Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yesterday's Stats

I got back to counting calories yesterday. The only thing that may not be accurate is the meat sauce I had with dinner; it was leftover homemade sauce, and I didn't calculate anything when I made it. It was basically canned tomatoes, onions, seasonings and extra lean ground beef and I had 1/2 cup. I looked up values from a similar recipe and used those, but I could be off by 50 calories one way or the other. Everything else was measured, weighed, and calculated.

Breakfast: black coffee, pumpkin/ricotta "cereal" (posted yesterday)
Coffee w/ 2Tbsp half and half midmorning
Lunch: cup of leftover homemade cabbage soup, serving of soy crisps, 2 Tbsp blue cheese dressing as a dip
Snack: grain free "muffin" in a mug, made from almond butter, almond milk, Egg Beaters, and coconut flour
Dinner: cauliflower pizza crust cut into strips and dipped in 1/2 cup of leftover homemade tomato/meat sauce
Evening: plain tea

1299 calories
61 g carbs (19%)
85 g protein (26%)
79 g fat (55%)

My calories were slightly higher than I wanted yesterday but my ratios are perfect. I had a goal of getting more veggies in yesterday and I definitely accomplished that. I had veggies for every meal, and a good variety too. I have some cabbage soup left and will have it again today for lunch. I'm about to go make my pumpkin "cereal" for breakfast, and need to plan a yummy fall dinner. Maybe I'll make some baked salmon! I am in the mood for some simmered greens but the kale at the Farmer's Market looked sad. I might make a store trip and pick some up to make with dinner.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're doing great, Lyn! (Maybe steroids will be the hot new weight loss drug :)

I'm curious about something . . . you've posted a couple of times about how you've learned to love your coffee black. But I've noticed when you post your food lately you usually have half and half with your coffee. This is NOT a criticism, by the way; I don't think I could ever enjoy my coffee black, which is why I'm asking.

I was just wondering why you've gone back to using creamer. If it was the change in weather or something, or if you just got tired of drinking it black. As I said, I wish I liked black coffee so I just wondered what happened.

Keep up the great work.


Lyn said...


I think it's because when I was travelling or when I actually stop and buy an Americano, I like to make it into a fake latte by adding sugar free syrup and half and half. Then it feels like an indulgence, with very few calories. I've let that leak over into my coffee at home sometimes, making it into a "treat". I still have my coffee black every morning, but I've been adding stuff to it later in the day sometimes. I should knock it off. I like it black just fine, so I think it is a mental thing.

Anonymous said...

I have the same issues with coffee. However, I use heavy whipping cream versus half & half. I don't love black coffee but rather tolerate it. I get up @ 5:15 Monday thru Friday and have one 16 oz. Cup with HWC and SF Torani Hazelnut. I am one of those that has to not only watch carbs but calories too. I hate drinking away my calories. I am also sure its more that 2 T. that I free pour into the cup because I prefer it light & sweet :-).
I am going to work on leaving the coffee black. That's an easy way to capture back an easy 150-200 calories for "real food" that would satiate me during my mealtimes by adding either more veg or an ounce or two of more protein.

Linda in Oregon

Dee Robinson said...

I can't drink my coffee black either. I like to use Bailey's creamers, but I don't drink coffee religiously either. Keep on going, you are doing great!!

Liz said...

It is tough to count calories every day. I will stick with it for a few weeks and then forget to do it for a few days. Really is a time factor for me, but can make a big difference in my weight loss.

Fair Enough said...

i thought you were pretty against consuming soy products, just wondering what changed?

Lyn said...


I'm not *against* eating soy, but I do limit my intake. I was eating a lot of soy and then developed a fibroid; the doctor doesn't think they are related but I want to be cautious. I no longer eat tofu, drink soy milk, and try to choose whey-based protein shakes.