Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting Better

Well, I've got 3 doses of antibiotic in me along with some Sudafed and Tylenol, and already am starting to feel better. I slept in until almost 7:30 this morning which was a welcome rest. My sweet daughter got up at 6 as usual but went quietly to the dining room table and worked on an art project (she wants to be an author and illustrator when she grows up, and is working on her first series of books about our dog). I did have to finally get up and let the dogs out, and then I got right to work throwing together some chicken soup. Into the pot went 3 bone-in chicken leg quarters, a halved sweet onion, five cloves of crushed garlic, several stalks of celery with their leaves, a big carrot, parsley, ginger, cayenne, thyme, sea salt, and black pepper. After an hour of simmering, I took out the chicken, set aside the meat that literally was falling off the bones, and tossed the bones back into the pot with a splash of cider vinegar to cook for a few more hours. The broth from those bones is so good for you! And with three of us getting over sinus infections, it sure can't hurt. I'll strain and de-fat the stock later before adding the meat back in along with some fresh chopped vegetables.

The night splints for my plantar fasciitis should be here today and I'll sleep in them tonight. I do think the PT and stretching is helping a bit, but not a lot (yet). We'll see if the splints make a difference. I've heard good things and my podiatrist recommended them, so I am hopeful. I am highly motivated to get out of this pain.

Today I am taking in lots of fluids: water, tea, soup, stock, black coffee, Emergen-C, and Medifast drinks. I have a couple of reviews I have committed to writing that I'm working on and then I expect to be fully doing Medifast for a couple of weeks. If I can get back under 200 pounds, I think it will help me tremendously in both the pain department and the morale department.

Weigh in coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up, you will be 199 in no time!

Anonymous said...

Do you ever worry about the effects of taking antibiotics so often? Just wondering. I had to take them a handful of times or less as a kid but only really once thus far as an adult....and that was when i literally had H1N1 (Swine Flu) a few years back and was VERY, VERY ill. Just something to think about because I can recall reading about you taking them many times over the years.

Tina said...

Are you concerned that the transition from medifast again might be as difficult as earlier this year?

Lyn said...


unfortunately, I am prone to sinus infections, including staph, and they are very hard to get rid of without antibiotics. I waited two weeks but the pain was getting bad. Not sure if you know this but untreated, bacterial sinus infections can be life threatening.

Lyn said...


No, I don't think so, I could be wrong but I feel like I understand the effects of too many carbs on my body now. I am planning to modify Medifast Transition to not include grains, potatoes, starchy carbs etc and will keep my carbs below 100 permanently... maybe lower, depends on how I feel and my results.