Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day's Stats

Today my eating was all over the place. I was so tired, but had a cup of black coffee and a Medifast bar and went to the gym and worked out for 40 minutes. When I got home, I made a big breakfast scramble: Egg Beaters, turkey sausage, onions, and green peppers cooked in a little butter and topped with cheddar cheese.

At lunch time, I was still busy and grabbed a protein bar that was left in the cabinet from the boys. I buy protein bars for them to stick in their backpacks in case they are at school and get hungry; this one, no one liked. I glanced at the label, which said "20 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar!" and thought that sounded good enough. Ahhhh! I ALWAYS read Nutrition Facts but this time didn't until I had eaten it and was logging: 22 grams of carbs! What the heck? Will read more carefully in the future...

I had some black coffee and a cheese stick for an afternoon snack and all my stats looked good. But after 3 hours running errands I came home and had a sandwich for dinner. Kind of raised my carb level up a bit... and it was definitely not grain free... but I still managed to get away with a carb total of 101 grams for the day. I am knocking it off now with the "90% grain free" and going 100%. Enough with the carbs already. I know I am going to have to go through carb withdrawal to get back to a state of less hunger and less cravings. But enough already.

1305 calories
101 g carbs (31%)
92 g protein (28%)
60 g fat (41%)

Goals for tomorrow: calories between 1000 and 1400, carbs between 70 and 100, protein over 75 grams.


Jac said...

Just *my* two cents, but I think your goal for carbs and protein look great, but that your calories still may be a tiny bit low. At least aim for the higher end of that range. Primal (even if you're not calling it that, you're pretty close) isn't about highly restricted calories. Once you switch over from sugar-burner to fat-burner you'll be surprised at how many calories you can eat while still losing - as long as your carbs are in the right spot.

Anonymous said...

I know you are trying really hard... but sometimes I just don't understand how / why you will make a deliberate choice to eat, like, a sandwich. You KNOW what it's going to do to you. You know!

Please understand... I am not trying to be mean - I really would like to understand how / why you decide to go ahead with choices that are ones that go against what you are telling yourself you need to do? It's kind of self defeating and I feel so bad for you, but I read your blog and I can't understand what brings you back around in these circles all the time.

Lyn said...


I think that is one of the big mysteries of weight loss. WHY do people go off their plan and eat cookies or chips or too much lasagna when they KNOW it will derail them and/or make them feel bad? Millions of people have this problem. So so many blogs write about the same thing, often beating themselves up over it and wondering "why do I keep doing this to myself? Why can't I just stop eating this stuff and lose the weight?"

It's probably, for me, part habit (eating this way for 40+ years), part grabbing convenience when very tired, part lack of planning, part carb addiction, and part that I just flat out enjoy sandwiches. I've cut a lot of things out of my diet completely... sodas, fast food, sugary crap, caloric coffee drinks. Grains are going, too, even though it takes a little time.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for following this stringent plan. I would go crazy! My motto: feel hungry, eat reasonably nutritious food. Carbs be damned!

Anonymous said...

I've had an easier time with this when I stocked up the fridge with no-carb convenient options beyond the cheese sticks. Lord I get tired of the cheese sticks! Bake a bunch of chicken breasts, spice the hell out of them and slice these "tenders" as a grab and go. Buy a pound of good quality deli turkey and slice it into quarters. Simmer a big piece of salmon and divide into portions. Mix a little mustard and mayo on it and good to go. My friend makes lots of little burgers, zaps them with different toppings.

Anonymous said...

I have just started doing something that is very easy and is working for me, in the morning while I am making breakfast and lunch for the hubby and teanager, I grab a couple of boneless skinless breasts (the flash frozen ones from Safeway in the 4 lb bag)
Put them on the stove on med low with a little olive oil and seasoning - they practically cook themselves. When I'm done putting their lunches in the fridge, I take put the chicken on a plate to cool, get myself ready for the day, then I have a decent source of protein to eat now, or take to work and eat with whatever veggies I have prepared. If I keep some in the fridge, it keeps me out of whatever "junk" I would otherwise reach for when I am hungry and need something "NOW"

timothy said...

pork skins are a low carb eaters emergency "food" they're available everywhere and can replace the bread for stuff like tuna salads, plus they give you the CRUNCH factor missing when you delete chips and such from your diet. atkins also has many bars between 2 and 4 gm carbs mayhaps you should grab some of those for emergencies too.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE pork rinds!!

Lyn - I know it's the age-old question... still, sometimes I just want to shake people (oh, yes, myself included!) and say "Why are you doing this to yourself!"

I in no way mean to imply I don't do things I KNOW are bad for me too... I just would like to understand more of WHY I/we do these things...