Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PMS Eating, and Thinking More About The Whole 30

Boy my eating was weird today. I just wanted to eat and eat. I kept thinking about ice cream. I didn't cave, though. But I ate more calories than usual:

1752 calories
83 g carbs (19%)
79 g protein (18%)
129 g fat (63%)

Most of my 'extras' were in the form of fat. I was very focused on NOT eating too many carbs even if I was eating more calories, and I did accomplish that goal. I even went shopping and was very drawn to the candy aisle... even looked at the "sugar free" candy for a minute but that stuff always makes me feel sick, so I walked away from it. Instead I bought a bunch of ripe avocados and came home and ate one.

And then I was thinking about how, now that I try to keep my carbs lower (usually much lower than today, but at least under 85-100g) I tend to eat more artificial sweeteners. I had gotten away from the stuff and now am using them again more and more: low carb shakes, bars, the old Medifast foods, sugar free syrups in my cooking and even in my coffee sometimes. I don't like it. I waver between thinking "it's just a crutch to get through this weight loss" and "I shouldn't be eating this stuff, it is bad for me." But when you remove fruit and honey there really isn't much "sweet" left. And I do like something sweet once in awhile. Even if it was just berries. Maybe I'd be okay to eat some berries... I am just trying to avoid carbs. I have cut out most fruit, sugars, milk, grains, etc. I am ok with it, I can be fine having something as simple as a sugar free jello cup for my sweet fix, but again, part of me thinks "fruit HAS to be better than this!" And then I think about how important it is to keep the carbs down. I am truly a believer in that now. I think it is essential I keep my carbs low for my health. I think my insulin response is broken. I want to heal my body and eating a bunch of carbs... even healthy carbs... isn't going to fix it.

So my mind goes back to the Whole 30. Before, it seemed SO extreme. It was so far from what I was doing. But now... it is not so far. I have cut out the grains, white potatoes, beans, sweets and milk. I drink my coffee black. But... I would need to eliminate a few more things:

cheese, yogurt, sour cream and butter
artificial sweeteners
processed food (bars, shakes, etc)
peanuts and soy sauce
and omg the bacon!!

Nothing terribly hard (well maybe the bacon!); I am already willing to give up those artificial sweeteners especially if I can have some fruit. I wouldn't care about peanuts since I like other nuts just as well. I don't mind olive oil instead of butter. I would miss the cheese and yogurt but it isn't that important to me. Honestly the hangup in my own brain is the processed food. I know, crazy. But I have ALL this stuff. I probably have a couple hundred bucks worth of soy crisps, protein bars, shakes and shake powders, Medifast meals, and other high protein/low carb snacks sitting around. They are so convenient! I can do the work of making lists of other convenient, high protein low carb snacks that are natural. I am working on it now (well, one of the convenience foods was Greek yogurt but that's out on the Whole 30). Can't eat hummus... no more cheese sticks... not sure what I could grab and take with me that doesn't need a cooler but I am working on it. The other thing about those processed foods is I don't want to "waste" them. Now, you know me. I have no problem trashing an entire cake or box of cookies if they are tempting me, because "my body is not a trash can" and "it is more wasted if I eat it because I don't need the calories and it is hurting me." I have gotten reamed in the comments in the past for throwing away food that was calling to me to eat it... but food banks don't take opened food, and sometimes I just don't have anyone around to give it to. So I throw it out. It's not about "waste" in that sense. It is about me still thinking all of these processed foods are good for me in some sense... that they fill a need. They help me stay low on carbs and high on protein because they taste really good and are so convenient. I do not want to throw them out, I don't want to give them away, in fact I am kind of dependant on them I guess. I can't imagine doing a weekend trip with just sliced up meats, veggies and fruits. Some nuts are okay, but that can add up fast! Anyway, I am actually mulling this over and feel closer to doing a Whole 30 than I ever have before. I will keep edging towards it over time.

That's all for now...


Anonymous said...

Well good for you if you can find a plan that works for you! Doesn't sound very easy though. I know I couldn't eat that way. I love grains, dairy and fruits. It would be like a punishment to me and I don't want that.
But we are all different. I hope you can figure out what works for you.

Karen said...

Get support here. Others have done the plan and will provide ideas.


