Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Thought on Calories, and Today's Stats

Today I was thinking about what calorie level I need to be eating to lose weight. Back when I was losing those first 60 pounds by calorie counting and exercise, I had regular losses most weeks until I got down to 214 pounds, which is very close to where I am now. I was losing on 1500 calories a day while biking 20-30 minutes a day, six days a week. Then the weight loss stopped, and I stalled on that calorie level at right about this weight.

So... maybe that is part of the key. I have mentioned it before, but it got lost in the low carb focus on fat/carbs. If 1500 was maintenance at this weight back then, obviously four years later my maintenance level would be 1500 or less (probably less due to aging/metabolic slowdown), plus I am sure my strength training doesn't burn half the calories of the daily biking I was doing back then. So maybe this week's maintain at 1350 isn't all that different from my body's metabolism of four years ago.

I have not eaten my dinner but have it calculated plus my evening snack is already chosen and accounted for. So here are today's stats:

1271 calories
53 g carbs (16%)
101 g protein (31%)
76 g fat (53%)

I was aiming for slightly less fat and calories and more lean protein and that's what I got. I also feel really good today, the PMS is 90% gone even though I *should* still be having it for a few more days, and my energy is good. I have a feeling these are the kind of stats that WILL get me weight loss.


Anonymous said...

OMG finally Lyn, I think that is all us "lower your calories" people were trying to get you to conclude yourself. Although I would go lower just for like the first two weeks or so. That would conclusively tell you right away and motivate you. If you lost you could go back up and play with the number.

timothy said...

that's great and the lower carb level should halpe with the energy and the fat will keep you satiated. this looks good cant wait to see what you do for the week!

Anonymous said...

I am certainly NOT discounting that PMS is very real, but my personal story might help. I noticed all the cravings, bloat, irritability etc every month during the PMS time. Then I had to have a hysterectomy but they left the ovaries soi still have the hormones. Now with no cycle to keep track of the hormones that were totally raging every month went unnoticed for a half eyear at a time. For me psonally I had created the expectation that PMS would be there and be bad..... And it was. Now I really wonder how much of that would have gone unnoticed if I didn't focus on it. I'm not saying you do this, but it is natural to be more aware when something is expected. Sory for the long winded version I just want to make sure you know this is just a suggested thought. :)

Anonymous said...

My own two cents worth on PMS.

I used to have NO PMS, but horrible periods. Severe cramps. So severe, in fact, that during labor, I mentioned that the pain wasn't as bad as the menstrual cramps. (Until the end, that is. Then the assessment changed dramatically!)

Anyway, I said that to say that I've read that women who have difficult periods often do not have much in the way of PMS. It was true for me. I thought women who complained about PMS were just making excuses for their emotions. sigh. I did.

THEN, at the age of 26, I had a hyster just like the one anonymous mentioned. They left my ovaries. A few months later, I began to get PMS! :o

The hard thing was that I didn't have periods to judge when it would happen--so I couldn't be making it up.

When I'd get crazed, after a couple of days, I'd think, "Wait. When did I call of work before because I was too unhinged to go?" (I tended to miss one day. I had a job n which I could NOT be on edge.) And sure enough, it would be almost exactly four weeks.

Frankly, it got so bad that it was debilitating and was dx as Post Menstral Dysphoria Disorder.

At any rate. PMS is real, not that anonymous claimed that it wasn't, and it's severity varies with each person.

For what it's worth.

Oh. And if I eat more than 1200 calories, I do not lose weight. I weigh 209. Hence, I'm not losing weight. :(

Wishing you well, Lyn.

Lyn said...


I had a PMDD dx years back as well. Was prescribed meds for it. Awful experience! My PMS now is not nearly as bad as that was!

I don't keep track of my cycle that well, just circle the start date. So I will be going along and one day be moody, craving stuff, feeling off and suddenly get the cramps and go look at the calendar and realize it's PMS. It's definitely hormones!

Lyn said...


I do think people can tend to expect it to be bad and make it so! I had a friend who 'thought' her period was due and was having the worst PMS until she realized she was a week off... lol.

Anonymous said...

Just a random passer-by comment--I've been stuck in the 170s for about a year. Up and down the same 8 or so pounds. After losing 175 pounds, I thought I knew everything about my body, what I needed to eat, how hard I needed to exercise, etc. I was consistently eating 1200-1500 calories, working out 5 days a week at the gym with some combination of strength training and cardio. The trainer recently had a heart to heart with me suggested that I *add* calories, as long as they were "healthy calories" (vegetables, lean meats, etc), and keep doing everything else I was doing. I decided to trust, though it was really hard to eat that much. It took a couple of weeks, but I did start losing again. I lost 4 pounds in the past two weeks. Of course it will take more time to "prove" that it works, but hopefully it will keep moving in the right direction. I keep reminding myself to never stop searching/never give up, sometimes you just have to trust, give it time, and never rule out the unexpected.

PlumPetals said...

As you figure out your calories etc. you might want to use this calculator as a guide.

I found it very helpful (I followed the low carb plan) in setting up my meals and I've managed to lose weight with these guidelines (I lost 10 lbs in 3 months, then after cutting out sugars, processed foods, and starches etc. lost another 15 lbs in 5 weeks -- though I also exercised daily).

The types of calories you're consuming is KEY. Only until I made those dietary changes did I see the weight drop consistently.

It may seem tough at times to make those changes, but it's really not. It just takes a bit of planning and discipline. You just have to make up your mind to do it - and go for it.

16 blessings'mom said...

Lyn, I love your perseverance!! You WILL figure this thing out. PMS: it is very real. I have eleven daughters. Nine of those eleven get their monthlies, as my mother used to say. Let's just say things can get a little miserable around here sometimes, as we tend to get them all at the same time. When I realize the reason, I actually take some comfort, it means we aren't just all going crazy. Craving chocolate is the common thing here. It is not just a want, it is a NEED. A small handful of Ghiardelli chocolate chips after dinner usually does it for me. Anyway, I love reading your blog and I am praying for you, that you get the results you want! Thank you for sharing!