Friday, November 16, 2012

I Got On the Scale

This weekend will be all about rest and healing.

I woke up this morning feeling worse. The pain in my face was astounding. It took all my effort to get out of bed. Turns out, according to the doctor I saw this afternoon, I have a very compacted sinus infection. So now I'm on antibiotics, just like two of my kids who went to the doctor earlier this week. Everybody's tired, we're all a little cranky, and thankfully we have no obligations this weekend. So I'll make some chicken soup tomorrow and we'll all stay home and get better.

I've been thinking about the comments that I tweak my plan too much... that even though I have been focusing on staying low carb for months, I change the details too often. I dunno. Maybe. If I was switching from Weight Watchers to Medifast to Nutrisystem to Paleo, I'd agree that's excessive. But staying with a low carb plan since June adjusting my calories up or down in increments of 100, or changing my fat percentage and carb count to try and maximize my energy and minimize feeling icky, I see that as helpful. I mean, it makes no sense to me to just pick a level and stay there for months if that level is not getting me what I want. But then it is a delicate balance between waiting long enough to see the actual results, and waiting so long it is a waste of time doing something that doesn't work. I *have* found something that works, and that's keeping my carbs well under 100 and my calories at 1200 or less. When I say "works", I mean I feel good on it, I have better energy, I feel satisfied, and don't gain weight. The only thing really missing is weight LOSS. And I did drop a pound last weigh in so I feel I am on the right track. Staying off sugar and grains is a big part of my forever plan.

At the doctor today, I got on the scale because the nurse asked me to. I should have known better. I had my shoes on, my jeans, my jacket, my food and lots of water in my stomach, and saw 226. I KNOW I will see less at home, in the morning, without shoes and clothes and on an empty stomach, but still, it bothered me.

I think I will start posting my food on my blog again. I go through weeks where I do that, posting my stats, but it gets boring fast and I still get comments telling me my counts must be off, even though I measure with actual measuring spoons and cups and a digital scale. But I like to post them anyway just for my own info as I look back over my blog to see what I have done and how it affects my weight and health.

That's all for now... I am super tired and hoping to get some good deep sleep tonight.


Meghan said...


I'm only throwing this out there because you still seem like you're struggling to find something that fits. I know your focus is low-carb, and you're learning your body. But I will say that I went through something similar. I was diagnosed with PCOS and pre-diabetes at the age of 19, and 205 pounds. I then yo-yo dieted on a lot of low carb/low calorie plans including Medifast for a few years. I had some success in losing weight. But not in keeping it off. Unlike you, I was never able to cure my binges. I'd do well for a while, then somehow manage to eat an entire large Papa Johns' pizza, plus Ben and Jerry's plus anything else that looked good. My stomach would physically hurt, I'd feel ill until I passed out on the couch.

I avoided becoming vegan for years, despite a vague discomfort about where my food came from because I thought the carbs would be problematic for my bodytype. I also didn't think it was sustainable. Though I was never a huge meat eater, ice cream is my favorite food and I could go through a gallon of milk by myself in a few days.

I've been a vegan now for three years and I wish I'd figured it out sooner. It is socially a little inconvenient, but I love the food and I love the way it makes me feel. While there are more carbs on a vegan diet, it's much harder to binge, frankly because if you want a delicious baked good, you often have to make it yourself. I realized, that it wasn't really beans or rice carbs that made me ill. It was sugar. And veganism gives me a good check against those. Not to mention, when you're cutting out that much of the food pyramid, you're going to end up cutting calories pretty easily and without too much effort. And while I've tried to avoid too many heavily processed foods, it's fun to experiment with everything out there- it really is pretty good. You get to eat almost as many new foods as you have to say goodbye to.

Anyway, not at all trying to push it on you of course. Everyone has to find what works for her. But I just wanted to throw out what my answer was, since there were some similarities. Thanks for putting everything out there. I don't know too many bloggers that are as honest or as committed as you are.

Anonymous said...

It's a difficult journey but we can do it! And measuring with other things other than the scale is helpful too - measuring yourself, having your body composition done, etc. I know that I'm a lot healthier than I was years ago at the same weight.