Become a student of what does and doesn't work for you. A whole 30 iris an awesome place to start. Great elimination diet. If you choose to stay on track.

Good luck. Karen P

Margaret said...

Perhaps seeing if low carb is working (weigh in) first before trying to restrict your diet further?
Trying to get that number moving again - at least back to where you started this year - is tricky enough.

Leslie said...

Hi Lyn - the only artificial sweetener I'm using for now (and I'm on the best streak I've been on for awhile) is 2 packets of splenda in a cup of 0% Greek yogurt, mixed with 3/4 organic raspberries (frozen/thawed). I just can't eliminate it totally. If it enables you to stay on plan (whatever plan), I think a small amount is fine. You can wean off when you're at a lower weight. At least I'm down from 3 packets! And I don't do any of the artificial food stuff like bars or protein shakes. I'm trying to get it from food and so far, so good. Sounds like you're doing well this week, and beating the PMS craving back to the curb.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

That's a big step backing away from the candy, Lyn. The realization of how it makes you feel afterwards is huge. That break from an "instant gratification" mindset is one of the harder things for folks like us.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 100% believer in the carb thing....keep it up! While I agree in general about the processed food thing, I don't think you have to be super super strict in order to be in good health. A 90/10 % should certainly be sufficient and that sf jello is ok. I don't try to be 'perfect' every single day of my life...it is sooooo much to try and live up to!!! I try to be perfectly 90/10:)) I don't feel deprived and restricted at all. I think splenda or truvia is fine...if thats what it takes to ensure you keep your carb level down. BEWARE of so called sugar free products...sugar alcohol acts same. And those products are more often than not loaded with carbs that do the very same thing to your insulin reaction as a bowl of past:)

lisa~sunshine said...

Your are working through PMS.. and all the cravings..
You had a successfull weekend away from home..
You haven't been on the scale to see how your progress is going with the LYN plan you have in place..
You have seemed happier the past few weeks with your exercise.. and with how you've been eating..
You felt good while using medifast before and even blogged about how a vacation was at the beach with you walking and feeling healthy and well..
With all your current success over the last few days.. and with you getting your macros to WHERE YOU WANTED THEM.. My question is.. WHY do you feel the need to categorize yourself.. and LABEL yourself.. by doing Whole30.. i"m not saying anything is wrong with that way of eating but if you know yourself that you LIKE bacon and enjoy it.. and it's been helping you to achieve your macros then why do you feel the need to be mean to yourself and elimate it? You have blogged before about how 1 or 2 stips of something that is low in cals and low in carbs.. and with the flavorfull punch it offers only needing a little.. I guess I wonder why you need to elimate it.. because from where I'm sitting.. bacon on salad.. and on your cauli soup sounds like something you enjoy? So why take it away?
Find a plan for you.. if it has a little sugar free items it's okay.. if it has a little cheese.. a little bacon.. okay.. I mean compared to how you use to eat and binge.. do you honestly think these things are that bad for you? or are you allowing a guru to steer you into a certain direction?

I think your doing a great job.. and I don't think you need to do a whole 30 but instead stick with what you have been doing..
I get stiving for the best.. and wanting to be healthy.. but you have to live as well..
Take care.. please don't take this offensively because it's not ment to be that way.. it's ment to show you how yummy bacon is.. and other things.. and that I don't think you have to eliminate things at all..
If you are upset about the sugar free items.. maybe it's because you've went overboard for the last few days a bit while getting back on plan.. maybe stip a few down for a day or 2 and see how you feel.. I don't think you have to do the ALL or nothing plan and think about throwing away everything you own just because you don't feel it's healthy.. i guess I wonder why it can't just sit on your shelf at home.. unused.. What is the need to purge it? If you don't feel they are healthy and you can do without.. fine then after a few months it will feel like nothing to throw them away because you don't eat them or want them anyways.. Again this is all just my opinions.. I know you get a lot of opinions but that is really what blogging is about..
Now if I could just get myself to do one.. lol..

Anonymous said...

You can always give away all the Medifast foods on Craigslist. People on MF who are struggling with the cost would really appreciate it.

Lyn said...


you make some good points. I guess I have been looking at the Whole 30 as some kind of holy grail. Maybe it would be helpful, maybe it wouldn't. What I don't really understand is why I felt so icky and tired for 3 weeks doing Primal, yet now I am eating low carb and feel good and have more energy. there must be some difference. I would like to figure it out.

