Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I Am Thinking About Doing

I am still not feeling so great, very tired and headachy. My eating is okay... lean pork roast in the crock pot tonight and maybe some roasted green beans with garlic. My flavored coffees taste really good black, so those are my new "treat." I am eating about 1200 calories a day. I got a stomach ache from the cauliflower pizza last night, not sure why. I am drinking a lot of liquid meals like EAS low carb shakes and Medifast hot cocoa. It feels harder to digest solids sometimes.

Lately, I go back and forth between determination and frustration. I have worked really hard over the past several months to change my eating to low carb and grain free. I have cut way back on dairy, too. I've exercised, except for this past week and a half being sick and not going to the gym. I am going to PT twice a week and STILL in tremendous pain on a daily basis. I am happy with the changes I have made but not happy with the results. I'm just not.

It's been more than six months since I transitioned off of Medifast. When I started adding carbs back, the weight started coming back on. In March, I added fruit, dairy, beans, legumes, whole grains, and starchy vegetables like peas, corn, and potatoes back into my diet just like the Transition Plan told me to, and in that one month I gained nine pounds... not on junk, but on carbs. Obviously I am carb sensitive and don't do well on 200 grams of carbs a day, even from natural "healthy" foods. And something else happened in March, too, according to my little calendar notebook: my feet started to hurt. Yes, I have been suffering this plantar fasciitis pain ever since then, and I have weighed about 215-220 pounds every month since then, too.

Maybe what I need for my feet to heal and this pain to end is just to weigh less. Maybe at 205 or 199 my feet could finally heal. I am SO TIRED of being in pain every step I take. It is exhausting. Chronic pain just DRAINS you. The PT is not helping yet. I will keep going, but I just cannot live in this much pain anymore. It has changed my lifestyle so much. It just has to stop, somehow.

I am thinking of weighing on Sunday and seeing where I'm at. I am thinking of doing a two day "detox" program I have been asked to review, and I am thinking of using the last few weeks worth of Medifast foods I have left from spring to try and get myself back down below 199, and then transition *without* adding any grains, beans, dairy, or starchy veggies back in. I think if I do that, my feet might have a chance to heal and once I am pain free again I will be able to be more active (and not feel so crappy because of being in pain every day) and if I carefully track and keep my carbs under 100, I believe I will continue to lose.

I am going to sleep on it, think about it, formulate a timeline for what I am doing and make a decision this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn, I have had many problems with my feet, my right mainly, but both from time to time. I went to my specialist because I thought I would go through the roof from pain! I had him wrap them with tape , I used creams, I had the special 300.00 a foot insoles made for my feet because I refused to have the shots! After all the therapy exercises.. I fineally had the cortizone shots. What a difference! I could fineally walk without wincing in pain. I could be at my job for more than a few hours and actually like it. I ended up having a few shots in each foot the first year, but now just have to maintain every once in a while. I don't know if it would help for you but it was a miracle!! Not going to lie, it hurts but it you have a good doctor he will be gentle! I hope it helps to hear of someone who suffered a great deal.. I know the pain you are experiencing. Good luck!
Rose :)

Michelle said...

Just wanted to say when I am sick I can't handle vegetables. It also makes me nauseous. Hope to see you feeling better soon!

Siobhan said...

I haven't anywhere near the pain that you do, but my legs and feet feel so much better below a certain weight (mine happens to be 188). As soon as I get over 188, the aches and pains are back, regardless of how "clean" my eating is.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog so I apologize if you've been given this advice before - I suffered from plantar fascitis for 7 years trying everything; PT, cortizone (helped a bit), inserts (helpful), ultrasonic sound waves, never going barefoot, wearing 'good' shoes. Finally a podiatrist suggested a night splint, it keeps you from pointing your toes when you sleep which tightens up you calf muscle and tightens the plantar fascia. A bit uncomfortable at first but when I walked after the 1st night of wearing it, I had NO pain (for the 1st time in 7 years). I wore the night boot for 3 months and no longer have any pain. I still have to be careful with what shoes I wear and I use inserts but I've been basically pain free for 2 years now. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been through the plantar fasciatis (misspelled, I am sure) thing and it is the worst ever. I've had some other really painful medical issues, too, but PF is the worst, especially the way it messes up your day to day life. I had tape, and PT, and electrical stimulation. And I also had the cortisone shots and I don't think they did much in my case. But then abruptly after many months...maybe even more than a year, of suffering, the pain just went 95% away over a couple of weeks' time. I still get twinges and have to be really careful about shoes and wearing my orthotics now, and I'll never be a jogger, but I'm not suffering. I have heard that time is the miracle cure for other people, too, so I have to hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

I don't think I could do the extremely low carb thing for more than a couple of weeks (and I've had gastric bypass surgery, so I know low carb and liquid diets), but I am also in a weight-gain phase that's freaking me out, so I can relate to the emotion and the need to Do Something. I would just say to focus on health, not the scale number. Skinny people have painful feet sometimes, too.

