Friday, October 26, 2012

Plans for Today

Everyone in my house is sick right now! Sore throats, headaches, body aches... I *so* do not need to catch this! My daughter, thankfully, is much better. She still has a little cough but feels fine. I am healthy so far but feeling a little paranoid, going around the house with Lysol wipes cleaning everything. I'm taking all the immune boosters I can think of and hoping I can stay healthy on this trip! At least I will be away from the germ-house full of sick teens for a couple of days. Being on steroids can lower the immune system so that's not in my favor, but hopefully I will get some relief from foot pain soon.

I am fairly bored with food now but I like it that way. I prefer not getting too excited about eating; I do like to make tasty dinners, but the rest of the time I am just mindlessly eating lots of eggs, turkey sausage, low fat cheese, salads, steamed veggies, protein bars, and shakes. I still find it kind of hard to keep my calories low enough; I get to the end of the day and have to limit my dinner calories or add lots of veggies in order to stay at 1200 or less. 1300 is easy. I can do 1300, but that's maintenance. I still weigh 221 as of this morning, and won't weigh again until after my trip. I also am taking a semi-break from counting calories while on my trip; I do keep a general tally in my head because I know the calories in a lot of things, but not everything. So three days of 'head counting' and when I get back I will return to accurate measuring and counting.

This morning I have a ton to do. After another round of sanitizing everything, I need to do one last load of wash, pack for myself and my daughter and my pup, prep the car, get gas, and run some errands. The gym has been a no go all week; I didn't do anything at home, either... no biking or lifting. I will go to the gym on Monday and get back to going 3x a week again. I need to keep the strength I have built, especially in my legs. Having stable knees and hips is essential for me to avoid pain and issues from arthritis.

I'll bring my laptop to the hotel and probably post a few times at night once my girl is asleep. We have a long drive ahead, so I better get packing!


Anonymous said...

Don't get sick! I always pour hydrogen peroxide in my ears when I am getting a cold. It makes the cold go away.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about adding a couple of exercise sessions (maybe swimming, to preserve your feet, or the bike at home if time is a problem) and eating 1300 calories a day, since you have an easier time with that calorie level?

As long as you burn 700 extra calories during the week, you could eat 1300 and your weight loss should be the same as if you ate 1200. Maybe even a hair better, since your metabolism gets a boost for a while afterward.

Just an idea . . . I know in my case, my high level of activity gives me a cushion of extra calories in my budget, which I really appreciate!

Enjoy your trip, Lyn!


Lyn said...

Thanks Rebecca! I've been swimming and lifting weights for a couple of months now. Generally I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, strength train for 45 minutes, and swim for half an hour to an hour. With that amount of exercise, I am maintaining at 1300 calories and gaining at 1400+. I think I have a super efficient metabolism or something. Pretty frustrating, but I am hanging in there. Once my feet are better, in about a month hopefully, I should be able to add walking and biking back in and also be more active in general, as right now I can't be on my feet for long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response, Lyn. Sorry I wasn't clear; I was suggesting adding enough exercise to burn the 700 calories per week in addition to what you are already doing. (I was aware you already had an exercise routine in place.)

As I said, just an idea. If eating 1300 calories per day is significantly easier than 1200, the extra exercise may be well worth it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Just a thought as I was reading this post: you said you're "mindlessly" eating eggs, cheese, turkey etc. and then in the very next sentence you say you're finding it difficult to keep your calories low. I think the key word here is mindlessly. While they're all healthy foods, everything but the vegetables can add up very quickly calorie-wise, especially if you're not paying attention. I also try to keep my calories around 1200, so I feel your frustration. Often I will eat A LOT of vegetables first for a meal and that helps keeps my protein amount in better check. Good luck and have a great weekend!

timothy said...

i take an airborne every day as a boost and 5000mg of garlic..........if i start to feel icky i up the garlic to heroic levels just take and take until you start to feel like you're gonna burp garlic! lololol it's a VERY scientific method! have a GREAT trip!

Lyn said...


mindlessly in this context means I don't think about what foods to eat for each meal; I simple grab those things without thinking about it or debating it. I always measure, weigh, and track and have averaged 1300/day for a couple of weeks now.