Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Nice Little Break

What a nice break it was yesterday from all the chaos and activity of the past few weeks! Finally, I got to sit and just BE. Everything was closed, so I didn't have anything I *could* do pressing on my mind as I tried to relax. It was just so nice to watch the kids open presents and enjoy a day "off", playing, watching movies, cooking, and reading. I feel so refreshed... and ready to tear down the Christmas tree already! I think I will pack up most of the Christmas stuff and get it put away today. I always love Christmas and the stockings and tree and all, but I am also usually *done* and ready to pack it up very soon after. We need the open space in the living room for playing, anyway, so I will get that done along with laundry this afternoon.

I have physical therapy today too. I am truly dreading it; I did not go at all last week after having gone twice a week for some time. It is so painful and I hate it and I am not really sure whether it is helping or not. Some days I am a lot better, while other days it hurts just as badly. I will go today and then maybe cut back to once a week and see how it goes from there. I also just added a new supplement to my usual D3, fish oil, turmeric, glucosamine and chondroitin: MSM, which is supposed to help heal connective tissues. I did sign up for a dog sport class in January so hopefully I will be able to be on my feet and active without a terrible amount of pain. I am a little worried, though. We'll see.

I had two and a half days of non-Medifast food (at a party, Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day, all day). I did try to keep it low carb, but it was pretty darn salty... baked ham, a few slices of beef summer sausage, some fancy cheeses, olives, pickles. The party was not low carb at all, so I am dealing with some water retention and feeling kind of icky from the food choices. I am back to strict Medifast now, so hopefully won't see a gain on Sunday.

For dinner tonight, I plan to use my leftover ham bone for some homemade split pea soup for the kids and a small pot of Low Carb "Split Pea" Soup for myself. The ham we got for Christmas is lean and 25% reduced sodium, so it won't be too salty or fatty. I am really looking forward to it!

Hope you are enjoying your day!

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Claire said...

On my never-ending quest for nutrition information, a friend referred a book to me that might interest you. It's called "The Virgin Diet." JJ Virgin is the write, in case you're wondering why the weird name. :D It just struck me that you probably have food sensitivities, which is why you hurt some days, and some days not as much. I highly recommend the book.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!