Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's Menu

Today's (weird) menu:

coffee with a teeny container of half and half and 2 hard boiled eggs. (Actually, I only ate half of the second egg, because it tasted funny. The hotel breakfast had no other protein whatsoever, no veggies, no decent fruit).

half of a ready-to-drink protein shake (did not have time to drink the second half)

salad with strange clumps on top (Went into a diner, tried my "order a sandwich as a salad" technique, which was listed on the menu as "chicken breast with Gouda and tomatoes" but the chicken breast was chopped into tiny bits with the cheese melted on it, dropped on a bed of greens and cukes, which caused the cheese to solidify into a large clump full of chicken bits. Tasted ok but rather interesting to eat)

Americano with sugar free pumpkin spice syrup and a splash of half and half

Dinner was also rather pathetic, as we stopped at another diner and I ordered a "steak flatbread melt" without the flatbread, over lettuce, and there was just not a lot of meat and the cheese again solidified and there were a TON of grilled onions... Lesson learned, when ordering sandwiches as salads, tell them to leave off the cheese.

We were supposed to be home hours ago, but a combination of detour, lollygagging, bad weather, and tiredness got us one more night away from home. We'll get back in the morning after a trip to the park. We did have a great time though and enjoyed some lovely scenery together. G'nite!


Suzanne Bree said...

Bummer about the salads--you would think that professional cooks would understand that you have to tweak it a little when making it into a salad! Bad form.
You did a great job with eating on your trip! Thanks for the good example, I'm glad you had a good time!

Karen said...

I've been having success stopping by grocery stores and getting rotisserie chickens, bags of salad, and bringing or buying or borrowing a knife to cut up veggies. Bring containers of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Saves time and money and surprises on the road. Jr family member can order a sandwich from the deli. And fresh fruit is available for purchase. Sometimes we find a salad bar in the grocery.

Good luck on getting back into your routine.

timothy said...

diners are NOT typical rsturants so the salad thing just doesnt work, i do a ham steak and scrambled eggs hold the bread when i go to ours. lol but at least you stuck to plan under difficult conditions, that is a GOOD thing!