Friday, October 12, 2012

Now I Know My Fat Limit

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't put a lot of thought into what I was eating. I was busy so I just made it my point to stay in my calorie level and keep the carbs low. I ate a whole avocado over the course of the day. I had some natural almond butter as a snack. Dinner was on the road, grabbed from a grocery sack on the seat next to me and consisted of a few slices of deli cheese and salami. It wasn't until I got home and logged my calories that I found my fat percentage was the highest it's ever been:

1179 calories
36 g carbs (12%)
56 g protein (18%)
94 g fat (70%)

You don't have to tell me that this was a bit extreme on the fat side of things, and that salami is not a good choice generally speaking. I get that. I don't make a habit of eating salami or whole fat cheeses. I have been keeping my fat closer to 57% lately and have felt awesome. Well, let me tell you, 70% fat does not feel awesome!!! I don't even want to talk about the digestive effects of eating that much fat! It is not good. I am stuck near the bathroom today. Live and learn! I won't be going that high again!

Today I am back to my usual 57% fat (so far today). I have already eaten 502 calories (28% protein) so will be having a light snack or salad  around 2pm, green tea to drink, and Swedish meatballs over yellow squash for dinner (recipe here). Tomorrow I will play around with cutting my fat a little and upping my lean protein, without increasing carbs. I am still feeling puffy from PMS but am hoping the next time I get on the scale there will be a loss.


Taryl said...

See, different bodies have different needs. I do just fine on 60-70% fat, it just depends on the source (lard/butter is fine, hydrogenated oils or heavily flavored fats make me a little queasy). Stick closer to 60% if it makes your body happier :)

Anonymous said...

Here is my take on it. We who are obese have enough fat on our bodies we need to burn and don't need to eat any at all. I am dieting and I eat as little fat as I can. I eat fruits, vegetables, bread, oats, rice, egg whites, chicken breast, fish and some fat free snack foods. If it were me I would stop eating whole eggs, meat that has any fat, cheese, nuts, and especially butter, oil and avocado. Fat free means your body has to burn the fat off your body to get the fat it needs.

beerab said...

Not to mention your gall bladder will thank you for not having that much fat! I try to stick around 40-50%, but most of them are GOOD fats so when people tell me it's too high I tell them most of those fats are from healthy nuts, avocado, and olive oil.