Friday, November 23, 2012

Nutrition Stats

I am still feeling about 80% better and my brain is coming back online, so it's time for me to get analytical with my numbers. If you don't like analytical, you might want to skip this post! I like to analyze. I think it's fun and can be useful.

In late September, I was 219 pounds. My average stats per day were 1421 calories, 39% carbs, 24% protein, 37% fat. This got me a 2 pound gain.

In early October, I was 221 pounds. My average stats per day were 1357 calories, 18% carbs, 25% protein, 57% fat. This led to a maintain at 221 for a few weeks, but I felt so much better with the higher fat percentage and lower carbs, so I decided to lower my calories and keep the ratios basically the same.

My average stats per day the last week of October and into November until I got sick were about 1225 calories, 20% carbs, 30% protein, and 50% fat. I dropped two pounds and then stayed at 219.

So I gained 2 pounds in September. I lost 2 pounds in October. So far in November I have had a maintain... I was 219 on the first and am 219 today.

Now I am doing Medifast. Yesterday on Thanksgiving my stats were 948 calories, 36% carbs, 48% protein, 16% fat. This is a totally different ratio with much lower fat than I've been eating and much higher protein. I am still keeping carbs under 100g but they are a little higher than they have been in some time. I am still eating gluten free so far.

There's only one week left in November and I am hoping for a loss for the month. I think I'll get it. I am sticking to this plan like glue and seeing where it gets me.


Anonymous said...

I love your record keeping and even though I think your calories are on the low side, I feel certain this is your answer. Lots of us are cheering you on!


Anonymous said...

*burp* I over did it. Tomorrows a new day though! You encourage us all!

Jac said...

Crossing every finger and toe that you see the number you want to see! You've certainly put in the effort in listening to your body, tweaking your plan, and eventually going back to something you *know* works, especially now that you have a better idea of what your body can handle in Transition.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I can't help but marvel at the unfairness of it all, even as I love the analytic take. So many people want to hide from data rather than use it to make better decisions!

Yet back to the unfairness part... If could never be as disciplined as you about calories, and though I eat healthy, I eat a LOT. I get so tired of people who have reasonable metabolisms like mine acting as though ANYONE can achieve easy weight loss if they just try hard enough. All metabolisms are not created equal!

Unknown said...

I have been following your posts for a while now, I was wondering if your are underestimating the amount you are eating. Now that you will start Medifast it should be all weighed and measured. Good Luck !!

Lyn said...


I don't estimate; when I am counting calories, I weigh on a digital scale and measure with baking cups and spoons. On Medifast, I have to do the same: weigh my meat/fish/poultry for dinner and measure my vegetables, fats, and condiments with accurate cups and spoons. My accuracy should stay about the same.

Margaret said...

Lyn -

Once you are recovered from you sinus infection (I have one now, and it is completely exhausting. I feel like I've been hit by a cement mixer,) I'm interested in how you are adjusting to 900-1000/cal a day range. How do you feel? How's your hunger? Your energy?

Thanks as always,

Lyn said...

hi Margaret~

yes, exhausting. I would say I am pretty much recovered *except* for being exhausted. So, very little energy at the moment, although I did finally get out today for a couple of hours. Not hungry very often right now, but we'll see. In the past I was rarely hungry on Medifast but had the occasional hungry day where I ate more volume.

Thanks for checking on me and I hope you feel better soon too!

Anonymous said...

Im experiencing the same thing on hcg Lynn. Last night I ate a way too fatty and big salad, and found it hard to stop eating. Tonight after fasting all day, I only had 2 cans of smoked herring of 380 cals with a handful of pickled okra. Under 500 cals and Im waaaay full compaired to last night. I also feel achey and slightly fluish which I remember getting right before a big drop. Ive heard eating any food ups your insulin whether it ups your blood sugar to measurable differences or not. Feeling is believing! Keep up the great work, its so worth it!

Anonymous said...

well, my opinion is that you underestimate, which is easy to do even with measuring spoons and scales. if you have a bowl of chili that weighs 16 oz, you can assume that's 8 oz protein, 3 oz fat, and 5 oz of cooked veg, or you can assume its 6oz protein, 0.5 oz fat, and 9.5 oz veg. huge difference in calories as well as macros. the nature of dried foods makes for higher accuracies.

if you're losing 2lbs/week regularly (which you did even after initial loss on mf) on 1000 calories and nothing on 1400 calories, you're using non standard calories.

Lyn said...


actually, there is no way to accurately measure a bowl of chili by weight, unless it is the canned variety which I do not use. The only way to accurately measure the calories in chili or any other combined dish is by measuring each individual ingredient before combining them. Thus, I weigh 5 ounces of cooked ground beef, a half cup of tomatoes, a half cup of cooked peppers, a half cup of cooked zucchini, and a teaspoon of chili powder. Then I combine them and add up the totals. There is no room for assumption in accuracy. That's my inner scientist talking; I have to be very accurate when writing research reports so I try to apply that to my eating whenever possible. Some might call it overkill, but I like accuracy :)