Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeling Awful, Pants Loose

I just wanted to check in and say, I think I have the flu. I feel awful and have had chills on and off day and night. I ache and just want to sleep. Now it seems I am developing congestion in my lungs, which is odd because my nose is not at all stuffy.

My eating is just off, weird, I have zero desire for vegetables or fruits and just want to drink juice and eat noodles. I haven't been eating noodles though. I crave toast but haven't had that either. Pudding and coconut milk ice cream though... not the sugar free kind. I am sure the return to sugar is not helping matters.

My pants are so loose I have to keep pulling them up. I know I am eating more calories (and carbs) and don't know yet if my weight is actually going down, but the baggy jeans are welcome.

That's all... if I feel better I will write more later.


Teresa said...

SO sorry you haven't rebounded yet. But YOU WILL! Take care of yourself until then, and continue to let the kids help out.
Wishing you renewed health asap!
~ t.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I hope you feel better soon!! Nix that sugar girl, that does not help your immune system. Think... soup! ;)

How nice to have lose pants, though. I'll take that any day.


Anonymous said...

Maybe when you're all better we will get to see those 218 pounds pictures finally!

Listen to your body. I hope you get well soon.


Anonymous said...

Actually surgar is far less inflamatory to me than grains. Not to minimize your suffering, but staying low carb after you recover will insure you keep your inch loss!

Michelle said...

Yeah I just got over a chest cold my self. Tonight will be the first time I am walking again before dinner. Take care...

i should be full said...

After reading your symptoms I *know* you have what I had last month. My experience was exactly like yours, down to the chest congestion but no nasal congestion.

You'll get through this! I got sick on a Wednesday and I was pretty much down for the count until the following Wednesday. The fever lasted from Wednesday morning until the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning.

Once I was feeling more normal, ie. I left the house for the first time on Sunday for an hour. It took until Wednesday for my body to recover from the wear and tear of being sick.

I didn't want to eat anything while I was sick either. I forced myself to eat some hot oat bran just so I'd have something in my stomach when I took some medicine each day. But the medicine didn't even help.

Try to stick with "approved foods". It will make getting back in the grove easier once you are on the other side of this.

Keep taking care of yourself, you deserve it!

timothy said...

feel better darlin and limit that sugar it'll only make it worse! xoxoxoxo

h2oratt said...

Hang in there lyn
Found something awesome for my sick puppy
Maybe it would help you
I thought she had parvo
She was so sick
My friend told me to go get a young coconut from an Asian market take the top off ( it's hard to do) ruined one good knife use a machete if you have it or watch a utube video anyway drink the wate it is amazing it is pure electrolytes my puppy got better in 20 min after drinking this fresh young coconut water
Any way hope u feel better soon congrats on the loose pants

CatherineMarie said...

There are "soy noodles" at Whole Foods. You could use those in some chicken broth....

Anonymous said...

It DOES sound like the flu! Take care and rest, rest, rest (and just curious -- did you get a flu shot this season?)....

Lyn said...


no flu shot. I was getting them every year until last year, but I'm not so sure how effective they are, since my kids have gotten the flu even with the flu shot. Different strains I guess.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to start a debate, but the flu shot is actually very effective. It's rare that the strain is missed, and even then you usually end up with a milder case because you got the vaccine.

Did your kids have a positive flu test (usually done via nasal swab?) If not, chances are they had a different stomach bug, not the flu.