Saturday, September 29, 2012

Two Day Update, and Pain

I am so exhausted and all I want to do is get in the tub and soak my tired aching body.

Yesterday's stats (I was sooo busy):

1141 calories
90 g carbs (32%)
80 g protein (28%)
49 g fat (40%)

Once again it wasn't meant to be this low. I was just on the run all day and not that hungry once I ate, so I didn't snack. It was pretty healthy fare... leftover taco soup, eggs, protein shakes, string cheese etc.

Today was even busier and my eating was not healthy at all. First day all week I did not eat for health. I ate for convenience at the events we attended (latte, German sausage) and then when I got home I was already very sore and tired but had to do a bunch of work on my house that took a couple of hours. Not an excuse, I sure could have planned ahead and packed a salad or something, but sometimes stuff gets in the way and you order a pizza. I need a better default behavior for times like this, because prepping something was just NOT going to happen. I thought about just having a protein shake but my calories would have been super low then.


1581 calories
193 g carbs (49%)
68 g protein (17%)
58 g fat (34%)

I shed tears today because I was in so much pain. This foot pain has got to end. It has been going on for MONTHS now, even with a visit to a specialist, orthotics, new shoes specially fitted for my feet after a computer scan and sizing, pain meds, anti inflammatory drugs, limiting walking most days, icing them, rolling my feet on various therapeutic items, and special exercises and morning stretches. It gets a little better, then BOOM it is bad again. I am limping from pain. I am so so sick of it. I am going to call on Monday and see my doctor again about this for a referral to a new foot doctor. This is just ridiculous. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past but this is lasting so much longer and is so much more painful. Maybe it's the arthritis, too, or some kind of soft tissue injury but this chronic pain is really getting to me and it has GOT to get solved, pronto. I feel like I am walking around on broken feet.

I think my weigh in should be good tomorrow. I'm going to average my calories for the week and see what results that got me.


Vickie said...

Warning that scale might not be accurate due to sodium intake from what you describe you ate yesterday. I have seen other bloggers do this exact same thing - do pretty well all week and then eat out the day before weigh in. When I see it, I actually suggest they do not weigh in. That they increase their water hugely, and wait 3-4 days before getting on scale.

MargieAnne said...

So sorry the pain in your feet is continuing. Makes life so difficult. Hope you get the right kind of help.


Anonymous said...

I have had amazing success ridding myself of chronic plantar issues after 6 visits to my physical therapist. He did a-stim treatment.

Lyn said...


I will ask about that, thank you.

Taryl said...

I'm sorry you're in pain! That's so frustrating, my best recommendation would be something like stim or cortisone therapy with a physical therapist. I had that on my ankle after a surgery and it greatly improved my rehabilitation (I think).

Also echoing Vickie, careful on the scale - if you can't handle seeing a bounce from the sodium or other unexplained means and it will demoralize you, stay off the random number generator and just focus on healthy food and healthy habits. I don't want to see you dispirit yourself with the scale again, especially when you've done so well by every other litmus this past week :)

lisa~sunshine said...

I agree with Vickie... If I were to weigh in after pizza.. even in moderation.. I would be up in weight..

Caz said...

Hi Lyn

I think this link is useful and says something about the mindset required to lose weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Despite a very difficult situation, this woman realised that we ALWAYS have a choice and the only thing holding us back are our own excuses. Sometimes I think it becomes too easy to believe the excuses we feed ourselves to be reasons.

Karen said...

Eliminating all grains and loosing 72 pounds improved my PF a lot. Seriously consider removing any dietary item with grain, any other food item that triggers an immune response ( think whole 30).

Here's a math equation for you. The answers are inside you.

Grain free - excuses to eat wheat= less pain + weight loss

Once I was grain free for a long time ( for me it happened to be while on Medifast but you can go grain free without it. The length of the food sobriety was helpful because I had multiple problems to sove) I was able to examine the triggers and inflammation of grain on my body, my slippery slope thinking, and hatch a plan for grain free living and chronic disease management ( I consider obesity to be a chronic disease that must be managed for the rest of my life)

It seems like you've done a lot on your own. Removing the barriers to going grain free may take additional support. Are you willing to get help with that? Other improvements will follow. It's up to you to decide what part of the equation to work on and when.

Removing the excuse ( replace with barrier if you like that word better) is tough stuff. It takes strength and courage to change. You've got it. The answer is inside you,but you may have to have help from outside while you work the equation.

karen said...

There are lots of convenience foods that might be better choices than a take-out pizza. That's what you need to plan.

Our groceries (and Sams Club) have rotisserie chicken. Zap potatoes in the microwave, and open a bag of salad mix. A can of Del Monte spaghetti sauce and a box of pasta. Even a Boboli pizza crust can make a healthier pie in minutes. I don't particularly care for cooking, so I have a lot of decent easy-prep meals at hand, no reason why you can't.

If you have to use fast food - there is Subway, or Taco Bell fresco options, or Arby's. All the chains have nutrition info available so you will know how to count it.

I sympathize with the foot pain - I had it too. Suffered for more than a year and finally got relief when I was fitted with a narrow width shoe with high arch supports. If that isn't what you ended up with - please go back or visit an SAS shoe store.
Good luck! Karen in SC

Anonymous said...

You should really give Paleo/Primal a go. And not cave in after a week or 2, but really try it out for 6 weeks. I did, andmy constant back pain dimished along with my daily migraines, fatigue and hormonal imbalance. This is your health you are messing with. I just dont think its worth it to keep going on the same path you have been on for years when its not working.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

Glad to hear you did so well the past couple of days. I think, considering the circumstances, you did great! It is not always possible to eat the healthiest food, but you controlled your calories. This one day should not hurt your weight loss efforts a bit. I think you should stick to your Sunday weigh ins, knowing there might be temporary fluctuations. If sodium causes a temporary uptick you will just see a bigger loss next week!

I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. The biggest thing you can do to solve your plantar issue is drop weight, and you are already on top of that. The new doctor may have better options for symptom management (fingers crossed!) to get you through until then. Keep us updated, okay?

Take care,

timothy said...

i hate to say it but if all these issues were gone on medifast mayhaps you should go back n it till you can figure your next move. pain and frustration are the enemy they'll ruin months of work in a few hours of binging. just take care of yourself and get well darlin sending love and prayers your way!

Anonymous said...

Great! I was amazed at the difference it made. I still have issues but danced for 17 years and have some other foot problems as well. The treatment breaks up scar tissue and can he painful but it is worth it! Good luck and I look forward to seeing if you give it a try :). Leslie

Tessie said...

Anonymous said...

As far as cortisone... Tried it, unbelievably painful shot in the heel . one day Of slight relief and then nothing. Not a change. I think
My issue had been so long term that breaking the scar tissue was the only solution. Some pt s will also do a procedure called dry needling. I had that a month ago for my shoulder. Ended a 20 year problem with spasm in three weeks. Amazing. Also painful in the moment but well worth it.