Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Wednesday Stats:

1644 calories
159 g carbs (39%)
93 g protein (23%)
69 g fat (38%)

Very, very tired.


Marc said...

Have you posted pics with your head attached? I'm just curious if you did this to protect your anonymity or it was photographer error:)

Taryl said...

Good on your calories! One way to think about freaking out with fat is that, if your calories aren't coming from fat, they're coming from protein or carbohydrate. We don't want much of the latter, so that percentage of nutrients HAS to shift to either fat or protein.

Too much protein still raises insulin levels quite significantly, which leaves (tada!) fat as the macronutrient left to take up at least SOME of the calories you aren't consuming from starch/sugar. Moderate protein amounts are good (aiming for 15-25% of your calories from protein is actually more than enough for most people, especially those trying to keep stable insulin levels (not big blood sugar swings, whatever your normal range might be).

And that's my .02. Have a nice night!

Carla Birnberg said...


Lyn said...


I started the blog with headless photos because I wanted to be very open and free to say everything I was going through. The anonymity was nice! My 100-pounds-gone pics show more of me than any others... but eventually, I do think I will post my face here :)