Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Progress Pics

I think it is time to take some more progress pictures. I don't think I have taken any in about two years. Yes, it was almost two years ago that I hit 100 pounds gone and posted those pictures. I remember how excited I was... how proud that I had worked hard to get that body. Look how fast it can disappear again, though. Too many carbs... triggering too many cravings.

You know, it is crazy, all the ups and downs I have had. Thankfully not back to 278 or even close to it, but still. Two years ago I weighed 178 pounds. One year ago I was having an absolute food meltdown trying to run back and forth between staying on Medifast and eating a pot of beans and a cinnamon roll. I dunno, it was crazy. Last September 25, I weighed 189. Then the food insanity hit and by October 25, I weighed 209. I remember how that felt. So out of control. Like I could not stop. Like I was stuck in a whirlwind. It's not the only time in my life I gained 20 pounds in a month, but hopefully the last....

So here I am a year later and 12 pounds heavier. Twelve pounds in a year doesn't seem like a lot but it sure can add up. I do hope that by working at it I can be back to, or below, that 178 pounds by next October. It is slow going but the time will pass anyway, so that's what I am working for. Three to four pounds a month will do it.

Anyway back to those pictures. In my sidebar I have pictures every time I lost ten pounds. I have "60 pounds gone" pictures twice, because of a regain/plateau period way back when. Looks like I am about to be 218 pounds again soon, so that seems like a good time to take some updated pics and measurements to compare to the last 60-gone pictures. And let me just say three times is enough, and I really would like to be posting "100 Pounds Gone Again" pictures one more time. ONE more time.

I'm still eating 1200-1300 calories a day with the same ratios of fat, protein and carbs. I have a very painful knee right now for some reason (bursitis again?) but will hit the gym tomorrow to at least do upper body work. That's all for now.

I just looked in my comments spam folder and holy cow. Almost a thousand since I last checked (which has been awhile) and it looks like some are legitimate, non-spam comments! I don't know why some of them were tagged as spam, but I published the ones I saw. However there are way too many for me to sort through... so if your comment was never posted this is probably why! I will try to remember to check it more often!


Siobhan said...

I've only posted one picture so far, so kudos to you for posting all the ones you have. I thought life was a pain with the 20 or so spam comments I get ... had no idea it could get so out of control.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see them!

Mir aka Princess Dieter said...

I took lots of pictures on my journey and it was great for accountability. I haven't updated much, cause, well, I'm pretty much maintaining. I've been in the same weight range for a while, so no need for "progress pics". But maybe when I dress up for the holidlays I'll take some. Or if I go someplace with a pretty landscape.

Maintenance also requires mental focus, I'm finding. I am jealous of naturally slim folks who don't have to think of what to eat, when, how much, etc. They just self-regulate. That's not us Sadly.

We have to always have our mind on our mouths...and what goes in there.

I do find that it's remarkably better in the last couple years than any of the previous 2 decades plus. Food still has a hold on me some days, but I'm not as helpless. I am not as in thrall. And that's progress.

The fact that you have not regained it all, that you keep trying, that's also progress. I remember when I'd be on a diet for 3 weeks and then gain it all back and more. Another diet, another regain. Another diet, etc. And I'd end up fatter each time. Breaking THAT cycle matters.

We continue to figure things out, work on issues, but NOT regaining it all is always a victory, and not giving up is always a good thing.

God bless...

Anonymous said...

" I can be back to, or below, that 178 pounds by next October. It is slow going but the time will pass anyway, so that's what I am working for. A pound a month will do it."

I'm confused by this statement. 221 (your current weight)- 12 (a pound a month) = 208, not 178.

What am I missing?

At any rate, good work, you seem to be on the right track!


Lyn said...


You're right! I am delusional :) I don't know where I got that except I was thinking about the 12 pounds I gained in a year and getting it back off in a year. I will go back and fix it! Thanks :)