Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feeling Great!

Well, today my hormones are back to normal and I am feeling great! I love how I feel eating this ratio of carbs/protein/fat, and plan to keep it up with just a minor shift towards protein (from fat), keeping carbs the same. I'm sticking to about 1300 calories a day for now. I am not at all hungry and have better energy and mood than I've had in a long time, so that's a good sign.

Last night I made that butternut squash soup I talked about, but cut the olive oil in half, reduced the half and half by 2/3, increased the chicken broth by 1/2 cup, and left out the sugar. This got me a soup with 89 calories, 10.7 g carbs, 2.5 g fiber, 5 g fat and 2 g protein per cup. It was delicious and warming. Even the kids enjoyed it, with the exception of one teen. Getting my daughter to ingest vegetables is no easy task but she liked this.

On today's menu is a recipe I saw here, which is a curried chicken made in the crock pot. I had two packages of free range chicken in the freezer (drumsticks and boneless thighs) so I will use that. I think I will sub broccoli for the carrots, if I have any on hand (need to check) and make brown rice for the kids, cauliflower rice for me. It'll make a nice comforting Sunday dinner on this crisp fall day.

Edited to add: since the weather has changed, I needed to find some long pants and jeans to wear. Here we go again with the Hunt for Clothes that Fit. I went back into the one tub of clothes that had been destined for Goodwill (Fat Clothes) a long time ago. Everything over a size 16 had already been sent. So what's left in the "didn't quite get donated" box is about 6 pairs of size 14's and 16's. When I hit 175, the 12's were getting loose and I was into some 10's. Sad to say now most of the 16's are uncomfortably tight. Very sobering and saddening to me to look at the 14's that I cannot even get my thighs into and remember when they were impossibly huge and baggy on me.

Reality check, anyway.


timothy said...

BUT GETTING THEM ON WILL FELL FANFRIGGINTASTIC!!! i know i fely FABULOUS when i got into size 30 jeans! xoxoxo

Karen said...

Those pants will be hanging off of you before you know it!

Karen said...

I made the slow cooker curried chicken last weekend and it's fantastic. Makes the whole house smell good , tastes great, freezes and reheats well.

Sarah Fragoso's " Everyday Paleo family cook book" was for sale at Costco for $18.99. I bought that coook book along with Chrissy Gowers "Paleo Slow Cooking". Both at Costco in some areas.

Batch cooking Plaeo meals on the weekends is totally key to my maintnence success. It means I always have a go to meal awaiting me in the freezer no matter what happens during the day. There is no excuse to not eating healthy during a busy day Sarah's cook book has tons of good tips on buying,planning , and cooking for the family. I totally recommend it .

Stay on plan this week and always , Lyn. Being food sober allows for the transformation from food driven to normal to take place. Space in your mind is now available to do the transformative work rather than being in the binge/overeating looping thoughts.

Food sobriety is a good loop to be in. Enjoy that curry. Karen P

Anonymous said...

You will be able to wear them once again sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

You got this Lyn!
Linda in Oregon

Margaret said...

I'm so sorry, Lyn, and right there with you. I have at least four complete wardrobes in 12,14,16,18, etc.

When people tell me, "don't weigh yourself and just go by how you feel," I tell them, "Oh yeah? Tell it to the pants."

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Kara said...

This showed up in my blog feeds this morning - Krista from is someone I really respect and she doesn't tend to post junk. She recently struggled with a lack of progesterone, which was causing her body to hold on to fat. The whole post is here: (warning, some strong language).

Given your other hormonal issues, I don't know if you've ever specifically had your progesterone tested, but I thought of you almost immediately when I read this.

Kendra said...


Just a note that I really appreciate how detailed and honest you've been in posting your process, how you're working with your macronutrient balance, and how your body and mind are responding to it.

I think your honesty and straightforward approach are really helpful. So thank you!