from you :) I am very happy I went to bed instead of eating!


that's a really good idea. I will try that next time.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Hate going to bed hungry, but the crazy part is that usually I don't wake up even more hungry. I think that's a sign that it's more of a "want to eat" hunger than a "need to eat" one. Good to see you chugging along. Keep up the great work.

Taryl said...

Carne asada is salt, lime juice, and plenty of cumin. That's the basic marinade. Add in some chili flakes if you like it hot, but don't skimp on the salt or other spices!