I don't drop by often, but I have to say I have taken a lot of inspiration from your journey over the years. I also was about 278 when I finally went for the bypass, and now I'm fighting to stay around 200-210 (well, I'm more like 217 today, hence the freak out). If you can work as hard at getting healthy as you do, I should be able to do more, too.

Taryl said...

I'd really advise not the change thing up again so quickly, even though I know your feet are bothering you. That's three different plan approaches in a single month, if I'm remembering correctly. A cleanse won't do anything by yoyo you, I have yet to see one worth it's salt that is less than a GAPs style elimination diet in both duration and content (months of it, essentially, to reduce inflammatory symptoms and heal the gut).

If you're going to make a change, the change should be sticking to a plan low enough carb to shed your weight quickly. Can you do that? You can probably get 10-15 pounds off in a month of Atkins by the book, which could alleviate the pressure on your joints. But you've seemed so reticent to pick an approach and follow it through for any length of time. This has been happening since you got off medifast. And I don't know what advice to give when you haven't given anything enough months to see what, if any, factor is or isn't working for you.

I wish I could offer better advice, but your willingness to just pick a plan and stick to it like glue for a good, long time hasn't been there, and no suggestion is going to work overnight. Especially not with your current metabolism, it is going to take strictness, dedication, and TIME. I can't I imagine how frustrating the pain and lack of results must be for you, but this tweaking and diet hopping surely isn't working. And if not that, the other alternatives are to give up completely or try to long run approach. There really isn't another way.

I'm not trying to be rude, truly, I hate it when commenters come in and criticize you without even knowing you. But I also wanted to be honest in hopes it might somehow help. Please take this in that spirit :)

Alana in Canada said...

Plantar fascitis sucks, no two ways about it. Have you discussed whether losing weight will help with your physical therapist? You don't want to screw up your metabolism anymore than it already is.

Have you got decent shoes? Do you wear them ALL the time? That's what I had to do. You also need to rest them. Unfortunately healing takes time, but they will heal. I had to use a cane for a year or so, but it did go away.

Lyn said...


It would take a lot for you to offend me :) You have given me good advice, insights, and just plain support for a long time and I appreciate that and respect you for it.

You are not the first person who has mentioned that I diet-hop or don't stick to a plan long enough. Since I am getting that feedback from several (reasonable/non-anonymous) people, I have to stop and take a hard look at it. My first reaction has always been, "what? I have been doing this low carb thing for months!" I go back and look. I started trying to ease into Primal back in June and have been doing some form of low carb ever since... adding calorie counting in Sept but staying low carb... and plan to stay low carb forever. I have definitely tweaked my carb and calorie level, added the gym and PT, but to *me* it feels like consistency. I would really appreciate more feedback on this. Maybe Karen will stop in with some feedback too... she always has good things to say. I know I might be blind to my own mistakes or things that may be holding me back, so I appreciate your thoughtful feedback.

Thanks Taryl :)

Margaret said...

Well, I'd like to know what the scale says before making any comments. I feel like we're preparing for the worst and I'm not convinced you haven't lost.

The reason I'm commenting though is I do think there's one question that you don't have the answer to - or at least I missed it if you do -, which is - do you have insulin resistance? I have it (and have for 14 years...) and I know that if you do, the game changes. Things that worked before, don't anymore. Plans that work for others will not work for you. It requires a totally different approach.

I'm confused because you've said some things that make me think "she has it" and others that make me think "she's not insulin resistant."

And I don't have PF, so please take this for what it's worth, but it could be that the PF makes it harder to be active, which inhibits weight loss, which makes the PF worse, which inhibits activity, etc. It's a cycle.


Tracie said...

