Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Day's Stats

I am stuffed! What a crazy busy day.

This morning my lovely children woke me up at 5:30. I got up and had my cup of black coffee and started working on moving the furniture out of all the carpeted areas of my home so I could have the carpets cleaned. I worked on that, made my daughter breakfast and lunch, got her and myself clothed, fed the dogs and let them out, and did my daughter's hair. Then after I took her to school, I sat in the dining room while the carpet cleaner guy did his job and I surfed the Web and drank a Medifast hot cocoa.

By the time he left, it was almost 10:30 so I took the pups outside for a romp before putting one back in the house and bringing the other with me on errands. I ate a protein bar and picked up a sugar free Americano with half and half while I was out; the pup and I had a wonderful time at the park, the pet store and the self-service dog wash (well, okay, she wasn't too fond of the dog wash!) When we arrived home at 1, I made a nice big salad of Romaine, spinach, green peppers, red onions, black olives, bacon, avocado, chicken breast and light Ranch dressing and I let the dogs out back to run and play under the maple trees while I enjoyed my salad in the sunshine, sitting on my deck in the rocking chair my son gave me for Mother's Day. It was just lovely. When I was about finished eating, the dogs came up on the deck and laid in the sun, warming their black fur. Then we went inside to do laundry and dishes.

Soon my boys were home and it was time for me to pick up my little girl and take her to dance class. The next 3 hours were spent watching her play with friends, running to the store for some essentials, chatting with other moms while we watched our kids dance, and stopping on the way home to pick up some deli chicken for dinner. Oh, and while I was running errands I found a really nice, high quality dark chocolate bar (this one) and let one square melt slowly on my tongue. So good! I have really come to appreciate the flavor of a very dark chocolate so that it only takes 20 calories or so to get a lot of enjoyment from a food like that.

For dinner, I had two chicken thighs (no skin) and a nice warm bowl of pumpkin soup. A cup of freshly brewed black decaf rounded out the night.

Stats for today:

1166 calories
70 g carbs (27%)
80 g protein (31%)
47 g fat (42%)

My carbs were a little higher than usual today due to the pumpkin soup, but still well under the 85-100g upper limit I've set. My calories are right where I want them, and the protein is, too. I feel great!



Taryl said...

Looks pretty good, though high on carbs for me if the pumpkin doesn't trigger cravings, I don't see an issue.

If you like that dark, mighti recommend the Endangered Species dark chocolate? It's probably my favorite and incredibly low in sugar, but also extremely smooth. One square is almost TOO rich and with a nice, smoky aged Gouda for a snack? Mmmmmm!

Jac said...

If you're eating this quality of calories (real food, some "treats" and no 100-calorie fake-Oreo packs), and you're feeling satisfied (not hungry or deprived), then you're probably in a good spot calorie-wise. Just my two cents! :) Wishing you good food and a good loss this week.