Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weighing In

A week ago I weighed 221. September 30 I weighed 221. Guess what I weigh today? 221. Yep, even after my monthly cycle is over and I should have dropped a few pounds of water weight from that, I stayed the same. 221. So I guess I really am eating at maintenance. I thought so last week, but wanted to give it a little more time to be sure. I've still been eating an average of 1300 calories a day and the same carb/fat/protein levels. I have not gone over on my carbs once. I have kept them quite low and still feel very *good* physically and mentally, without much in the way of cravings or hunger, but also still not losing weight. So I think my earlier conclusion was correct, since eating over 1400 calories a day got me a gain last month.

1400+ = gain
1300 = maintain
Time to drop my calories again. I want to do it slowly so I don't cut them too low. I am going to continue logging, keep my macros the same, and aim to never go over 1200 calories a day. I am setting a lower limit of 1000 but will probably be able to keep it in the 1100-1200 range fairly easily.


Taryl said...

That truly stinks that your maintenance is so low, but every individual body is different and yours has been through a lot, metabolically. If you've verified your scale isn't broken and it isn't a battery issue, I think you've given it enoug time to drop your calories down, too, and hopefully that will be what it takes.

In addition to your low carbing, another thing that might make the scale move is adding in an alternate day/fasting component like Johnson's Up Day, Down Day Diet (google and lowcarbfriends are excellent for info on this!). Calorie restricting one day, eating higher the next, can give you more flexibility on the few calories you DO have and many gals on the lowcarbfriends forums have noted that this busts a stall and gets the scale moving like nothing else, while remaining comfortable to live on. It also has built in correction to it with the down days and can be flexible with many different ways of eating.

Just an additional tool you may want to try out in your toolbox, especially since I know you're considering fasting, anyway!

Margaret said...

Based on the info you've posted, the math works like this:

1420 cal/day (my recollection of your average) = a pound a month gain = so you're 3,700/kal over every 30 days. 3700/30 =123/day over.

So, 1420-123=1300 is maintenance.

(i look at weight as a number problem...though of course the real number I have a problem with is the one on my own bathroom scale.)

Hang in there, girl, you are inspiring a lot of people!

Anonymous said...

I am a long-time reader (years) & rarely comment. Let me just reassure you (before the 100 million "you are starving yourself-eat more" comments start rolling in) that 1000-1100-1200/day is a good number for you. I know not everyone is the same, but from my own personal experience, I also gain weight at 1400+ calories per day & have had to drop down to around 1200 or so in order to lose weight. I (much like you) suffered from binge eating disorder for many years & have finally (mostly) overcome it. I used to lose weight at 1800/day, then 1700/day, then 1500/day & so on. Now I MUST be at 1200 or less for ME to lose weight. I have found this to me true FOR ME, despite exercise, fat content, carb counting etc. All of those things are helpful, but you know your own body & I believe we are quite similiar in this situation. Do what you know is right. You have experimented & this is where you are. I predict this will be the sweet-spot for you to get yourself back down into the 170s range. Good luck ;) (I'll be reading & routing for you, as always).


timothy said...

try droppin the carbs to around 30 that'll definately get you into ketosis

Lori said...

Good luck my friend. I have so much respect for you for hanging in there and working to find the sweet spot with your weight loss. This is a long and frustrating journey. You are to be commended for staying with it.

Anonymous said...

I've been a long time reader, I just have to say thank you for inspiring me to try eating low carb. I decided to give it a try and I find that it has helped a lot of my problems I have both when I'm "on" and "off" a diet. Increased energy, lowered cravings and it helped my mood as well. Granted, I've only done it for about 2 weeks but the difference is noticable. I'm reading more about it and trying to find more recipes and refining what I'm eating. I'm just in awe a little, because I used to try to use every calorie allotted to eat a maximum amount of food, but it never seemed like enough, I would be thinking about my next meal as I was eating. But I'm actually eating less than when I was strictly counting calories.

Anyway, sorry to hear it's not getting the one result you want, which is weight loss, but I think that tweaking the amount you eat is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, how many calories were you eating on Medifast? You lost really well at that level.

My calories for both maintenance and losing are also pretty low so you are not alone!

Steffanie said...

I'be been reading your blogs for years and hardly ever comment but I wanted to let you know about a book that someone recommended to me that I'm finding very helpful. It's called Metabolism Miracle - despite the lame name, it's got some great information about the way some of our bodies use carbs and why traditional diets do not work for some of us. It recommends a two month period of low carb to rest the liver and pancreas and then talks about a very specific way to reintroduce certain carbs.

Lisa said...

Hey Lyn, you reminded me of an old Q&A-

"The first question I would ask this person is if they had just started their diet and exercise program. I have often see this sort of weird ‘delay’ in fat loss when people first start a new diet/exercise program. And this tends to be far more so the case for women than for men (men always have it easier).

Trainees would be doing everything ‘right’ and absolutely nothing measurable would happen for the first four weeks. And then sometime after week 4, there will be this big change in body composition, seemingly overnight. On the Internet, this is often called the ‘whoosh’ (which usually comes after a ‘stall’)."


Hang in there!

Lyn said...

Thanks all for the comments!


that makes is very clear. Thank you!


on Medifast I averaged 900-1000 calories a day (usually closer to 1000) and lost about 5 to 7 pounds a month.

Anonymous said...

Your whole problem is that you are not eating enough. Period. You have been "dieting" for so long that you have kinda put yourself into a starvation mode, hold the fat kinda routine. I can sit here and preach til I am blue in the face but you will do what suits you. You will soon realize the damage you have done to yourself=metabolism. I am 230 and lose weight not even counting calories just cutting grains/sugar/processed crap. I counted one day and came out to about 2300 calories (very high fat), on a regular day. This is with no exercise but a slow stroll through the park.
I truly hope

Lyn said...


I am glad you found what works for you! I'd love to read more about your journey and see your progress pictures if you have a blog. You do have to realize that not everyone is the same. Don't worry, though, when a body is in "starvation" or even just "malnutrition" there are signs of this that a doctor and bloodwork would see. My bloodwork is perfect and I am feeling very good, with better energy than ever.

Best wishes on the rest of your journey.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried getting your resting metabolism tested? I did this and they could precisely tell me what my RMR was and what I needed to eat to maintain, to lose, etc. Like you, I have lost a lot of weight, and my RMR was "lower than average". Sucks to be me (and maybe you), but at least the numbers jived with what the scale was doing.

Jessica said...

Looks like you maybe stuck at a weightloss plateau. I really hate when that happens, you may have to increase your workouts by adding another 15 mins. Loosing weight can be so frustrating. I've sky rocketed before after my menstrual to 10 pounds and wanted to throw the scale out the window. Hang in there.