And yeah, the bacon, well it is only 35 calories so I doubt it would make any difference unless I have a hidden bacon allergy :)

Anonymous said...

This may just be me...

but here is my experience:

I too didn't want to eat sweeteners, etc... while staying low carb. BUT, I kept falling off plan. I would eat a bunch of carbs because I felt so restricted. I did it over and over and over. Finally, I realized that if I ate artificial sweeteners, soy, etc... and was able to lose weight and keep it off, I would be in much better health than if I ate "naturally" but stayed fat.

If you can do a whole 30 and stick with it and do it forever, then that is great. But I kept finding that I would get PMS or want a "treat" and I kept eating a bunch of potatoes (because they were "natural" and I wanted to eat something comforting) and I wasn't losing any weight.

If you can do it, I will be impressed. It is H-A-R-D. I kept finding it impossible to the straight and narrow restriction if I had exceeded the boundaries even 1 time and it would lead to weeks/months of losing all hope and eating whatever the heck I wanted and gaining even more weight.

You've got to find something that you can live with long term. Can you live without treats forever? And even more important, would you want to?

These are very individual questions.

lisa~sunshine said...

To me.. THis says it all

now I am eating low carb and feel good and have more energy
the bacon, well it is only 35 calories so I doubt it would make any difference unless I have a hidden bacon allergy :)

There is NO need to fix something when you feel like this.... I think you should push through and continue what you are doing....

If I had to guess myself about WHY you felt like crap before.. blood sugar swings.. it takes a while for them to stablize..

Besides.. bacon is just good.. cauliflower soup without bacon.. blah... Salad without bacon.. blah.. even at home or in a resturant.. Why give up something that you aren't allergic too?

Keep your head up... and put all those dishes down.. Your doing awesome..

Anonymous said...

The Costco low-sodium bacon (blue package) is cured without sugar and is *technically* Whole30-safe. Just saying. :)

Also, did you track your stats while you were eating in a way you label as "Primal"? I'd be interested to see if maybe you were restricting something too much or still eating too much of something else compared to now.

Whole30 is an awesome way to gain awareness of how things may be affecting you - for example, once it's done you'll be able to *really* know if you tolerate full-fat dairy or not. You might also want to look into the 21 Day Sugar Detox (on Balanced Bites) - its tag-line is "Bust sugar & carb cravings naturally". If all you're really looking to do is change what your body craves, maybe this is a better plan for you than Whole30. Just a thought!

Anonymous said...

Any veggie without bacon fat or real butter or coconut oil or tallow or lard is useless to the body. The fraudulent low fat craze started a downward spiral of malnutrition where folks were eating tons of "free.food" ie steamed veg and fat free salads with no way to assimilate the vitamins/nutrients ij the food. This nourishment is only fat soluable. Dry veg material sets on the binge cycles because no matter how much you stuff your stomach, you essensially are.starving. Its so nice lately to see my Zumba instructor sister fry a.piece of bacon in her veggie medly stirfry. Then a cuople tb of almond butter mixed with dark cocoa.and stivia for her dessert. She works out so her health was starting to fail after a 70lb weightloss ............seriosly all veggies.need is a light sear in bacon with curry, naturally fermented soy sauce........uh.....hungry. off to make dinner!

Sara said...

I just don't like the idea of doing something which sounds so . . . punitive? I think we often feel like we need to be punished because we are overweight, and this type of elimination diet seems very severe.

timothy said...

this is NOT a punishment or severe as a few seem to think, it's going back to the way man ate for millenia. as far as it goes i keep my carbs below 30 and i eat string cheese and bacon. i understand the eliminating dairy part, but on low carb butter is also allowed, and blueberries are the lowest on the glycemic index and can be done in moderation as well as macadamia, nuts (highest in fat). mayhaps you should revisit the whole 30, i also eat an occasional atkins bar which have between 2 and 4 carbs each as a go-to snack. you'll figure it out. but if those foods you have "bother" you then perhaps you should "gift" them to someone else and restock with things that please you now.

Anonymous said...

Isnt this a long the lines of being a Vegan??

Lyn said...


I don't think vegans eat a whole lot of meat :)

Whole 30 includes plenty of meat and eggs, so no.