I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are enduring. You were my inspiration for starting Medifast. It always seems to me that you reference that when you are talking about success and positive feelings. I think you should go back to Medifast. It's easy, you don't have to plan much, it is limited which cuts the temptation.
It seems that is when you were feeling your best.
Just a thought! I think you have such a positive inspire me with every journal entry.
Thank you!

Tessie said...

The only thing that worked for me personally was .osing some weight...... I had such bad PF I could no longer work at my job. It's horrible to end a shift thinking you can finally collapse in your car and cry privately. It makes a person feel soooooo low.

I don't know what to say about changing up than again..... I can't give any good advice based on my own inability to make the scale drop below 191 no matter how hard I try, what I deprive myself of or what diet I follow. At least you have comrades here. :) hugs Lyn.

Anonymous said...

There are some who don't lose, even slowly until they lower their carbs below 20 per day, no more than 12 per single feeding. Now saying that, many of these folks maintain well after weightloss on 30 to 50 carbs a day from veggies / fruit / nuts after they get to goal. Some have to stay very low carb for life. Jimmy more has lost 60 or so lbs in 6 months simply by lowering protien and upping fat. Seems his liver converted protein to glucose way more efficiently than the average person. Even Mark at the apple advises to lower carb level till fat loss kicks in. For some thats only full blown ketosis. I respect any decision you take. I don't blame the frustration, but you shouldn't be focusing on sugar burning exercise right now anyway. Any glucose burning exercise slows the bodys adaptation to fat burning. Many advise to eat meat , drink water, and sit on your bottom till fatburning kicks in. Im anounymous, but I'm a years long reader and supporter! Hope you'er sleeping well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lyn,
I just want to leave you a big hug.


Julia Stambor said...

Lyn- 200 grams of carbs is way too much if you want to lose weight! Just do the math- you eat 800 of your 1200 calories in the form of sugar or things that turn into sugar when digested, which would leave you just 400 calories for everything else, which simply isn't enough to get the protein and fats your body needs in. I seem to remember you lost weight on a low-carb regimen before, and you write that you regained as soon as you went off it- no wonder, what you describe is a low-protein high-carb diet you're eating now.Take it from someone who has been there- the only way to get back below obesity is stopping thinking and starting doing what you know had worked before, ASAP.
To paraphrase Yoda- Do or don't do, there is no try- and just thinking about doing is not even trying.
So get on those scales, face the music, and don't stay stuck in indecision mode, because that would be equal to deciding to remain fat. Believe me, I know. I was in that place once, too, and the only thing that can get someone out of there is stop thinking, start doing.
And it starts with what you put into your body. Consistently underestimating what one eats will play hell with any diet plan, so do yourself a favor and weigh and measure your food, then journal it, and only then eat it. If your eyeball measure has ever been miscalibrated, you can't rely on it any more, ever. So it's measuring and weighing for life, or backsliding ever further into obesity.
I wish you the best of luck getting out of that hole. Just don't forget to start climbing instead of thinking about climbing.


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for years & I always inspired by you. I really think you should give Medifast another go-round. I don't think it's a great permanent solution, like you've said yourself in the past, but it works right now. And right now you need some more weight off to help the PF, to allow you to exercise without agony & to feel better physically. I don't know if they're still giving you free food, but if they will, it is a blessing. I would love to do that myself, just to get myself going, but it is too pricey right now. So, please consider going back on, you absolutely had great results, and you can always transition off of it differently once you lose a little more & feel better, in general. Best of luck, I'm routing for you :-) Lisa

Lyn said...

Thanks all for the input.


Not sure if I need to have my carbs quite that low; I lost very well on Medifast at 85g carbs/day. Recently I have been keeping them quite a bit lower than that, sort of between Atkins and Medifast levels, but the calories are too high for loss apparently.


back in spring when I was doing Medifast Transition, I was not eating 1200 calories/day; it was more like 1550. But yes the carbs were absolutely too high, which is, I think, a flaw in the transition plan. I believe if I re-do Medifast for a bit to get some weight off and then NOT add all those carbs back in, it would work a lot better.

Also to clarify, I am not sitting around just thinking about weight loss while I eat cookies. I am, and have been, taking action *while* I think. I am eating very moderate low carb portions of lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats... weighing and measuring on days I feel well enough to. My veggies are not as high as I'd like because they upset my stomach. I am going to weigh this weekend, but wanted to give the PMS bloat a chance to go away first.