Anonymous said...

awww...feel better Lyn! And why in the cat hair didn't you take your jacket off gf? LOL! You will be AT LEAST 10 lbs lighter in the morning...nekkid on your own scale. I will pop back in tomorrow to check on you. Sleep well my friend.


Claire said...

Hi Lyn, I read your posts everyday, but don't usually read the comments so forgive me if this has been covered, debated, vetoed, etc.

A truly low carb Atkins type approach to weight loss is a maximum of 30 net carbs per day. Optimally having your diet consist of at least 50% fat. Obviously no sugar or refined grains.

If it were me, as much as you are doing low carb and plan on making it a lifestyle I would consider doing an Induction type diet for at least two weeks and see what your body responds to it. It would be worth a try to me. Just a suggestion.


Taryl said...

I've said it before, but at that calorie level I think your carbs re really too high to enjoy the benefits of a lower carb diet on your metabolism and energy. The lower your calories, the comparably lower your grams of macronutrients must be in order to keep percentages in line. Even pregnant and eating high calories I'm seeing noticeable losses in just following good old Atkins to the letter, and find it is easier to adhere to and less confusing to follow than the Paleo variants I was trying before. I am also eating more cleanly as a result. I struggled with hybrid plans for months on and off, especially in between my previous main WOE, but I'm pretty much solidly converted at this point that Atkins, from induction through ongoing weight loss and onto maintenance, is the absolute best fit for both health and weight loss. And that's probably not just for me, but other formerly obese, metabolically stubborn, busy folks too.

Pick a plan and stick with it, whatever it is. But I keep wondering if your lack of progress now is because your carbs are just too darn high. Below 50 grams of mostly-vegetable carbs is really the threshold for seeing ketosis and a switch to fat burning as opposed to sugar burning metabolism. You may even be able to comfortably raise your calories 200-300 with such a plan, and still see losses. And more importantly, the gradual ramp up in carbs and careful testing of individual foods to see what, specifically, stalls YOU, seems like just what you need. Actually reading through Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution really cleared up a lot of my misconceptions and thoughts on low carb diets, and I was quite well informed *before* that point.

So that's food for thought - stick to whatever you choose to do, but I think your carbs are unreasonably high for where your metabolism seems to be at, by my own experiences (limited, they may be). And I'm SO sorry you're still feeling sick but I hope rest and antibiotics helps out with that. Sinus infections stink, and that plus your foot pain is really unfortunate. The scale is just reflecting water retention and food, don't worry about that. Focus on rest and give some thought to what you're seeing and what other are saying. You may be able to glean some wisdom there. As for me, Atkins is so immensely comfortable and doable, I feel incredible and am losing in a healthful, almost-effortless way. Having my carbs high and being our of ketosis just produces noticeable cravings. At this point, I'm DONE with that merry go round, thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Well I've never seen a 10 pound loss from the doctors scale to mine no matter what I'm wearing, but you will definitely see a loss of maybe 4 to 5 pounds. Keep hanging in there. Just think, if you weren't dieting you would probably weigh far more than you do now; instead of 220 pounds that could be 320 pounds. You can do this.

Anonymous said...

I think it takes a lot of integrity to turn down something as expensive as the Nutri-System program for free. It speaks volumes to your true intentions that you are putting your health first. Their food is gross anyway so don't worry about what you're missing.

Anonymous said...

I just want to send you a huge hug. You're sick and in pain and that makes everythimg worse. Do not let the doctor's scale upset you! I was at my doctor yesterday right after weighing myself at home (without clothes) that morning and their scale had me 4 pounds higher. The nurse said - Go with what your scale says. That Theiir's may not be 100 calibrated quite as precisely because of overuse and being banged around. It could be also the shoes/clothes/water. Don't be discouraged! Rest up and kick the sinus infection/cold first. Sending a hug mug of warm encouragement. --Ellie

Alana in Canada said...

I almost don't want to comment because I don't want anything to distract you from your rest. That should be your plan for now...and all next week too. Eat to nourish yourself and take care of yourself. I hope you find something that works for you. I wish science would hurry up and tell us what's going on in our bodies when we hit a plateau. It may be good things...but we don't know.