Monday, October 15, 2012

Food Sanity

I am getting kind of bored with food again. I think that's a good thing. I don't let myself look at dessert websites or cookbooks anymore, even if they are low carb or Paleo or whatever. I am trying to keep thing simpler and use my creative cooking powers for dinner only. So breakfast is often just a couple of eggs over easy or an omelet or a protein shake. I try to make it to lunch without a snack but if I need something I get by with a cup of coffee, maybe a protein bar or a couple of almonds or a slice of meat or cheese. Lunch is getting pretty boring. I can never think of anything I really care to have. Salads or leftovers are on my plate most of the time. Afternoon snack tends to be similar to morning snack, or a protein bar or shake. Only dinner is really interesting, and I do enjoy coming up with healthy dinners that have a carb side option for the kids and extra veggies for me.

I'm also considering the idea of a "fasting" block of time to rest my system; I'm thinking this is as simple as not eating after 8pm since I don't usually manage breakfast before 8am. That would give me 12 hours of non-eating and would also be a good exercise in *not thinking* about food in the evenings.

I do have my 'food sanity' back. I always lose the crazies when I get off sugar and white flour and that kind of thing. There is something so clarifying and calming about NOT eating those things. I am back at the point of not even wanting those things anymore... at all. This time feels different though; I not only an experiencing the body that doesn't crave sugar and carbs... I am also mentally desiring a low carb life forever. I am not hankering for cake and planning a cupcake cheat for 'when I lose weight' or on some special occasion. I am not going to eat any of my usual Christmas cookies this year; I know that already. If you have read my blog for long, you know this is HUGE. Huge. The emotional attachment to Christmas cookies is very deep. But now, finally, the desire to feel this good and not spike my blood sugar is bigger. Stronger. Sure, I might make a few sugar free, grain free, low carb treats for myself during the Christmas season, but I have *zero* desire to eat all of the traditional fare. I aim to be *very* careful, limiting any sweet treats to those that are grain free, sugar free, and fit into my carb budget. I am doing it now, and want to continue this for life.

Today I've been cleaning... working hard on the pantry and Christmas boxes to get ready for the holidays. How about you? Do you have a plan for the holidays yet?


Margaret said...

Nothing tastes as good as stable blood sugar feels.

Go, Lyn!

timothy said...

i'm with ya darlin my cravings have vanished too, but i simply REFUSE to discuss the big hoho before halloween, my fave holiday shall NOT be skipped for a fat man who knows where all the bad girls live! lmao

MargieAnne said...

So happy for you.

Re lunches ...

John has discovered something I like to do. I make up a pretty platter of this and that. It might have a small wedge of favourite cheese, an HB egg, couple or more olives, slice or two of salami or other cold meat, leaf or two of whatever fresh greens, fresh herbs, and so on until it looks satisfying to my eye and mind. I love the variety this allows including left-overs. It can be casual or sophisticated according to your mood, as fast or slow as time allows.

Hope this idea appeals to you.


Marc said...

Christmas decorations = honey do's. Honey do this and honey do that:) My wife's favorite holiday on steroids. Why do 2 people need to decorate 3 big trees and put them in the house. Sounds like something a drunk man would do. I agree with how you feel about being "off" sugar. The mental clarity is so much better. I'm going to try and get through trick or treat without eating sugar this year. Wish me luck!

Siobhan said...

So great to hear that things are going well. I feel the same way off the sugar and flour ... no real interest in food which, as you say, is amazing.

I will have a new house to decorate which is always a challenge ... just hope I have enough decorations. :)

Karen said...

Glad you've gotten to this point. It's true , the longer you eat non triggering food, the less you crave it. There's the food side of weight loss and the mental/ emotional side. Both are intertwined. It's good to get your mind quiet for the other work that must be done for permanent change - all my 2 cents.

I gave up cookie baking, cookie parties and all home baked goods given to me hit the trash. ( not in the sight of the giver) Nobody needs a plate of diabetes and obesity, nobody. Those days are long gone.

