Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stats, Carb Snafus, and Feeling Much Better!

Today is the first day in awhile that I didn't have a headache and feel generally crappy. I think the lowered carb level helps, plus the good nutrition sure can't hurt. I did have another carb snafu today though. Remember the story of how I used to get sugar free Italian sodas in the summertime as a special treat, and then found out they were using regular Sprite as a base?? Well, I had another experience like that today that just goes to prove you cannot really trust that what you are putting in your body is actually what you THINK you are putting in your body.

I sometimes stop at a little local coffee place for an Americano. It used to be a latte, but I recently stopped drinking them due to the milk/calories/carbs. An Americano has no milk and with a little sugar free syrup, you have a nearly no-calorie treat! (As a side note, be careful ordering at Starbucks. If you order a "sugar free caramel mocha" or a "sugar free peppermint mocha" they will use sugar free syrup for the first flavor and regular (sugared) mocha syrup. You have to ask for a "sugar free caramel sugar free mocha" to get it all sugar free). Anyway, I was chatting with the barista and told her how I really enjoyed their sugar free caramel Americano, and she said "oh yes! We have the best sugar free drinks because we use sugar free caramel SAUCE instead of sugar free SYRUP!" Yum, sounds good, I thought. And off I went with my sugar free caramel Americano as I have so many times before.

And then I came home and looked up the sugar free caramel sauce: 2 tablespoons has 80 calories and 19 grams of carbs!! Compare this to the sugar free caramel syrup, which has no calories and no carbs and that is what I thought I had been drinking ALL THIS TIME. Sometimes it feels like the world is out to trick us...

Anyway, my stats are still good and I feel amazing today!

1488 calories
82 g carbs (22%)
74 g protein (19%)
102 g fat (59%)

Yes, the fat percentage is high, but I did that for a reason. I am trying to put myself into a fat burning state rather than a sugar burning state, and eating this high of a fat percentage is so satisfying. I had NO cravings for carbs today at all. I feel great.

Breakfast was the grain free pancakes, almond butter and sausage I posted about earlier.
Lunch was this delicious spinach salad full of cheese, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, red onions, bacon bits, avocado, and Balsamic dressing.

Snack was that Americano I just talked about. I wasn't hungry enough to need any other snack today. Dinner was another big salad of spinach, avocado, tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and blue cheese dressing. I am planning a Medifast hot cocoa for later tonight (and that's already included in the stats).

Tomorrow I am doing some dog training locally, then heading to the gym, then packing for a weekend trip for a dog sports competition. I am so excited for my little vacation! I will bring along a cooler of veggies and protein as well as some pre-made protein shakes and bars. Hopefully the hotel breakfast will include some eggs!


Tiffany Campiotti said...

That salad looks AMAZING! Keep up the good work :)

Taryl said...

I don't think your fat was high at all! If I'm not in the 60-70% of calories range, I am almost always having too many carbs. It is very satiating!

moving under skies said...

What a nightmare - that's why I find it really difficult to trust eating what other people have prepared when I'm on a plan. Like, they might add a tablespoon of flour to a sauce to thicken it, or a teaspoon if sugar to flavour it.

Also why I like to stay away from most chemical / artificial foods - you really don't know what's in them or how your body's going to react to them.

Have you thought about investing in your own coffee machine? You can froth the milk yourself and add less for a more diet friendly latte, and add your own syrups. Am certain it would work out A LOT cheaper too.

timothy said...


Anonymous said...

Those fats are just the thing if you are going for fat-burning! (and that salad looks AWESOME!

Lyn said...


I usually make my coffee at home with a French press.... tastes wonderful and I drink it black. Although I have seriously considered asking for a Keurig for Christmas... Anyway, when I am out and about I sometimes like to get myself a 'special' drink but I am definitely going to have to be more careful here. I might start drinking my Americanos with no sweetener or flavor to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Fake sugar is just as unhealthy for you as regular sugar. Plain coffee and espresso is actually quite delicious, and a cup of plain coffee is 5 calories.

Tessie said...

Taryl said...

I'm a French press gal, too. Mmm!

Anonymous said...

I find a misstep with sugar is way less offensive to my system than a misstep with grains. Good on you! As a matter of fact , I just got payed today and think Ill do a monthly splurge on a sugar free/sugar free blended delight at starbucks tonight!

Diandra said...

Well, the sad fact is that most things taste good because they are bad for us. Until weg et ourselves completely re-trained, and even then the yumminess of sugar and fat still creeps up on us sometimes. :-(