Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2, 2012: 218 Pounds

Another month has passed (so quickly!). November was tough. I spent three solid weeks sick, had sick kids, did a week and a half of Medifast with a 2-day detox review in the middle, and got through Thanksgiving. I did lots of PT and was in way too much pain. But the month is gone and we are on to a new, fresh month.

Weight-wise, it was mostly a maintain. I weighed 219 on November 1 and weigh 218 today, so that's a one pound loss for the month. I did get up into the 220's while I was sick, and then last Sunday weighed 220. So I did drop 2 pounds this week. I had gotten down to 217 a few days ago, but maybe those few extra slices of cheese I ate last night weren't such a great idea. Ah well, 2 pounds this week and 2 pounds last week... I will be satisfied with 2 pounds a week. Maybe I will eventually get a big 'whoosh' so I can get back under 200 ASAP. Lots of water today to flush out the system.

Tonight I am making a new recipe so if it turns out good I will be posting it later. I am actually super hungry already. My cravings have not gone away. I just have to get through it and if past experience is an indicator, soon they will go away.


Karen said...

Stay OP. 100%. Otherwise it's the disease and all that comes with obesity. Physical and mental. You know the drill. Onward.

Anonymous said...

Congrats -- what you are doing for your life and health will be worth it for decades to come - - for you and your children!

Anonymous said...

I don't "know" you but I am proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lyn, I have a question for you regarding Medifast. After your success on the program in the past, I decided to sign up for it and got my first shipment last week.
Unfortunately, I experience a very strange reaction when I eat the food-- my throat gets irritated and I feel a bit of pressure in my upper chest-- almost as if my throat and chest are swelling up. It's not really bad, but definitely uncomfortable, and I know that it's related to the food because I only experience it when I eat the food, and it goes away a few hours later. I've never been allergic to soy (whole food soy) before, but wondering if it could be a soy isolate allergy.

Anyway, just wondering if you experienced any strange symptoms initially ? I have searched the internet to see if anyone else has experienced something similar, but couldn't find anything. It's a little worse with the puffs/ dry foods, but I feel it with everything to some extent. I was hoping it would go away in a few days, but hasn't, so I"m no longer eating the foods.


Lyn said...


I would absolutely stop eating the foods and see your doctor. It could be a food allergy, like the soy... people can develop new allergies at any time. I was not allergic to clams until a few years ago and now it is a life threatening allergy. I personally would go have allergy testing done. I have never had that kind of reaction. If you call Medifast they may be able to exchange for whey based/non-soy foods, if soy is the issue. If you are reacting this way to non-soy foods, like Medifast hot cocoa, then it is obviously not soy but something else. I hope you figure it out! Be safe.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous having throat problems w/Medifast:

I would get a tight throat with Medifast. Like there was a lump in my throat. I switched to another brand and it's a lot better. I lost 30 lb. using this brand about 5 yrs ago and only recently put it back on.

So I thought I had been on Medifast, it took a couple orders of MF to remember that I had to switch to the other brand last time, too.

I think the other brand is way better, by the way. Cheaper and tastes better. Maybe it's the added vitamins that cause this in MF?

I think I'm sensitive to iodine, maybe that's it.

Lyn, I hope it's ok to talk about another brand here. Thank you for your blog. You update it so regularly, I look forward to coming here each day.