Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Stats/Sunday Weigh In

Today I felt a lot better than I have in about 3 weeks. All of the symptoms of sinus infection are gone *except* for the fatigue and exhaustion. I did get out for a bit with my daughter and went to a craft store for free craft day, which was fun. We stopped at the coffeehouse on the way home and I got my Americano while she got a peach smoothie. It was a fun time but spending an hour on my feet meant I came home and was almost limping in pain for the rest of the evening. I start with a new physical therapist in a couple of days so hopefully things will start to improve soon.

When I am on antibiotics, my doctor likes me to eat yogurt regularly in addition to the probiotics I take, so I use either plain nonfat Greek yogurt as a protein source or Carbmaster flavored yogurt to sub for a Medifast meal. Today I had a Carbmaster cherry yogurt in place of one of my five Medifast meals. I also had some nuts as a snack. For dinner, I simmered the Thanksgiving turkey carcass with an onion, celery tops, garlic and herbs all day. When it was rich and fragrant, I strained and defatted the broth to have later. I took some of the broth, thickened it, and made a turkey pot pie for the kids by adding turkey chunks, cubed potatoes, carrots, celery, and peas. They really liked it. That's way too carby for me though, so I had scrambled Egg Beaters with low fat cheese, pork sausage, and mushrooms with a side of green beans. My stats turned out really good... very similar to my most recent pre-Medifast ratios but about 100 calories lower:

1102 calories
85 g carbs (28%)
75 g protein (25%)
63 g fat (47%)

This is higher fat than recommended by Medifast but the carbs and protein are spot on.

Scale still says 219 today but I am mid-cycle so hopefully I'll see a drop any day now.

**Sunday Edit: This morning the scale says 220 pounds. Is it the sodium from the 1/2 oz of salted nuts and the 2 oz of sausage? Is it swelling from being on my feet for an hour? I dunno. I weighed 222 last Sunday so that is a 2 pound loss for the week. The first time I did Medifast, I lost 6 pounds the first week. But I was already eating low carb/healthy this time around, so I should be happy with a two pound loss. It just feels like I am moving a mountain with a teaspoon.

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free.*


Anonymous said...

Yeah that first wk of 6 lb loss was surely 4lbs of h2o and 2lbs of fat loss. So you're still on track. Dont let the wicked scale throw you!

Karen said...

Well, you are still sick and not eating 100% OP. give it a couple of more weeks well and 100% OP. give one plan 100% for one month.

Anonymous said...

Two pounds is great! Two next week, two the next, two the next and you will hit goal in no time.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed for some time that you get impatient with your weight loss, which leads to the tweaking that some of us have commented on. A 2-lb loss is excellent. I think your previous experience with MF has led to unreasonable expectations about rate of weight loss. You were at a much higher weight then, and it's easier to lose weight when you've got a lot to lose. Plus, you were younger then, and I'm sorry to report that it does make a difference. As you noted, your cycle affects your weight loss as well. I envy those who lose at a regular pace, but I think you're like me: I swing all over the place, from a gain to a modest loss to a whoosh of many pounds, and diet and exercise don't always play a 1-to-1 role in that equation. PATIENCE. If you lose 1 lb a week you'll weight 168 this time next year; if 1.5 lbs a week, you'll reach 142. Without punishing levels of exercise that aggravate your feet. If that seems too slow, just think: if you'd started this gentle rate of loss a year ago, imagine where you'd be today. Sorry if this sounds harsh -- I'm actually quite sympathetic. I post notes on my fridge and my computer with my modest weight goal for the week in large print, and beneath it in small print I put what this would mean at some point in the future (6 months out, a vacation, whatever). While the 1-week goal seems small, the 6-month goal seems worth putting in the effort. Set your modest goal, stay on program, and go about your life... and it WILL come off. It's a lifestyle change, a marathon, not a sprint. All right, enough of doling out the unasked-for advice, I'm off to exercise!


Anonymous said...

Oh, meant to add, check out this site: It calculates your weight loss based on your current stats, goal weight, calorie input, exercise rate, etc. The main point is that your rate of loss will slow down as you approach goal.


Anonymous said...

Babs is spot on, you built that mountain in 8 months with a teaspoon, it will take at that long to return to that point. I'm surprised by the protein, everything I've read about a psmf diet puts a much higher protein goal (double the amount you had today). you might consider getting lyle McDonald's book about it, rapid fat loss, so you understand the foundations.

Anonymous said...

I don't want this to sound critical at all, because I do NOT mean it that way. I'm honestly curious.

You say you are sticking to the plan like glue, but are salted nuts an acceptable snack on Medifast? I was under the impression you were eating 1 lean and green meal per day and everything else was Medifast-produced meals and snacks.

I'm just wondering if you are doing Medifast as written or altering it to suit your needs/preferences. Either way, I think you are doing great!

Lyn said...


yes, nuts are a 100% Medifast approved snack (1/2 oz of almonds, walnuts, or pistachios, salted or not).

I am doing the plan as written, with the exception of subbing a yogurt while I am on antibiotics per my doctor's recommendation. I took my last antibiotic pill today, so won't need to do that anymore from here on out.

timothy said...

2 pounds is great, and now i'll remind you that antibiotics can cause a yeast overgrowth in the intestinmes which can stall weightloss, definately do probiotics but be careful with anything fermented till you make sure that didnt happen..... think GARLIC! it fixes everything! xoxoxoxoxoxo