Jewels said...

Hey! I found when you I started Medifast in January of this year (down 60 lbs and cpunting, despite some illness of my own!) Your recipes and enthusiasm resonated with me and SO DID THE FACT that like me, on MF you don't have the "noise" in your head that I otherwise have all the time.

I sat down and read your archives all at once just about the time that you started transition.

Go back and read how you did transition--it was NOT "just like Medifast says." :) It was acellerated, first because you got sick and decided not to go back on it, then because you thought it was surely long enough... basically you got impatient and rushed it. :) (HUGS! I say that with love!) I was totally watching because I IDENTIFIED so much with you.

So in short, I think it is a BRILLIANT idea for you to do it again, for however long, and then do transition RIGHT!!! :)


Anonymous said...

When you added carbs back in, did you keep the calories exactly the same? If not, how do you know the weight gain was the result of carbs per se? And how do you know it was all fat? When people do very low carb (and also low calorie) diets, they loser water weight (sometimes in the range of 4-8 pounds) that returns when carbs and/or calories are increased. I don't see how you can blame everything on carbs since you also increased your calories, and even now you now have trouble losing weight on a low carb diet.

Anonymous said...

When you first posted about your PF I commented that the number one thing you could do to resolve it was lose the excess weight. All the other things might provide some symptom relief, but weight loss will help the most.

I'm only commenting again since you brought it up as a question and this should be added motivation for you. I can't think of a better motivation to lose weight than to alleviate such pain. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I sympathize.

Anonymous said...

"Recently I have been keeping them quite a bit lower than that, sort of between Atkins and Medifast levels, but the calories are too high for loss apparently."

But I thought you had a loss at your last weigh in? Did you weigh since then and I missed it? I thought you hadn't had very many weigh ins yet to be able to tell if the 1200 calorie level was going to give a loss, but maybe I am misremembering things.

Don't get discouraged. My vote, for what it's worth, is that you're better off eating real, whole foods than doing Medifast. Then you're building habits for life and don't have to worry about transitioning and possible regain. But I understand the attraction of potential quick weight loss via Medifast given your PF.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Wow, some people have issues! Judge much??

I had the same problem with Medifast Lyn. I did great on the 5-and-1 but when I added grains back in transition it was like a flipped switch. I remember it flipping the morning I had a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk and berries. After I ate it I wanted to binge on cereal. I gained back 8 pounds in 2 weeks and then I cut all the whole grains out again and lost that 8 pounds the next month. I am maintaining now (4 months out). It works! Transition without the grains! Rooting for ya!


Anonymous said...

I have been patiently waiting for you to decide to do this! Very excited for you because Medifast worked so well for you and I am sure it will again. I started Medifast because of your blog and have lost 43 pounds. I owe it to you! Thank you.

CatherineMarie said...


Maybe you need to throw the scale OUT. Start snapping pics of yourself once a month. I also feel there has been a lot of "tweaking" of what you eat. Maybe you need to just not "tweak" anymore. Maybe you aren't eating enough fruit/veggies. I know for me, it makes a difference when I eat my carbs. I can't eat carbs for breakfast. I eat them for dinner, because then I am full and sleep well... I also do better when I drink local/raw milk. Which veggies upset your stomach? I've found I have issues with commercial eggplant as opposed to the stuff from the CSA in the summer, for example. Maybe going to a different form of that veggie (organic/frozen/canned/etc) would help... I do feel like you have been constantly tweaking your diet... can you try to stick with it for one month, and then, maybe January, see if you need to tweak.

Fair Enough said...

You say that you have stuck to a plan since June but the thing is you flip-flopped A LOT prior to that and were quite vocal about it--So I think that's what most of us think of when we talk about not sticking to a plan for long enough. That whole period starting with Medifast transition comes to mind.

Sticking to more of a low-carb/paleo/whatever plan since June is an accomplishment but in the grand scheme of things it really is only a couple of months. For serious weight loss and mental change and all it takes longer than that to really get comfortable and see results. That's why I'd advise against the cleanse thing and I'm assuming why others would as well. It's just too soon and you haven't seen enough results yet. Maybe after you've lost 20-30 pounds or so, but it's too early in this new way of eating. I think it would be a big mistake and not sustainable. Don't try to make another change just once you start to get comfortable.