In return we decorate minimally ( even less with two kittens) and spend more time visiting with friends or family, boat parade!, playing games, and going ice skating, or to see decorations. Hand bell performance at church. Much more relaxing and I stay on track through the holidays. Lots of walks , with and without family. .

Anonymous said...

Really wish you would post new, more current accurate pictures......

Lyn said...


yeah, I really ought to do that! I am not exactly motivated to take pics, but it would be a good documentation of where I'm at. Lemme get this PMS bloat out of the way and I will see what I can do :)

Anonymous said...

Thats my favorite part of low carb eating is the emotional equilibrium. I never even knew how messed up my moods were when I had grape nuts for breaky, pasta for lunch and potato and breadsticks for dinner! I applaud those that can eat that way but Im a different animal! Cheers! ........remember almond cookies ROCK!!!

Leslie said...

Hi Lyn - Sounds like you're in a good place. For me, it's not good to be claiming victory when I've had a few good days, but it is good to be very aware in this day - the only one we have - that I like how I feel when I'm eating low carb, not feeling cravings, etc.

I can't begin to vow that I will readily forgo holiday foods now. As Tim wisely noted - we're not through Halloween yet! Then there's Thanksgiving with its traditional food orgy - but I will deal with that when it's here. I intend/hope/plan to stay sane, but I know better than to make sweeping proclamations that may fill me with shame later if I don't perform perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
I am one of your long-time anon lurkers. I mean no disrespect when I say this post seems a bit de ja vu when you say "this time feels different." I've read a half dozen other posts where you've said pretty much the same.
I still think the issue is not whether to go Paleo, Primal, Whole 30 or Low-Carb (although I agree with this one) but rather your complete and total obsession with food in general. Healthy or otherwise. Until you fix that you will continue to struggle. Food is important and it is also delicious (at times) but it is really meant for one thing: nutrition. The fact that we can enjoy our nutrition is merely a bonus. Anyhow, keep fighting the good fight, as with most things it takes the aha, light bulb moment to begin change.

Allison Clow said...

Thank you for your post. I have been in the "food crazies" and eating why too much flour,sugar, etc. I have been an a rut and feel a bit overwhelmed about the whole eating thing. This emotional attachment to food is hard.
Thank you for your inspiring post!

Lyn said...


you're right, it *is* deja vu, because this battle is not a one-time "I got it and I am done" thing. I think that's what most people don't get... partly because blogs, diet magazines, TV etc perpetuate the myth that a fat person has eating issues, wakes up one day and SNAP they "get it" and are fixed for life. It's usually not that way. I am beating the monster down one blow at a time, sometimes hitting the same place more than once. It's a long journey to go from morbid obesity and a binge eating disorder/obsessive mindset to freedom. And the degree of freedom varies by person (how free they can become). For me, it has gradually increased over time and continues to do so. You'll probably see me fall and struggle again, and then get back up and post about that victory again in the future! There is not one light bulb moment, but many. I am far from done, but have come a long way... I'm getting there.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady, it's been awhile!

I been trying to do some food/life revamping so been away..

Just wanted to let you know that I made this really yummy 'spaghetti' I for lunch today. I had seen it in a book somewhere..

Anyway, it's zucchini pasta. You take your veggie peeler and and 'peel' the zucchini down til you get to the seeded core (save the core for another meal).

I dropped it into boiling water for a few minutes (stirring occasionally). Then strained.

Top with your favorite sauce (made mine from tomato paste, mushrooms and onion + seasonings), add some parm and portion of protein of your choice. Wow it was delish!

And I felt so great afterwords - didn't crave anything else & I was full! (I would say my portion size of spaghetti was about 1c pasta + sauce/parm and approx 100g cooked chicken)

This is definitely one way (maybe the best?) to get me to eat zucchini.. lol


Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe we can try to encourage each other as opposed to saying "I've heard this all before." Have a little compassion.