Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Yesterday my eating was off a bit. I finished off a bag of soy crisps without counting (about 2 servings), had a couple of low carb yogurts, just extra stuff in addition to the usual fare. Then on my way home from errands at dinnertime, suddenly I just knew I was coming down with something. My head started to pound and feel heavy, I started sneezing and felt achy. By the time I got home I was so sick I just stumbled into the bedroom and laid down, telling my teens to serve themselves dinner (mac and cheese in the crock pot and pulled pork to warm in the microwave) and help their sister dish up her plate. I laid in bed while they ate and cleared the table. I managed to get up and get my daughter ready for bed, sip some tea and eat about 2 bites of the pork. The rest of the evening I had awful chills (even though I was in a sweater and the house was 74 degrees). I went to bed early with the electric blanket.

This morning has been a bit rough as well... really tired and a slight cough. I've had about 3 spoonfuls of plain ricotta cheese and some black coffee. I cannot get warm. I think I will go take a nap.


Anonymous said...

Lyn, are you sure your health is okay? I did a quick search of your blog for the word "sick," and, on average, you mention getting sick about once or twice every month!

I wouldn't say I"m the healthiest person around, but I usually don't get sick more than once every 4-5 months, even with kids who sometimes bring home illnesses from school (adults are far more immune to these than children due to a developed immune system).

Just a little concerned, since I do not believe that this is normal.


Lyn said...


thank you for caring. Honestly I think it is stress. Stress can lower your immune system quite a bit. I've had plysicals and blood work etc and nothing ever shows up 'wrong', so all I can come up with is stress. I take probiotics and supplements to try and boost my immune system but I still manage to come down sick every couple of months. Maybe it is mroe often than that, I will go back and search my blog and make notes on my calendar so I can see how often I am sick. Thanks Jen.

Taryl said...

You do get sick an abnormal amount, I'd say, but some of that might have to do with going to appointments with your kids and being around sick folks, or as you mentioned stress definitely lowers immune response.

I take lots of zinc, chromium, and vitamin c, which seems to (anecdotally) help. I'm much less sick this pregnancy than the last few, where my immune system seemed suppressed the whole time and I'd catch anything going around - the only big differences are cleaner diet and supplements. But there has been a marked difference in my resistance to sniffles and stomach bugs in recent months and I think supplements are the main factor. Figuring out which ones might be trickier, though, as they work synergistically.

Anonymous said...

Honey you gotta do some reading on how horrible unfermented soy is for you. Weston A Price has a soy alert article that woke me up. I know I know, another food we.shouldnt eat. But you may have had a bad reaction to it. Its basically industrial waste left over from Dupoints extracting soybean oil from the bean for paints and glue. They started marketing it as a healrh food since cheap waste processed into expensive "health food" is very very profitable. Hope you recover fast!

i should be full said...

Lyn, it sounds like you have what I had last month. It was terrible and anti-biotics didn't help. Just stay in bed as much as you can. Put only tiny bits of food in yourself as you can handle them. And take care of yourself! It took me about 5 days to start feeling better and then another week of just being wiped out from having been sick.

The fever lasted four days and then just broke. It was exhausting, but of you just hunker down and take care of yourself, letting others do for themselves and for you, you'll be fine.

I'll be thinking of you!

Tracie said...

So sorry Lyn. I hope it passes quickly and you are up and about soon. When I can't get warm I take a bath. Maybe some relaxation in a bath would be good for you. Take care of yourself. Also, there are lots of differnt opinions on vitamins and supplements. I have read things that state they don't work, you don't need them, they can increase cancer risk. My doctor says eat right and don't worry about vitamins. I think you just need to make sure you are eating a balanced diet, with plenty of fluids.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I agree-- stress does play a huge role in immunity. I started meditating a few years ago, and found that it helps tremendously. Why don't you give it a try? I usually just download some meditation music online, or play a youtube video on meditation music, close my eyes and focus on my breathing for about 5 minutes. I try to do it twice a day, and i have found that it helps me tremendously, in ways I never would have expected it to!


Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

Oh no that sounds horrible! Glad the kids helped you out. I love when my kids help me when I am sick, so cute.

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timothy said...

feel better darlin and i seldom get sick cause i megadose on garlic as soon as anything starts goin around, garlic is naturesiracle,antibacterial, anti fungal, anti everything and it lowers bllod pressure too!

CatherineMarie said...


Do you have thyroid issues? I do, and I've found I have to watch it with kale/cabbage/broccoli/cauliflower. If I have too much of them in a week, it depresses my thyroid and makes me susceptible.

Also, how much soy are you eating? Maybe you have a sensitivity to soy?

Lyn said...


so far all my thyroid tests have come back normal. I am not sure about the soy sensitivity; I don't eat much soy... just the soy crisps (which I am not going to buy again) but I was eating a lot of soy on Medfiast and seemed ok.

Teresa said...

I'm just wishing you well. It sucks being sick, especially when you have kiddos that you normally care for. Take care of yourself. I applaud that you let the older kids take care of things. Just think of it as training them for the day when they will need to care for their own family. :)
BEST wishes for a speedy recovery!
~ t.

h2oratt said...

I hope you get better soon
What brand of soy crisp is lowest in carbs?
I liked the pretzels you told me about

Lyn said...


these were Glenny's which are low enough in carbs if you stick to one serving. I haven't compared other brands though.