Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long Day!

Just a brief update from my hotel. I am exhausted!! I spent nearly 7 hours walking around in dirt and mud and wet grass with my wet dog in the rain today doing dog sports. Oh my goodness, my feet! Yep I am taking steroids and wearing my best shoes but this was insane. Insane, but fun, and I am pretty good at blocking out the pain, but right now they sure are hurting.

Afterwards I was starved! The morning breakfast buffet at the hotel was mostly carbs, so I had 2 hard boiled eggs and 3 sausage links, black coffee and 4 grapes. I didn't exactly eat a lunch although I snacked from my cooler (a yogurt, a bite of banana, a Medifast shake) and had some black coffee. So when my daughter begged for fettuccine for dinner, we headed to California Pizza Kitchen and I had one of the BEST things I have ever put in my mouth! It was so good that I whipped out my camera and took a picture. When I get home, I'll upload the picture and share what I had. It was seriously great.

My little girl and I sat up late tonight to watch the movie "Tangled" (Rapunzel) that I brought along. What a great end to a cold rainy day. And tomorrow we head home after a slow, relaxing morning and maybe a trip to the park if the rain stops.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Steelers6 said...

Aw, some parts of your day sound great! Girl time is always nice.

Rest your poor feet; oh my. Hope your week is lighter than normal.

I'm on the East Coast, & we are expecting a LOT of rain here from hurricane Sandy.
Have fun!